KiKi Maroon’s Comic Strip: Nerdy burlesque & standup comedy join forces! This was by far the most most fun show I have ever had the pleasure of producing! Surreal sexiness paired up with outrageous comedy for an amazing night. @iamjeffersoncarroll was there to capture all the magic. Here is J.D Hickcock as Lord Voldemort! #burlesque #nerdlesque #boylesque #cosplay #lordvoldemort #harrypotter #costume #kikimaroon #comicstrip #houston #houstonburlesque #evil #standup #comedy #makeup #badguy #warehouselive #ratsofinstagram (at Warehouse Live)

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Salem Estelle Riddle (Delacour)

D.O.B - 13th September 1980

Place of Birth- Hogwarts Castle (Somewhere in Scotland)

Parents- Ariana Dumbledore and Tom Riddle

House- Slytherin

Patronus- Basilisk

Bloodlines- Descendant of Salazar Slytherin

Sibling(s) - Fleur and Gabrielle Delacour (Adopted)

Relationship(s) - Draco Malfoy (Boyfriend)

Favourite Subject - Potions or Defence Against the Dark Arts

Star Sign- Virgo

Wand -  Aspen, Phoenix Core, 10 and half inches

Allegiance - The Order of the Pheonix

Features - Dark black hair, dark eyes, pale skin, average height, slim build

Quidditch Position - Chaser

Salem Riddle: The Heir of Voldemort (on Wattpad) http://my.w.tt/UiNb/MumrPX4oSu 

Tom Riddle was destined for a path of darkness, that was certain, until he met Ariana Dumbledore. A lonely but intriguing girl locked up in a turret of Hogwarts by those she trusted the most, she meets a young curious Tom by chance. Each other has so much to offer one another and with secret visits and escapades they fall into the trap of love. Everything is as good as it could get and then everything turns sour, Ariana falls pregnant and her brother, Albus is furious when he finds out. Albus does not trust Tom and when Ariana dies during childbirth, he fakes the death of their baby girl. He takes the baby and hides her. Tom is broken after losing the only person he has ever loved and his child. He turns to the dark arts, to help forget his sorrows. And thus Lord Voldemort is born.


15 years later and their daughter Salem returns to her birthplace after discovering the truth about her parents. Determined to put a stop to the anticipated rise of her father she embarks on a quest to learn defensive magic and discover how she can get to her father. With the infamous Draco Malfoy making things even more complicated, Salem must chose who to trust with great care. Meanwhile she must fight the darkness rising within her all while still facing the trials and tribulations of being a teenage witch.