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These Boots Are Made for More Than Just Walking

Just a little gift for @mctiddiezo as a pick me up.  Also completely and wonderfully inspired by Kesha’s new song, Boots  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Warning: slightly nsfw

Jesse steps off the drop ship tired, dirty, and with his head still buzzing from Fareeha’s rockets. The mission in Ilios was a success; they saved the local population from yet another Talon attack garnering more public support and their love and adoration.  

That’s all nice and good, but right now Jesse only wants some love from a certain archer.  He’s missing Hanzo something fierce and after a quick shower he just wants to cuddle him for a couple hours.  And maybe accompany that with a lengthy make-out session if Hanzo’s in the mood.  Yea, that’d be nice.

Jesse trudges back through the hallways of the Watchpoint to the dorms.  He gets stopped a couple times by some teammates asking how the mission went but is able to continue on pretty quickly once he explains how tired he is.  With some skill and a little luck he even manages to avoid Jack and his need to stick to regulation and deliver the debriefing immediately after a mission. There’re five other people to tell the exact same story of what went down and Fareeha will fill him in on anything else he misses, because she’s an awesome almost-sister like that.  

Finally, Jesse stops in front of the door of his and Hanzo’s room.  The door doesn’t open automatically for him which is odd because that means it’s locked and they never lock the door when at least one of them is on site.  

“Hey Athena, is Hanzo still around or did he get sent out on some emergency or somethin’?” Jesse asks their resistant A.I.

“”I can confirm that Agent Hanzo is still on the premises.  And to answer your next question, he is currently in your shared dormitory.”

“Thanks doll, don’t know what we’d do without’cha.”

“Wander around the base aimlessly until Agent Morrison finds you and demands for you to fill out your paperwork most likely,” she says with a little mirth in her tone.

“Hey, don’t you sass me. I always get my paperwork done, might take a month or two but I get it done.”

“Of course, Agent McCree. Enjoy the rest of your night.”

Jesse chuckles and types in the code for the door.  It opens with a soft hiss and he walks in with a satisfied groan.  There really is no place like home.

“Welcome home, cowboy,” Hanzo says as soon as the door closes.  

Jesse looks up from where he dumped all of his bags and opens he mouth to respond but all his words die in his throat when he sees what’s waiting for him.  The lights have been dimmed and the scent of a pinewood candle waifs through the air.  

And Hanzo, oh lord.  

Hanzo is lying in the middle of their bed on his stomach on their incredibly soft silk sheets (that Hanzo demanded they have because everything else is too scratchy, not that Jesse complained about that little upgrade) wearing nothing but Jesse’s undercover black Stetson, a pair of lacy, black and gold, booty shorts that Jesse remembers picking out with Hanzo at one of the malls in Hollywood, and Jesse’s nice black boots that he only wears for special events.

Going by the very pleased and slightly smug look on Hanzo’s face, Jesse knows his mouth is hanging wide open and he’s staring like an idiot.  A very lucky and blessed idiot.

Jesse finally snaps his mouth shut and gets his voice to cooperate when Hanzo rolls over and stands up.

“Well howdy there yerself, cowboy,” he tries to say coyly, but it’s really hard when a living piece of artwork is stalking towards him with a hungry expression.  Hot damn, those shorts are tight.  “Is there some special occasion I’m forgettin’ about, because goddamn honey…”

Hanzo chuckles and stops right in front of Jesse.  He tips his hat up just enough to pin Jesse in place with those beautiful eyes.  “No, no special reason.  I simply heard how well your mission went and thought you deserved a reward for all of your hard work.  I take it you like it?”

“Do I like it?  Han, baby, I’d have ta be a blind idiot not to enjoy comin’ home to this, an’ even then I’d think I’d find a way to appreciate all’a this.  Please tell me I get to do more than just look.  I mean, I could look at ya fer a hundred days an’ nights an’ still not get my fill but I’ve been missin’ ya terribly an’ ya look good enough ta eat.”

