lords dont worry

Ardyn: You might as well start waving your white flag, Noctis!

Noctis: The only thing I will be waving is your decapitated head on a stick in front of your weeping mother!

Ardyn: Good lord.

“Slag yeah.”

sometimes u just gotta take a minute and psych urself up in the mirror before u head out for the day. remind urself how delicious u are

i had the stupidest art-related setback earlier and it made me so mad that I just. I had to doodle something silly to make myself feel better. ever since i heard this line in a text post somewhere, I’ve been wanting to draw something based on it so here we go

i flipped this once to make sure it wasn’t totally lopsided and then forgot to flip it back before i put the text on so his hair’s backwards OH WELL THAT’S KINDA PAR FOR THE COURSE TODAY IM NOT SURPRISED

kinda late but i rly enjoyed that last monochrome fic pls take this rly quick messy doodle (btw idk why but i kept imagining weiss with glasses the whole time i hope the addition doesnt bother haha„)


anonymous asked:

I dont mean to sound like an Austria apologist but it pisses me off when people hate on Austria because he abused Italy but other characters like Germany and Romano get away with it. not saying Austria didn't abuse him but let's not ignore the others


Italy’s had a lot of shit thrown on him. 

Austria was abusive in his childhood but they do have a healthy relationship nowadays despite how he affected Italy when he was little 

Romano still remains a bully (And I get that’s how brothers are sometimes and insults are kind of part of Romano’s speech so they’re virtually harmless) but Romano continues to call him and “idiot” and “His stupid little brother”. 

And I’ll be honest…Romano fans try to erase the fact that he is mean to Italy a lot, even still when Italy tries to connect with him 

Germany and Italy are very insuperable now, but…They did not get along well at first. 

Germany wanted nothing to do with Italy at first and was very rough with him and did vocally voice that he thought Italy was useless and rather annoying. 

I don’t think Germany sees him as that now, definitely not. He has a lot more respect for Italy know and enjoys his company. 

But a lot of these characters really were cruel to Italy while Italy was just trying be to liked. 

It’s hard that so many characters are hard on Italy. 

I think that’s kinda while the title of this series is “Useless Italy” which translates to Hetalia. 

Italy is a unique character who is hard to understand throughly, that’s why I think he’s prone to bullying, people just don’t know him well enough. 

Not his best friend, not his own family, not the person who practically raised him. 

And I’m hoping Hima shows us more of what’s behind Italy’s smile. 

But yes, Austria is not the only one who treated Italy poorly. 

We Caused The MCR Break Up
  • emo lord: fob or mcr
  • everyone: wat
  • emo lord: choose wisely
  • everyone: lol ur jk right
  • emo lord: no
  • everyone: *looks at each other, laughing* hes bluffing lol he ain't gonna do it
  • emo lord: choose one or the entire Holy Trinity goes
  • everyone: okayokay give back fob
  • emo lord: k
  • everyone: lol dont worry he's not gonna do it
  • *months later*
  • mcr: bye
  • fob: hi
  • everyone: wTF i DId'T THinK HE'D AcutUALLY DO IT/?/?!??!??
  • emo lord: lol
  • fob: lol
  • mcr: lol
  • p!atd: we're next aren't we