My Hair Journey - Brown to Orange(Copper)!

So, going from a dark reddy brunette to an orange. What a hassle! I decided I would do it at home and as bad as it started, she turned out pretty well.

(Before: Left. After: Right)

A battle of strippers, bleach and dye occurred on my hair on Thursday night. I had had a long day of working then driving to come home and spend 4 hours killing my hair. Started off with the first dye stripping. Spending about 45 minutes to make my hair smell like my favourite smell, rotten eggs. After 30 minutes I followed the directions to wash it out which was followed by drying then a repeat of the stripper (which was the Jo Baz Max Strength Dye Remover).

(waiting for the stripper to set in)

Then the first mistake! I put the first packet of dye I had, L’Oréal Preference in 74 Mango Intense Copper, into my hair after that. What a disaster, slightly patchy, but mainly, just the wrong colour - not what I was after at all! But, Friday, the next day I was advised to try bleaching my hair first before I wasted my 2nd packet of the dye, which was $22 a packet each if I remember correctly. So after a day of work, and with a night out to try and get to, I bought two of the Schwarzkopf Extreme Lightening Blonde dyes/bleach and lathered my hair up in that. What I should have ultimately done was saved one of my strippers and used it before the bleach because man oh man, that was the patchiest job I’ve ever done to myself, and I’ve done some bad jobs.

(After the stripping then dying. Very patchy and a very dull colour. Not happy :( )

But, despite the bad bleaching, I decided to dye it anyway, and I’m actually glad I did! So now I’m a bit darker around the edge of my face, just looks a little like regrowth already, and quite bright up the top of my head to a copper in my lengths - I’m calling it the “Reverse Ombre”! But all in all, I’m not too disappointed with my efforts. I definitely enjoyed the dye that I used for the colour, quite honestly it’s beautiful, and all the comments I’ve heard so far is that it suits me.

(under normal light)

Has anyone else had any hair dramas that they have ended up happy with in the end? Let me know! :)

Rachelle xx

Dear hair, it is time for some (hopefully nice) change, don’t you think? This would be my second attempt on being a platinum blonde unicorn. My first was not pretty, but I pity these two if they left unused. If it turn nice then I would dye some strainds with the raspberry rebel’s left over. Yup.

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Absolutely livid with how this so-called permanent hair dye has washed out. It isn’t even down to fading as it’s only been 2 weeks since I dyed it and you can already see my blonde underneath where it’s washed out!
And to top it all off, i’m broke until 6th November!!! #loreal #lorealferia #lorealpreference #hairdye #hair

Hair by @pandorasloxhair !! Last night i dyed my extensions with Loreal Preference to get a better colour for my hair as my own hair is dyed a very deep brown, almost black. I always use heat defence and argan oils. Ive only lost one bond since ive had them in and ive had them for weeks! Love my new hair sooo much! Great condition, easy to heat style pure human hair 💁 #notabondinsight #goodquality #welldone #professional #talented #fusionbonds #pandoraslox #extensions #humanhair #humanhairextensions #lorealpreference #22inch #24inch #mua #maziejgatt #makeupbymazie #redlips #mattelips #roijared #rubywoo #brick #chicory #eyelure #mac #macmua #makeup #acrylicnails Photoinspo @daniellerobertsmua 😍 by maziejgatt