50 Shades of Violence

MADDOX- [Looks between #Urban and #Ever, alert as ever and standing up in their cribs holding onto the bars.] You guys want another story, huh?[Rubs the back of my neck] Well, I’m going to be honest… I’m not really prepared…[Thinking back to @Ashlyn_Lords and what she was reading last night.] But maybe I can take a story from Mama… Hold tight little ones. [Running back out of the nursery and back to mine and @Ashlyn_Lords’ bedside, I pick up the book on our night stand.]

ASHLYN- *watching you enter the room while I keep folding the twin´s clothes* What are you doing, love?

MADDOX- The twins want another story… I’m running out of ideas. [Picks up the book] Since you seem to like this so much, I thought the twins might like it too. [Looking at the cover… 50 Shades of Grey… really? Since when is a color so interesting?]

ASHLYN- *standing up and reaching out my hand, worried* That is not appropriate for the babies, Maddox. Give it to me, please.

MADDOX- [Pulling the book back.] What do you mean it’s not appropriate? [Flips through some of the pages]

ASHLYN- It is not for kids *looking at you, nervous of what you may catch in a glimpse*

MADDOX- [Stopping somewhere near the end and reading a passage involving a belt, eyes going wide.] Ashlyn, what is this?

ASHLYN- *blushes bright red and walks to you, trying to take the book from your hands* It is about love, adults love

MADDOX- [Narrows my eyes at you] Love? This [points to the page where some girl named Ana is getting severely whipped with a belt.]  This does not look like love to me… [Never would I violently lay a hand on my Beauty.] Is this what you want? Do you want this?

ASHLYN- *letting my hand fall and looking down, feeling completely embarrassed* It’s not like that… *looking up at you* No, that is not what I want. *taking my hand to your face, rubbing my thumb on your cheek* It is not what it looks like. *sighs*

MADDOX- [Frowns and continues reading. Ana is now crying and running away from this Christian guy.] Ashlyn, he made her cry! If you have another explanation for this, please tell me. This does not look like love. Unless… I’ve been doing it wrong?

ASHLYN- Because she is scared. *turning your face to look at me* It is just a book, love. *kissing your lips softly* You are not doing anything wrong. *sighs* I don’t know what to say, Maddox.

MADDOX-  [Frowns after kissing you] Why would a male scare their woman? I mean, I must have scared you some. But never intentionally.

ASHLYN- I don’t think that was Christian intention either. It is just the way he is and he can’t be any other way. But I think Ana’s love can change him because she loves him unconditionally. *looks in your eyes, wanting to read your expression*

MADDOX- [Looks from you to the book, then back to you again. Deciding to flip through it some more.] Tell me more about them…

ASHLYN- *smiling warmly* Well, what do you want to know? *not finding words to explain their story, knowing this can be a touchy subject* All I can say is that Ana loves Christian *shrugs*

MADDOX- [Looking at another passage, brows furrowing in confusion] But, this Christian has a [looking for the word that was used] playroom? Why does he need a playroom?

ASHLYN- *giggles* The Red Room of Pain? *looks down* Because he likes to… let´s say, play with Ana.

MADDOX- But why does he need a room full of whips and chains to play? [Looking into your eyes] I’m just trying to understand, Beauty.

ASHLYN- Gosh! *trying to find the right words to explain* Because he finds pleasure in inflicting pain on others… *blushes*

MADDOX- [Eyes growing wide, registering your blush] You mean… THAT kind of pleasure? [Shakes my head] How??

ASHLYN- *blushing bright red, my cheeks warm up* This is new for me, Maddox. *shrugs* I am reading and he calls himself dominant and Ana is his submissive.

MADDOX- [Remembers back to when you were reading this last night] You had a smile on your face all night… Is there something you want to try? [Gulps] I don’t think I would make a good dominant… I don’t want to hurt you. Ever. [Cups your cheek]

ASHLYN- *shaking my head and feeling my cheeks burn* I don’t want to try any of that. I am not a submissive. *chuckles* I just find this…different and entertaining *nodding* Do you want to? *raising my eyebrow*

MADDOX- [Frowns looking at the book some more. My voice quiet.] I don’t like chains… It reminds me of…Of my curse. [Hangs my head]

ASHLYN-  Oh no, love *taking the book from your hands and lifting your head from your chin* I’m sorry. We don’t have to do anything, it is just a book. *kissing your lips tenderly* You are just perfect *flashing you a bright smile*

