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Lore'l - A Hundred

"I don't sell out my morals for a dollar."

Love and Hip Hop is one of my guilty pleasures. That sweet combination of Hip Hop and rachetness just speaks to me. But it’s always just fluff to me. And eventhough I have “characters” that I like (#TeamYandy!), I never thought any of them would inspire me to make a post.

Then comes Lore’l.

Consequence wants to do a record with her where in his verse he says “Light skin is the right skin/So you, you, you and your white friend…” Lore’l, who is on the come up and not yet fully established, who openly states she admires Consequence’s work, who looks like this…

(how cute is she?!)

…was offended. Was so offended that she asked him to change the lyric. Was so offended that she refused to do the song when he refused to change the lyric. And challenged him when he declared that she could not possibly be offended because she has lighter skin.

It’s worth mentioning that Cons’ baby mama is white and she has previously said “I’m white, honey! It will get done!” in regards to getting a job before a woman of color. So, you know, the family line is consistent.

Thank you, Lore’l for having convictions. Thank you for giving an example of a woman standing by her convictions and caring more about that than money. Thank you for showing that you don’t have to be part of an oppressed group to care about that group. And thank you for showing solidarity with dark skinned chicks. So few people show it to us. We appreciate it.

Watch on femalerappers.tumblr.com

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