“Only if you do not have any other plans.”

“Nope, not a thing,” Jesse says quickly.  This is so much better than what he was thinking of doing tonight.

“Good, because,” Hanzo grabs Jesse’s belt buckle and pulls him forward with it until their chests are flush against each other.  “You are mine tonight.”

Jesse rushes forward and captures Hanzo’s lips in a bruising kiss.  Hanzo’s hands reach up to thread through Jesse’s hair and dig into his back while Jesse’s run down Hanzo’s sides, enjoying the feel of smooth skin and soft lace all the same.

Jesse moans and gladly accepts that he’s going to be walking on air for the rest of the night and probably for the rest of his life.

Even The Strong Fall

I’ve been feeling some strong feelings for Roman lately and I blame @availe for needing more Roman in my life so I decided to write Roman angst with fluff at the end because the poor boy needs some love okay? Okay.

Fandom: Sanders Sides
Warnings: Self-hate
Pairings: None, basically a family fic
Words: 1,591

“And cut!”

Roman took a deep breath – fiddling with the recorder in his hands. He and Thomas’s other traits had just finished recording the most recent video for Thomas’s channel. This time, however, was a bit different than others. As he stared at the floor, thinking of the plot of the episode, he felt his eyes gloss over with tears.

“Hey, Sir Sing-A-Lot, are you in there?” Roman blinked, looking up to see Virgil standing in front of him with his hands in his pockets. He hadn’t even noticed the dark trait had moved from his position on the stairs. “We’re done recording for the day so Logan and Patton went back already. Are you coming?”

The prince brushed off his negative thoughts and puffed out his chest. “Of course I am, I was just taking a breather.” He responded. “I had quite a few lines this time and it made me a little out of breath that’s all.”

Virgil raised an eyebrow at him but then shrugged his shoulders as he pulled his hood over his head. “Whatever you say, Princey.”

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May we request a Obi-Wan/Rex first kiss, pretty please?

We most certainly may.


Umbara lingered in the back of Rex’s mind longer than any campaign before it. When he closed his eyes, he could see the neon bright lights in its darkness, he could taste dirt and blood on his tongue, he could hear his brothers dying around him. Sometimes, he didn’t even have to close his eyes to see it, hear it, or feel it. He’d be sitting somewhere, and a random thought would pass through his mind and clamp tightly around his chest until he couldn’t breathe.

PTSD. Banthashit. He doesn’t have time for PTSD.

The other surviving 501sters weren’t much better. Jesse didn’t sleep, Kix worked himself to the bone in the infirmary, keeping himself upright with stims, and Fives wouldn’t talk about it at all. In all honesty, none of them were okay. Sometimes it felt like they never would be.

One day, three days after Umbara and Krell’s death, Rex finds himself aboard the Resolute in the closest approximation to leave they can afford. His mind is still fuzzy, focused too much on the past, so he doesn’t notice General Kenobi until he’s nearly on top of him.

“Captain Rex,” Kenobi says again, and when Rex looks at him, he continues. “A word?”

Rex follows the General out of the barracks to the Jedi’s private quarters. He doesn’t quite know how Kenobi does it, but aside from dark circles beneath his eyes, Umbara doesn’t seem to have affected him at all. Must be a Jedi thing, to just forget fuck-ups like that, or maybe just a Kenobi thing.

Once inside the room, Kenobi turns and gives Rex a long, thoughtful look.

“I can sense your discomfort,” he finally says, “Is there anything I can do to help?”

Rex wasn’t expecting that, and his answer is far more sarcastic than it should be. “A kiss would be nice,” he says, and part of him means it. He wishes he had someone to hold right now, someone to run their fingers along his head and tell him that it’ll be alright. Touch hunger, or something like that. Easier to say that he’s just lonely.

Kenobi’s eyelids lower a bit, and his eyes move back and forth as if following something that Rex can’t see. When finally looks up again, he’s offering up a sad sort of smile.