MADDOX- [Pulling you tight into me for a hug, brushing my lips against your hair.] I love you, Beauty. Maybe you can read some of this to me some day so I can better understand it… But for now. [Pulls you onto my lap] The babies still want a story…

ASHLYN- *sitting in your lap, wrapping my arms around your neck* Do you want me to read that to you? *blushing, knowing that you haven’t read the worst parts of it* Maybe we can go with the babies and forget about this *smiling warmly to you*

MADDOX- [chuckles and wraps my arms around your waist, rising to take you to the nursery.] Whatever you say, Beauty. But I do think #Urban and #Ever are going to start a riot if they don’t get their story soon… [Kisses your lips and walks back to the twins’ room, settling you on my lap to get ready for story time.] #LordsOfBudapest #50ShadesOfViolence

Finishing School

GILLY- *Sitting in the room Danika said was mine, looking at all my things that Lucien and William brought here. Even all my school books. But why it’s not like I can finish now stuck here in this castle! The only good thing is that I get to see William all the time. Lies back onto my bed and sighs. Why do I want him so much?*

DANIKA-*Running my hands through Reyes’s hair* I’m going to check on Gilly and see if she slept ok. *Bending down to kiss him and sighing* You better still be in this bed when I get back. *Standing up and walking away, stopping at the door to look back at him and feeling like I’ve won the lottery* Reyes…. *Stops at the look of pain in his eyes knowing that this what the demon needs* I’ll be as quick as I can. *Turning away from my man and heading two doors down to Gilly’s door I knock* Hey Girl you in?

GILLY- *Hearing a knock a spark of hope… William but then I hear Danika’s voice* Come in..

DANIKA- *Opening the door and walking in looking around at all your things still in boxes* I thought you would have unpacked by now? *Looks at you and sees the dark circles under your eyes* Gilly what’s wrong… *Sitting on the bed beside you and taking your hand* Tell me?

GILLY- *Taking your hand and laughing* I’m fine nothing is wrong .. *Nothing that see William won’t sort out* I just didn’t sleep well the last couple of nights… It’s just the move and all. I was just getting use to Buda and living in my little flat then I had to move into the Mansion. *Rushes on at the look in your eyes* Which I loved…

DANIKA- *Squeezing your hand at the mention of moving into the old Mansion, knowing my pain is showing in my eyes by the way you rush on saying you loved living there* Gilly I’m sorry…. maybe I should have left you back in the states… I was selfish bringing you to Buda but I wanted to know you were safe and going to school… Damn I should just have sent you over money every month! I’m sorry Gilly and now I’ve dragged you to this god forsaken place… *Growls* Its so not Disneyland…. More like Shadowland..

GILLY- *Smiles* I don’t mind being here it’s just taking a little to get use to.. *Frowns* I’m not even sure where I am… And I can say I wet my pants when I saw my first #Gargoyle… *Patting your hand that is holding my other hand* Listen I’m fine just getting to know my new surroundings… Anyway at least I don’t have to do homework anymore…. *Beams* I’ll take a year off…

DANIKA- *Jumps up off the bed* As if… you are finishing school even if I have to get Lucien to flash you there everyday… *Walking back and forth in front of you*… Wait William gets cable and Torin gets internet.. Maybe you can keep upto date with your school work online untill we get back to Buda… *Turns to look at you * Gilly….. Gilly are you listening to me?

GILLY- *Sighs as you mention William, I wonder where he is and if I should go see if he wants to play Xbox….. hearing you call out my name I shake myself* Sorry yes I’m listening. So we will be going back to Buda?

DANIKA- *Looks at my feet. Damn why did I say that. As far as I know there might be no going back. Until my #AllSeeingEye kicks back in and shows me a new vision to paint I’m just not sure what will happen* Well that is the plan. Stay here till it’s safe to go back to Buda. Ok so are we going to look into you studying online to keep up with your class?

GILLY- *Grins* Ok yes as long as we can get internet I will keep up with my school work and I should be ok as I was ahead on all my assignments so far…. *Blushes* What I mean is there not due in yet and I’m done I still might have got them wrong but…

DANIKA-*Sitting back down beside you on the bed and hugging you tight* O.. Gilly its great that you are working so hard at school. And you should be proud of having your assignments done early… *Kissing the top of your head I want to mother you so much. I want to give you back your childhood* And if you get them wrong so what… *Laughs at the look on your face* You heard me SO WHAT… you tried is all that matters… *Squeezing you even tighter* You are like my little sister you know that… You are MY family now and I only want what’s best for you no matter what!

