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DA:I Codex Entry blog with Codex Topic Directory?

So I’ve been wanting to make a blog with every DAI codex available and organized in a way that makes it easy for writers/lore nerds to navigate quickly.

I’ve been thinking of doing this for a while. It would be slow going because I would have to actually play through the game from the beginning once again and be very meticulous about searching, but I think it would be useful for fic writers, rpers and lore nerds.

The wiki isn’t reliable and doesn’t have every codex entry available so it’d be nice. I would have to come up with a directory that is well organized according to codex topics, play the game again, come up with user friendly tags, search every nook and cranny of southern Thedas, etc.

I think a clean directory sorted by topic would be nice for people who just need quick information if they are writing lore, rp or fanfic. Specific tags and a tag list would also be used. Then you could just go to the elfy shit you need, or the dwarven shit you need, or a specific character, or specific history and on and on.

It’d be a HUGE undertaking, but if people are patient while I gather info it would be worth it. Also, I could have asks/submissions open if people need more info about something or can’t find a particular codex they need.

Would anyone be interested in this blog?

Gems Don’t Dance

I literally do not care for all this gemsplaining or if you are dance inclusionist or exclusionist all I know is

  1. I AM GAY and YOU ARE GAY?? wlw solidarity?? you heard of it or???
  2. I REALLY LOVE FUSION DANCING and want. it. back.
  3. AMETHYST deserves to DANCE LIKE THAT without Pearl’s judgement only because it is ??sexual?? and not about her!
  4. On that topic, I want to see a thin femme gem handle a big gem with the softness they always get? And I want butch gems be allowed to be seen as graceful or soft? You know what the issue is if you are even remotely aware of the topics in su criticism??
  5. The Rubies perform gymnastics. A cheerleading routine. That can be seen as a form of dancing. It’s good enough for me. It’s great.
  6. The dancing is done to synchronize forms which same gems would not require. I get this is why Amethyst and Steven didn’t need it but they could have had the funniest sweetest moves together….
  7. Stevonnie doesn’t require anything cus two humans yes wow good lore

scarecrowmes replied to your post “literally anyone ever: talks to me abt bb for the first time my fuck…”

Even though I adore bloodborne i haven’t played it and don’t know about the eye in the grand cathedral. Please enlighten me!

executioner-alfred replied to your post “literally anyone ever: talks to me abt bb for the first time my fuck…”



its actually really simple so in the cathedral if you stand at the end of the first design on the floor @ the bottom of the stairs?? and look just above the stairs?? theres an optical illusion 

which if you draw over the components to make it stand out more looks basically like….. this

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"Well! Hello there, wanderer! I've heard much about you. So, I must ask... can I study your ways with magic and sword? You know, for Science!"

“…Only good things, I hope?”

—A subtle chuckle comes out of the samurai’s mouth at his own ironic remark - his eyes following the yordle’s every step “Your wish to learn has brought you here. I can only imagine how far you must be from home, little one. I like your enthusiasm… Take a sit and ask what you will. I would just have you lower your tone, for the time being. I can hear you perfectly and we would not want to attract unwanted attention… even in such remote parts of Ionia…”

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All in favor of Robo making a separate blog, say aye! Aye!

Well…if Overwatch is gonna have a story that keeps going over the course of 10+ years like Blizzard’s other games…Then there’s plentyyyy of time for lightning to strike and jump start another spicy-only blog. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

And since this is Widowtracer it’s probably gonna happen sooner than later…

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I read the re-blog messege you wrote on Gabe where Gabe stood in the events of Uprising and such and I completely agree with your point! What better way to have influence and power to get things going than being a leader of Blackwatch but really his ties go back to Talon, allowing in close access and the loyalty of Overwatch's greatest leaders!? I need to know more about Gabe's intensions now!!

The best we can do is drop theories, and wait for Blizzard to tell the rest of the tale (at a snail’s pace, of course).

I will push you (and everyone else) toward’s @segadores-y-soldados essay about the comic. It can be found here. We were literally yelling about the Masque of the Red Death symbolism all day.


Gif is mine

Imagine Data protecting you from Lore! 

Requested by Anon~

With a phaser shot to your shoulder, it hurt to move, much less fight. Not like you could fight Lore anyways. So you counted your blessings when Data intervened, standing between you and his brother.

“I will not allow you to hurt Y/N, Brother.” Data stated, as if it were a fact. “Let them go free. It is me you want.”

Lore gave his brother a look, a sick smile spreading over his face. The other android may have Data’s face, but he looked nothing like your friend. You weren’t even sure Data could make such a scary expression. “You don’t know what I want.” Lore simply replied. “And because you’re my brother, I’ll let you live. I’ll keep your little friend company.”

For a moment, a shiver of fear went down your spine. But Data immediately shook his head. “I am not leaving.” He replied sternly.

i never wanna write it down when somebody asks for a list of podcasts i listen to so here it is now

the flop house, planet money, radiolab, freakonomics, on the media, undone, crimetown, criminal, serial, lore, reply all, more perfect, invisibilia, this american life, stuff you should know, revisionist history, can he do that?, presidents are people too, the moth, snap judgement, tell me something i dont know, wait wait dont tell me, judge john hodgeman, home of the brave, hidden brain, npr politics podcast, stuff you missed in history class, mystery show, ted radio hour, startup, the daily show without jon stuart, 99% invisible, mbmbam, the adventure zone

The Case Of the Half-Hearted Tattoo

OK, everyone settle down. 