“I could definitely use a kiss, too.”

Rex doesn’t know how to respond to that. He decides the best course of action is to smile back: a lopsided half-smirk that makes it look like he’s chewing on his cheek.

“I mean, if you want to,” he says.

“I certainly do,” Kenobi says, taking a few steps closer. “But do you?”

Rex answers that by leaning down and pressing his lips to the General’s. They’re cool and soft, and taste faintly of mint. Before Rex can properly realize what it is he’s doing and how many regulations are probably being broken in the process, Kenobi is kissing him back, insistent and eager.

Their arms are around each other before long, and Kenobi’s fingers are ghosting along Rex’s face and over the short fuzz at the top of his head. Meanwhile, Rex is getting used to the feel of a beard against his face and the soft strands of Kenobi’s fiery hair around his fingers.

It’s about at that point, maybe a few seconds later, that what he’s doing hits him like a single tall wave of frigid water.

He’s making out with Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Oh sweet kriff.

another time pt. 2

@girllostinthewoods [part one here]

yeah, alfie’s still not in this one but the time travel is!

You walked into the club, struck by the atmosphere the second the door swung shut behind you.

It was bright, and loud, and warm, and close, and…incredible.

Everything was flush and plush and glittering, people in beaded dresses and suits swinging around. There was a real band, dolled up, playing 20’s versions of modern songs and you laughed to yourself, hovering in the archway that led from the entry to the club proper. People were scattered about the tables that encircled the dancefloor, milling about with fancy drinks in hand. It was incredible. Like nothing you’d ever seen, except for on a screen or a museum.

A few differences you did note, as ‘authentic’ as they had tried to make the experience. No smoking signs, though printed in vintage font, were giant as you entered in the way. They may want people to immerse themselves but they needed to keep their license. A guy walking past you with a cartoon tattoo peaking from his rolled up sleeve wasn’t exactly realistic for the time period. Neither were the people snapping away the night on their phones. Still, exciting.

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So hey,

Chocolate Hearts is finished!
My Aizawa romance fic has reached its conclusion and what was supposed to be a short and simple, like… 15k thing has ballooned into 43k words and a lot of weirdness and fluff. I’m pretty happy with it.
If you’re still wondering if you should read it, it contains the following

  • Aizawa suffering from sleep deprivation (like a lot of that)
  • Large amounts of coffee and tea
  • Just… Aizawa suffering
  • Yamada being the best, most snarky bro ever
  • Graphic depictions of chocolate and assorted baked goods
  • Shinsou in Heroics getting the support and attention he deserves
  • A scene inspired by that one @keiid picture. You know the one, where they’re sparring
  • Low key angst and pining
  • Did I mention that Shinsou is basically a hero in this? It’s important.
  • A sprawling plot that involves quirks and serial killers
  • Every Romance Trope in the book (ok, maybe not all of them but, like, a ton of them)
  • Recovery Girl being the sweetest, most deadpan badass
  • High Key Angst (it goes up to eleven)
  • Class A girls being awesome
  • Symbolic dough
  • Kirishima being entirely too enthusiastic
  • Yellow caterpillars
  • Weaponized feelings (I’m not even kidding)
  • Dogs being pet
  • A random Valentine theme that makes no sense cause it’s August but just roll with it
  • Some violence (can’t lie about that, though I tried to tone it down)
  • Did I mention the pining? There is a lot of that

You can read it here

Shoes - Part 8 

Damn old habits, Hisashi thought with a growl, scrubbing a hand down his face before downing the rest of his cheap beer. The crash of billiards assaulted his ears, sharp pain split his skull and throbbed dully. Shut it, he wanted to shout, but he could feel the fire coiling tightly in his chest, ready to explode outward if he only let it. He settled for a frustrated sigh through his nose, watching as the dry heat distorted the air around his face.

Hishasi couldn’t stand being in that apartment for another second. It was a steady reminder of his every failure, failures steadily stacking up with every rejected job application.