GILLY- *Gasping as you hug me and hugging you back just as tight. My heart breaks as you cradle me like a mother would and loving it* You really don’t care about my results ?

DANIKA- *Smilies* O Honey no…. I would love for you to do well… But I’m more worried about you, not your results! I just want to to have as normal a childhood as possible!

GILLY- *Pulling back from you! O god not you too. It’s bad enough Williams is always calling me a child* Danika I’m not a child anymore I haven’t been a child in a long time… *Hugging my chest tight* You know that! And I’m not your family so you don’t need to worry about!

DANIKA- *Groans knowing I have hurt your feelings* Look at me Gilly please! *Waiting until you look me in the eye* You are my family now and I know you’re not a CHILD all I meant is I want you to relax and have a life.. Go see a movie.. Go get pizza with your friends.. Your only worry was homework..  *Sighs* Well that was the plan back in Buda! But you still should be able to just be you even here.. Gilly school girl… teenager…

GILLY- *Just smiling and crying at the same time knowing you really do care* Dani I… *Hugging you so hard we fall back onto the bed* Thank you… Thank you… Thank you… Thank you…

DANIKA- *Just holding you while you cry. Running my hands along your back until you stop* Shush there is no need to thank me… But I tell you what you can do for me.. *Gets up and opens one of your boxes* Lets get you unpacked ! *laughs*

GILLY- *Laughing at you as I get up and start unpacking my belongings* I really should thank Maddox for painting my room and putting up the shelves! *Placing my books up on the middle shelf* I love the soft eggshell colour on the walls. What colour is your room now?

DANIKA- *Grins even though I know you won’t realize the reason behind our colour choice* Blood red walls and blood red bedding! And I love it *Placing your collection of china horses on the top shelf. Then taking out my phone to text Torin asking him if you can finish your schooling online* You want me to put your clothes in the tallboy for you?

GILLY- *Grins* Yes mother. *Hanging up my jeans and skirts in the old wardrobe* So you think I will be able to get time off to play Xbox?

DANIKA- *Laughing* For calling me mother NO… *Hearing my phone buzz I take it out and read text from Torin saying yes to schooling online. Grinning at you* Looks like it’s back to school for you! #FinishingSchool #LordsOfBudapest

Story Time with Daddy Maddy - Theseus

[After a quick shower following a more than intense workout, I walk into the nursery to find #Urban and #Ever standing up in their cribs, holding onto the rails, waiting expectantly for me.] Yeah, I know, I promised you two another story. [I can’t help the chuckle that escapes my lips as they start bouncing up and down, still holding on to those damn rails.] Ok, ok! But, remember, this whole storytime thing is to help you both sleep. So lay down and get comfy. [I try to sound stern, but I can’t. They have me wrapped around their little fingers… or.. claws in #Ever’s case. Once they lay down and get situated, I sit in the chair that I’ve placed between the two cribs and get into storytime mode.] Alright, so I’ve thought long and hard about tonight’s story, and since you both loved Perceus’s story so much, I figured I would tell you a story about another hero, Theseus, and how he came to be King of Athens. [#Ever gave me a strange look when I said Theseus’ name.] Yes, #Ever, that’s really his name. I know it sounds weird, but in the old days, you really weren’t worth remembering unless your name ended in ‘eus’. [Her smile warms my once-cold heart, just like Ashlyn does. I seriously love this whole family thing.]

Anyways, here we go. This is the stroy of Theseus and how he became king of Athens. [Cracking my neck, I try to remember how I wanted to start this story.] There is a saying among the people of Athens -”Nothing without Theseus.” And I have never heard a truer statement. Thesus was the son of the Athenian King, Aegeus. But, like most heroes, Thesus grew up with his mother, away from his father. [I never really cared how humans brought up their children, until now. I could never imagine not being a part of #Urban and #Ever’s lives. No way.] One day, Aegeus hid a sword and a pair of shoes in a cave and sealed that cave with a huge boulder. Aegeus then told Theseus’ mother that when the boy is strong enough to move the boulder and retrieve the sword and the shoes, then he can come to Athens and proclaim himself as his son. [Stupid Aegeus… he should have welcomed his son whether he was strong or not… The Athenians were so petty. Growling low, but stopping as soon as I hear #Ever whimper a little. She hates it when I growl. Man, she, like her mother, has #Violence whipped too. Looking at her and reaching for her small hands through the bars of her crib.] I’m sorry #Ever. I’ll try not to growl again. Now where was I? Right. So, Theseus was stronger than most men his age were while he was growing up, and in no time, he removed the boulder and retrieved the sword and shoes. The next day, Thesus’ mother and grandfather arranged for a boat to take him to Athens, but Thesus refused the boat. He said that taking a boat was too safe. So he set out marching to Athens by land.

