Lords of Kobol:: Kara Thrace as Artemis

“The tops of the high mountains tremble
and the tangled wood echoes awesomely with the outcry of beasts:
earth quakes and the sea also where fishes shoal.
But the goddess with a bold heart turns
every way destroying the race of wild beasts:
and when she is satisfied and has cheered her heart,
then the huntress who delights in arrows”


In case you didn’t know, I’ve written a series of prequels to the recent Battlestar Galactica series titled Lords of Kobol.

I just finished Book Five: Of Gods and Titans.

Books One, Two and Three form a trilogy, while Book Four is a kind of “alternate universe” version of events.  Book Five is a prequel to the trilogy.

You can download all five right here.  And they’re free.


Lords of Kobol:: Lee Adama as Apollo

“O Delion king, whose light-producing eye views all within,
and all beneath the sky; whose locks are gold, whose oracles are sure,
who omens good revealest, and precepts pure;
hear me entreating for he human kind, hear,
and be present with benignant mind;
for thou surveyest this boundless aither all,
and every part of this terrestrial ball abundant, blessed”

It peered into the tiny universe.
Specks of rock revolved around balls of gas. Its eye scanned millions of them. Billions.
There were points of interest, to be sure, but nothing that grabbed its attention. It hovered
over no one world for longer than a microsecond. Then it saw something.
Like lying on the ground at the base of a tree, it looked up. From this one speck, branches
stretched forward through time. It had found its goal.
The One looked along the trunk and each of the branches. Decisions were going to be made
and reactions to those decisions would follow. A myriad of possibilities lie ahead for this one
world. Nearly infinite, the will of life on this speck would shape so much.
It was excited. The limbs kept stretching and growing forward. Flowers grew at each turn
and the paths were lined with leaves. Then it noticed that some branches came to tapered ends.
The tips wept with sickness. Still, other limbs grew forward, so The One kept looking. Then
more branches ended. Thick, fiery tumors hung on the boughs and they grew no more. From the
top of this world’s tree where no vines reached, it looked back toward the beginning, dismayed
that the branches would go no further.
The One scanned over them again and looked worriedly across the remainder of this
collection of stones and stars. It saw no other trees. There were many “bushes,” sure, as lesser
life made their minor decisions to eat that thing or drink that water. But there were no leaps.
With sentient life come great bounds in thinking and greater choices become available. The trees
flourished. The will of living, thoughtful beings watered them. Without trees here, The One saw
no purpose in remaining in this galaxy.
As it was about to withdraw, a thought occurred to it. It could intervene.
The One turned its head from the rock of interest and found another like it. It had a spindly
collection of branches wreathing it and stretching forward in time. The wispy limbs of lesser
animals. It would have no higher beings and therefore no tree growing thick through the ages.
With a swift pinch, it grabbed seeds from the base of the large but stunted tree and deposited
them on the other world. Immediately, a great trunk extended from the speck and shot into the
future. Branches diverged and limbs reached out and into the darkness. Flowers blossomed and
leaves unfurled.
The One was pleased.
Though the second tree was planted for insurance, it did notice that this new sapling was
going to be deformed. It, too, had terminating branches in its future.
The One reached out of the universe and into another. There, it had groomed other trees and
two tenders had helped them grow through harsh winters and long droughts.
With whispered instructions, The One set these beings on the first world it had found.
Hopefully, this pair of workers could enable that tree to flourish. As it watched, limbs reached
away and into space. Some branches extended even to other specks. Some vines wrapped
toward The One’s contingency world. Quickly, it turned away. It wanted to be surprised by
what life decided to do.
The One stole a peek, however. It realized that it would have to intervene again, from time
to time.

Lords of Kobol - Book Two: Descent ~ Edward T. Yeatts III


Possibly the best explanation of life the universe and everything I have ever read.


Lords of Kobol:: Caprica Six as Aphrodite

“To Aphrodite. Heavenly, illustrious, laughter-loving queen,
sea-born, night-loving, of awful mien; crafty,
from whom Necessity first came, 
producing nightly all-connecting dame.
‘Tis thine the world with harmony to join,
for all things spring from thee, O power divine”


Lords of Kobol:: Laura Roslin as Hera

“O royal Hera, of majestic mien, aerial-formed divine,
Zeus’ blessed queen, throned in the bosom of cerulean air,
the race of mortals is thy constant care.
The cooling gales they power alone inspires,
which nourish life, which every life desires.”