Be patient. Just … keep trying. Inko had said, looking at him with what she must have thought was an optimistic expression. Hisashi had seen the pity there. He’d seen the slow resignation she was trying to deny. He could see it in the passing glances she cast him when he’d return to her home and go straight into the guest room - Izuku’s room only weeks prior. How unfair.  

Someone bumped his shoulder in passing and Hisashi nearly snapped at the culprit until the man spoke.

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Leftovers | Taehyung

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader
bestfriend!au, angst, the tiniest bits of fluff
20.3k+ there is no god
She’s angsty this one oh my god, swearing, implied sex
Kitten’s note:
 Oh lordy~~ We’ve been writing this for awhile now, and can I say- I loved writing this. 🙈🙈 This is the first of many, many, collaborated oneshots **That we shall always drop without warning** with Bun. I also wasn’t expecting it to be a part of the ‘How To Love Your Best Friend’ series, but it matches the other stories….Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this exceptionally long Taehyung fic (the longest I’ve ever written) I hope to hear what you guys thought about it~💕💕
My note: Oh my god guys it’s finally done AAAAAAA I had so much fun co-writing this with Kitten this is the angstiest and probably the longest thing I’ve ever written in my LIFE. Its a bit of a mess but a BEAUTIFUL MESS and I love it nonetheless. I hope you enjoy this incredibly long fic, as like Kitten said it’s the first of many other collabs to come 🙌 (also gonna drop those without warning lmao💕). Enjoy!!

The night air was chilly as you left the house through the front door, yet you could hardly feel it. Feet beginning to take you on the familiar path home, the only thing you could focus on was how it felt to have your heart break for the millionth time this month. It was nothing new, you should be used to it by now, but the hurt was fresh everytime. A single tear fell as you neared your home and you hastily wiped it away. You wished you didn’t have to feel this pain. You wished you didn’t have to suffer like this. You wished you’d never fallen in love with your best friend Kim Taehyung.

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An Imagine on what it would be like to date him! <3 Lordy I had fun writing this one! Fluffy - a tinge smutty.

  • Long slow kisses.
  • Coffee dates, with deep discussions about art, poetry, music, literature, travel, deep thinking, and staring intently into your eyes… and down your cleavage.  He thinks he’s being all sneaky sneaking glances at your boobs. ;)
  • Speaks foreign terms of endearment and other filthy things in the many foreign languages he knows!
  • Likes for you to be the Lady in the streets, and the Whore in the sheets!
  • He is the perfect gentleman, and your parents and friends adore him!
  • He is your protector.
  • Going to museums together, The ballet, the Opera, musicals, and acting right in public -  or giving the illusion of such - when actually he whispers naughty things in your ear, or secretly gropes you!
  • Sweet shit, those bedroom eyes!
  • You can feel his presence from across the room, and suddenly the world just stops and it is just the 2 of you. Very Hot!!
  • He likes to spoil you in various ways. Handwritten love notes and cards, Perfumes, lingerie, jewelry.  He likes it when you wear that black lace panty and bra set. The sheer see thru lace gets his mouth watering!  You are his Queen, his Goddess, his world and he will not let you forget it!
  • Anniversaries are a big deal to him, and you celebrate whenever he is in town. Yes he is cheesy and celebrates monthiversaries - the anniversary of your first date together!
  • You both make Sheamus gag because you two are so damn cute!  Sheamus always tells you two to “Get a fookin room, ya fookin lovebirds!”
  • He likes for you to be beautiful, so he is always sending you to the spa for all day treatments, or to the salon to get your hair and nails done.
  • He likes taking you shopping. Michael Kors, Burberry, CoCo Chanel, there is no place he won’t go with you.  He also wouldn’t dream of letting you carry all those heavy bags by yourself!
  • Fine dining. Nothing but the best for you, his ladylove.  Loves for you to get all dressed up to go out on the town. You are the IT couple. Screw the Miz and Maryse - it is Cesaro and Y/N!
  • He is also one HELL of a barista!  He likes making yummy coffee drinks at home for the two of you. He also is a wonderful baker and chef, and treats you to candlelit dinners at his place all the time.
  • Making out in the Hot tub.
  • Stargazing.  He knows all the constellations and planets and the Mythology that goes along with them - but his favorite stars are the ones he sees in your eyes.
  • Lots of romance.  Flowers, gifts.
  • Slow dancing under the stars.
  • Very passionate. Loves soft kisses that gradually build up to lip biting, and wrestling tongues. Loves to tease and deny you your release a few times, before he finally allows you a release - and LORDY what a release!  The 2nd time around is for his release! Always the gentleman.
  • Loves for you to stroke his body all over - loves being petted. He feels so good under your hands as you rub his chest and down his tight stomach. You both worship each other’s bodies. That “Happy Trail” tho… damn!
  • In bed, likes  very much to be in control - as in using silk neckties to bind you to his will!!  
  • Passionate lover.
  • Loves PDA, hugs, hand holding, pecks to the cheek, on top of your head, forehead, hand kisses..
  • He is competitive, but not above stopping his weight lifting to be your spotter as you are lifting weight in the gym with him.  He always gives you tips on how to enhance your workout and be the best you can be.  He is proud of your accomplishments, and never slacks in giving you lavish praise.
  • He has a very dry sense of humor, but you two are always laughing and smiling.
  • The best hugs.
  • He loves it when he can take you to have a new experience in dining or travel - he actually gets off seeing the wonder and joy in your eyes as you experience things he has experienced many times.
  • Selfies together. That goes without saying. 
  • The tear away suit isn’t just part of his ring gear - he has used it on you in the bedroom a time or two. IT. NEVER. DISAPPOINTS.

