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Catch and Release
Lana Del Rey
Catch and Release

Lana Del Rey - Catch And Release (Unreleased Song)

Catch and Release”  was recorded in 2010 and leaked on July 13, 2013. The song was written by Del Rey and Princess Superstar with production handled by Princess Superstar as well. The track was registered alongside “Maha Maha”, “Live Forever” and “Moi Je Joue” in 2014.

meta  004   :   sirens    .       this  is  honestly  my  favorite  thing  to  talk  about  when  it  comes  to  nancy   ,   simply  because  it  was  the  first  symbol  i  thought  of  in  relation  to  her   .     all  over  this  blog   ,   one  can  find  the  word  siren  everywhere  because  it  RELATES  TO  NANCY  SO  MUCH    !!!!      greek  mythology    &    margaret  atwood’s  poem    siren  song    shape  my  portrayal  of  nancy  as  a  siren   .

001   .     GREEK  MYTHOLOGY   .

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Dad Moorsedge was estranged from the rest of the family because he found their practices horrible. It’s essentially my old old Preservers lore where they kept “dangerous” people quarantined and they were all righteous about it.

Dad Moorsedge goes and has a family somewhere in the Starfall Isles, kinda regrets leaving the house instead of staying to change it (doesn’t regret the family though because he loves them)

Moorsedge Heir grows up hearing all about the place Dad Moorsedge left behind and becomes inspired to take up the mantle and fulfill Dad Moorsedge’s desire to go back and fix things in his stead.

Stolen Children: the parallels between faeries and The Autism

(Disclaimer: this is more of a ramble than an essay, and is based on personal observations rather than any solid academic foundation)

(Secondary, more important disclaimer: I’m discussing perceptions of conditions here, not the conditions themselves. Hence the rather tongue-in-cheek use of The Autism, to distinguish the perceived condition peddled by Autism Speaks and the like from the actual condition)

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