loree rodkin ring


michèle lamy’s (and asap rocky) rings

On my fingers, I always wear seven, sometimes eight, rings. The eighth is a large rock crystal which I wear on my right thumb but I can’t type in it so it’s only worn for special occasions. The rings are the first things I put on in the morning; even before I make a cup of tea. The only time I take them off in the day is at the gym.

At the moment, the rings are a mix of Hunrod, with Loree Rodkin, and fab cheap rings from Istanbul Bazaar. I don’t have an engagement or wedding ring – it would be hard to find a spot! In fact, Rick has never given me a ring. I’ve always worn rings since my late teens – they have of course changed with my mood and the times. I inherited a few from my grandmothers but they are now all gone – stolen or lost. My tattoos and dyed fingers are part of the story – similar to the way tribal woman wear jewellery. I once figured out a way I could dye nails and skin with black hair dye. I have always hated nail polish but I do love black nails. - michèle lamy