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Fluffy traditiona/digital art hybrid + minific = firefly is in shipping hell

Teruki stares, mouth opening and closing, trying and failing to form sounds.  If he had, he wouldn’t have noticed. He can’t hear anything over the pounding in his ears, the sound of his heart beating harder and faster with each passing second.


In a daze he can see his friend, flustered in that way that normally makes him even cuter. Right now there’s another emotion, so subtle that most would miss it—anxiety, tightening around his eyes. For what, Teru can’t begin to guess, still can’t think over the roaring of his own heart.

“I’m sorry.” Kageyama-kun swallows, lower lip trembling. The sadness behind those words snap Teru out of his daze, but still he struggles to find the words. He can’t think of anything Kageyama should be sorry for. Not now. Not ever. “I’ve upset you. I don’t—please forgive my forwardness, and forget I said anything.”

“No!” The words finally come, and only then does Teru realize that he’s crying. “Please wait. Just…give me a minute.”

Kageyama-kun holds still, hands fidgeting at his sides as he tries to look anywhere but at him. Teru, however, doesn’t even try to swipe at the hot tears running down his cheeks, instead taking a steadying breath, trying to remember the long-planned words.

“Kageyama-kun,” he says at last, unable to stop a hiccup from interrupting, “You misunderstand. I’m not upset, I’m happy.” He gently reaches out a hand, clasps Kageyama-kun’s, and pulls him closer. The fidgeting stops, but Teru swears he can feel the other boy’s pulse against his own, racing onwards. “You saved me, that day we met and I’ve…I’ve loved you ever since. But I’ve never had any illusions. You’re too good for me. And I just want you to be happy.”

“I thought that was enough. If you were happy, I could be too. I never thought…what I mean is…” His voice chokes out again, words flying out, beyond his grasp. The tears still flow though, paying no mind to his current distress.

He’s still looking at Kageyama-kun’s hands, focusing so hard on their heartbeats intermingled there that he starts as he feels his friend draw closer, letting their foreheads rest softly against each other. Teru gives in, taking a moment to just feel—Kageyama-kun’s gentle presence and the smile that does not need to be seen to be felt, and their hands still clasped so tightly that Teru never wants to let go.

