loreal: because you're worth it


Life is stressful and sometimes you can’t find happiness; so here’s a tendy and his defendy appreciation post.

How to start a bomb-diggity new years

Start a dream journal

Write a positive note to yourself each day

Explore music genres

Smile at strangers (unless it’s a 40 year old man with a fedora and a mustache winking at you which in case walk, walk, walk)

Start interacting with others

Point out something you like about yourself in the mirror each morning (its a real confidence booster)

Read more books

Change up your wardrobe(unless your broke as hell like me)

Write your thoughts in a journal

Give yourself a small challenge each day (for example: speaking more, giving a random person a high five, taking over the world, watering your plants.)

P.S: if you cant it’s all cool man cuz you tried which says a lot .