There’s no conspiracy or cover-up or media manipulation or anything else. It’s just new information about one of Harry’s tattoos. 

Harry has a half-heart tattoo, like one of those “best friends” necklaces. According to an interview released this morning, longtime friend Nathan Followill has the other half:

This answers a very much open question, whether two photos – out of ALL the photos we have of Louis – show a half-heart tattoo. Some have always said yes, others have always said no:

Whether there’s a half-heart on Louis’ chest or not (I don’t see it, myself) there certainly is one on Nathan’s chest. Whether Nathan’s heart matches Harry’s or not (if so, it’s a bit of a hack job) he says it does. 

This is not a problem. It’s just an explanation for one of Harry’s many tattoos. A friendship tattoo that he got with a friend. 

Harry has lots of tattoos for lots of people. His mom. Gemma. The Green Bay Packers. He’s got the word “Pingu” in his armpit to match Ed Sheeran’s Pingu tattoo. 

He also has these:

As little of a problem as this is, Harry and Louis knew that it would be a big problem for us. 

The half-heart idea is beloved Larrie Lore. I define Larrie Lore as any idea we’ve adopted, despite shaky evidence, because we want to, dammit. Most of the time we’re very open about the “I wish to believe this, thus it is fact, fight me” nature of Larrie Lore. We’ll reply to a chunk of utter headcanon with “#Confirmed”, the sort of cheeky hyperbole that is very often misunderstood outside our realm and leads to comments like “OMG y'all stfu y'all dumb af y'all Larries really believe Harry is an ALIEN!" 

We have deep affection for our Larrie Lore. And in some cases, it’s taken as fact. Furthermore, when Larrie Lore is debunked, antis go into an absolute feeding frenzy. It’s savage.

So when Harry and Louis knew the concept of the shared half-heart tattoo would be debunked, they knew that some of us would be sad, and some of us would be shaken, and all of us would be attacked.

So Harry went out of his way to tell us that he is friendly not only with Nathan but with Nathan’s lovely and talented wife, Jessie Baylin, and with their gorgeous child. Translation: “this is not a romance, kids.” 

And Louis went out of his way to tell us — with a warning selfie, no less – that the dagger and the rose are important. That we should stop and really think about this.

Translation:"I didn’t get the dagger for you to be a weak Larrie now.”

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I'm new to fallout lore and I can't find anything on the wiki, but are there instances of working automobiles in the wasteland? would it be possible for a wastelander to fix one up and use it to get around?

Yes, there’s the Highwayman in Fallout 2 and others, but it’s rare and usually reserved for powerful factions like The Master’s Army, BoS, Enclave and NCR. Here’s why: 

  • Game engine limitations.
  • Corrosion. It’s been 200 years after all. Tires go bad, wiring go bad, brake fluid etc. 
  • Vehicle maintenance would be needed and it requires knowledge, time and resources. 
  • A lot of the automobile parts have been scavenged and used for different purposes
  • Roads are largely obstructed or destroyed, making it easier to just walk to places rather than drive. 
  • Fuel: There was a war before the Great War about just oil resources running out. Granted there are a few vehicles that use a different type of power, but they still need some type of power - the Highwayman needed energy cells or microfusion cells to run. The regular wastelander might not have access to unlimited or large quantities of energy.
  • Some vehicles are highly explosive, you’d be mighty brave to travel around in one of those in a place where getting shot at might be commonplace. 
  • A nuclear blast would have produced an EMP field around the blast radius of the bombs, frying a lot of electronics around the area. Hard to repair.

Basically, vehicles are possible but extremely rare and often not worth the bother and resources for wastelanders. 

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I always read it as Mccree whilst in the Dreadlock Gang had committed crimes that lead to either him receiving a sentence to be served at a Maximum Security Prison or facing a trial that had enough evidence to result in that sentence 1/2

And overwatch offered him a chance to work for them in place of that sentence and sense older teens can and do get tried as adults in the states and recruitment like that does happen it struck me more as a morally grey, but not unprecedented thing

I agree. All in all it was a good deal for McCree.

I think my biggest issue was that he was put straight into Blackwatch.  They wanted him for “his expert marksmanship and resourcefulness“, and they precisely wanted him for Blackwatch, I assume because of the criminal background.

We’ve seen McCree in publicity photos for Overwatch, so I guess his joining was a public thing, and since this was the day of people still liking Overwatch, it was probably viewed as a good thing. But it wasn’t shown publicly what he did as an Overwatch agent.

The amount of amends McCree could actually make with Blackwatch sounds a bit iffy. We don’t know everything that Blackwatch did, but if the rumors were true it involved “assassination, coercion, kidnapping, torture, and worse“. It doesn’t really sound much like rehabilitation, does it? He continued doing the same thing, but this time it wasn’t as bad, because he was with the good guys, I guess.

On that point though, McCree’s bio says that “although he was initially cynical, he came to believe that he could make amends for his past sins by righting the injustices of the world”.

It’s not all bad. I still don’t think Overwatch should be putting teenagers into Blackwatch.

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I'm regards to a previous post, fallout takes place in 2161, so something being made in the 1980s would be in the fallout world.

Not necessarily, do remember that our world’s timeline and the Fallout world’s timeline split sometime before the 50′s/after WW2, resulting in, mainly, the delay of the development of transistors to right before the bombs fell -> which is why the Fallout world’s got that 50′s aesthetic and the large majority of tech is so bulky. And why “Fallout” could never happen in our world. 

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