[Leaning back in the chair, crossing my right ankle over my left knee, I continue the story.] Theseus was all about being a hero. He wanted nothing else more than that. So he chose the perilous way to Athens on purpose. During his travels, he thwarted many troublesome bandits. By the time he reached Athens, the people considered him a hero. They loved him. However, King Aegeus, who at this point, knew nothing of Theseus and his lineage, considered him a threat to his crown, and planned to poison him. When Theseus drew his sword, Aegeus instantly recognized it, and proclaimed him as his son and rightful heir. [The thought that Aegeus almost poisoned his own son out of greed makes me ill, and my eyes instantly dart to #Urban. He nods at me as if he knows what I’m thinking. As if he knows I would never plan to hurt him like that. I will never understand how the gods saw fit to bless me with such intelligent children, but I would forever be grateful.]

Years previous to Theseus’ arrival, Athens got themselves into some trouble with Minos, the ruler of neighboring Crete. Aegeus sent Minos’ son on a suicide mission, and Minos captured Athens to avenge his son’s death. [Well, that’s the short version of that bit anyway.] Minos threatened to burn Athens to the ground, unless it sacrificed 7 of its strongest young men, and 7 of its most fair maidens to the Minotaur every 9 years. The Minotaur, was a fearsome beast. Half bull, half man, who was imprisoned in a labyrinth in Crete. Seeing no other option, Aegeus agreed. The sacrifices were set to be shipped to Crete the day after Theseus’ arrival. Being the hero that he was, Theseus volunteered to be one of the males sacrificed. The people of Athens adored him for his sacrifice, but Theseus planned to kill the Minotaur, and prove himself a hero again. [Stupid men and their goals. I look to #Urban and actually manage a stern voice.] Don’t you be getting any ideas, little guy. [At his giggle, I continue the story.]

So, Theseus was sent away with the other sacrifices. But he had to devise a way to get out of the Labyrith. Afterall, it was developed by Daedalus to keep the Minotaur and its prey IN. But with Daedalus’ help, Theseus found a way. He obtained a ball of string, and tied one end to the entrance of the Labyrinth, then unraveled it as he went farther into its depths. After what seemed like hours of traversing perilous rocks and other obstacles, Theseus finally reached the Minotaur. Using nothing but his bare hands, he defeated the beast, escaped the Labyrinth, and sailed back to Athens with the others who were to be sacrificed.

[This is where the story gets a little hairy.] Back in Athens, King Aegeus was beside himself. He felt unbearable guilt and doubt that his son would ever return. You see, Uncle Sabin was there in Athens when this all took place, and he hadn’t yet gotten control of his demon. Unfortunately for Aegeus, that meant that he was overtaken with #Doubt in himself as king. Without further thought, King Aegeus jumped from the highest point of his palace to the rocky waters below.

When Theseus returned, the people of Athens were relieved. They would never have to send their sons and daughters off to be slaughtered. However, since Aegeus was now dead, Theseus was to be king of Athens. He mourned the loss of any relationship he might have had with his father, and reluctantly took the crown. But he still managed to be one of the best kings that Athens ever saw.

[#Urban and #Ever were looking at me with eyes full of exhaustion, but they were expecting more… Furrowing my brows, I think to the last story I told.] Oh, are you waiting for the moral of the story? [Chuckling, I continue.] I guess the moral of this story is that being a hero comes at a price. And that price is usually something that the hero doesn’t want to pay. If Theseus had had the choice, he would have much rather had a father in his life than have been forced into the crown. [Trailing off a bit, I realize that I don’t exactly know if that was true. Theseus, like most heroes, wanted fame and glory. No matter WHAT the price.] That’s all for now, little ones. Go to sleep, and tomorrow I will tell you another story. #StoryTimeWithDaddyMaddy #PartDeux #LordsOfBudapest