And in the moment, between hitching breaths and hot tears, the words finally come flowing back.

“Me too, Kageyama-kun. I feel the same way.”



Escape Plan

Word count: 360
Pairing: sam x sister!reader
Warnings: just some mild blood shouldn’t be to graphic, somewhat spn 12x01 spoilers, injury,

K: This is a crappy really quick Drabble about the recent episode but with the sister!reader involved. It’s what i think would have happened if the reader was taken along with sam and held hostage and tortured. This may not make any sense whatsoever but thx @winchesters-favorite-girl for encouraging me to post and the story she wrote (click here to read it careful cause it IS angsty)  I was inspired to write this up quickly.

As you woke up from being passed out, you were sore and in pain. It was from all the torture you went through. You noticed you were no longer tied to the chair. And neither was Sammy. You noticed that Sam was already awake, but he seemed to be going crazy, as if he was seeing things that you couldn’t see. You became extremely worried.

“Sammy?” You breathed out. “Sam!”.

But it was as if he couldn’t hear you, it looked like Sam was going crazy. He then stood up to a nearby mirror and sink and stood there and you thought you heard him say something. All of a sudden he punched the mirror and it shattered into pieces.

Sam grabbed a piece of broken mirror and pulled it near his neck. You immediately ran towards him to stop him, “Sam no!!”.

He then turned around and saw you and immediately grabbed you by the neck but he wasn’t squeezing or anything. You panicked and put your hands on top of his to stop him but then he looked at you and you noticed the look he was giving you . It was a look you knew all to well. Sam had a plan and he needed you to trust him so you did.

He motioned as if he was going to cut your neck but then quickly pointed to your palm, and you knew exactly what he was gonna do.

You struggled as Sam grabbed your palm away from his hand that was wrapped around your neck and sliced it with the broken mirror piece. You screamed in pain and  Sam released you as you fell to the floor. You remained still and let the blood that was coming from your wounded palm, drip near your neck to make it seem like Sam had slit your throat and killed you.

Sam proceeded to do the same to himself and fell near you and remained still. Waiting to see if his planned worked. After hearing the door to the basement open, you hoped deeply that it would work and you and Sam would be able to get out of here.

I Just Can't Wait (Brad Simpson Smut)

a dark and dirty Brad smut where he’s super horny and impatient at uni, requested by an anon



Another dry lecture. Sigh. I glance over at the clock, still 45 minutes till the next period. Just then, my phone vibrates. I pull it out of my pocket. It’s a text from Brad. I read: I’m on my way to you, see you soon x

What is he up to? Has he forgotten that I have class? Just as I was about to text him back I hear someone whisper my name. I turn around and there he is at the back. I look at him confused. He motions me to go over to him.

As much as I should stay, I really couldn’t handle another minute. I get up, grab my stuff and quietly make my way to him. We sneak out of the room. As soon as we’re out he grabs my hand. Before I could ask why he needed me, I have to catch up to his pace. He could drag me just by how fast he’s walking. Why is he in such a rush?

He stops walking when we get to the janitor’s closet. “Is there something you need to show me?” I ask, slightly out of breath.

“Yes, me in you. Now.” He pulls me into the closet and quickly closes the door. All of a sudden he pushes me against it, my weight preventing anyone from coming in. His lips graze mine.


“I just can’t wait till after school, I’m really horny. I need you and it looked like you were bored out of your mind there. I saved you”, he whispers into my ear. His hot breath sending tingles down my spine.

“What if we get caught?”

He chuckles. “The more fun it’ll be.” He bites his lip. That idea probably turned him on.

“Wait, do you even have-”

He pulls out a condom from his pocket. “Always prepared.” I giggle. “Turn around.”

I do as he says, instantly becoming aroused by the change in his tone. He slips off my jeans only, his next. He takes one of my hands and rubs it against his boxers. “You weren’t kidding”, I say, breathless.

“The simple thought of you causes me to become so hard. You know how frustrating it is when you’re not there with me? Out of reach, craving you so badly.” He squeezes my ass then spanks it. I gasp.

“Then fill your craving.”

“I will by filling you up.” He pulls down my underwear and thrusts into me. The force causing my mouth to drop. He rubs his thumb on my clit and my knees become weak. Before I could scream, he puts two of his fingers into my mouth, letting me taste myself. I suck hard on his fingers and he lets out a moan.

He pulls out and spins me around. I can see the lust burn through the brown in his eyes. “What did you do that for?”

“Hop on”, he says with his arms streched out. I jump into his arms. He takes hold of my waist so I wrap my legs around his. He pushes me against the wall this time. He slips himself back in and I moan his name.

From this position he hits all the right places. He’s able to thrust deeper which causes me to moan louder. His lips crash onto mine to silence me. I tangle my fingers into his hair as the moment heats up. He uses one hand to hold on to a shelf just above my head. Leverage.

I throw my head back in immense pleasure. I then grind my hips against him to intensify the feeling. I watch his face carefully and see his eyes roll back. “Fuck”, he groans. I smile proudly.

His lips find my neck and he bites gently into my skin. He kisses the places he leaves marks on. I grip onto his back from the feeling, letting out small moans. He really isn’t holding out. “I want to hear you”, he growls.

I moan loudly as I feel my walls clench around him. He continues pounding into me and I feel so close. “Don’t stop Brad!”

“Let’s come together babe.” I nod my head. Our breathing becomes heavy and I can feel his heart racing. We reach our highs, filling the space with moans. We’re left panting, sweaty and naked.

“You should sneak me out of class more often.”

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So I'm the anon that made the entire yoi cast in sims and long story short they all have families BUT this just happened and I wanted to share - so Luciano (Mila and Sara's son) and Aleksandr (Viktor and Yuuri's oldest son) snuck out together. All's good right - til they each get arrested and end up comin home at 4 am in cop cars and I'm just imagining Viktor and Yuuri getting their son back at 4 am like oh my lordy (u should write a post for this just suggesting...:D )

“V…Viktor?” Yuuri called after getting out of the shower. Viktor was currently attempting to cook a group meal because he was hungry (who ever sleeps at normal hours, sims sleep when they’re tired even in the middle of the afternoon).

“Yes Yuuri?” Viktor responded while trying to scrape the burnt batter out of the pan.

“Why are there cop cars outside our mailbox?”

Yuuri and Viktor rushed out dressed in their pajamas to see their son standing awkwardly in front of two police cops.

“Aleksandr….” Yuuri and Viktor frowned “Where have you been?”

“Um…morning?” Aleksandr waved casually.

They both scold their son and ground him for a week and he has to do all the chores in the house….after they had to call the fire department because Viktor accidentally left the stove on and it caught on fire, so they also had burnt pancakes for breakfast.

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Not an Ask, but a Do... Each of you write a sentence/phrase that you think would be something the other would say. (was this even proper English? I hope you can understand Tired Canadian)

Dani writing as Ellen: Big fuckin’ mood down here in gods holy half acre man I’m gay better go down to McAliater’s and eat my ‘tater soup bc it’s hotter than Satan’s asscrack down here in Mississippi

Julia: you forgot a Lordy in there

Ellen writing as Dani: chomp chomp alligator FLORIDA I don’t want to hurt their feelings!1!1!1!!!!11 PAPPY (poppy but with a yankee accent)

Dani writing as Julia: as I was watering my 27 cacti and succulents you didn’t consider my opinion. Homophobic. Blocked and reported. Fuck

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any tips for an author trying to improve their writing????

Oh lordy, hmm. I would say…think about our senses and your heart. Writing about what is affecting all the senses is what makes the scene. Sight last. If there isn’t a smell, what are they touching? If they aren’t touching, what are they hearing? If they aren’t hearing, what are they feeling? Every bit of that is what draws in a reader and makes a scene engaging. LIVE a scene. Don’t just write it.