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🌳Behind a small round Hobbit door lies an entire universe. Who would have thought what adventures would come out of one single sentence, scribbled down on an empty exam paper.

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“Hobbits are an unobtrusive but very ancient people, more numerous formerly than they are today; for they love peace and quiet and good tilled earth: a well-ordered and well-farmed countryside was their favourite haunt… They dressed in bright colours, being notably fond of yellow and green… All Hobbits had originally lived in holes in the ground… A preference for round windows, and even round doors, was the chief remaining peculiarity of hobbit-architecture.”
from Concerning Hobbits of The Lord of the Rings Prologue by J.R.R. Tolkien.

Mermaid Request

Word count: 2111

Warnings: a tad bit cheesy but is swEET NONETHELESS

Summary: A Legolas x Mermaid reader story.

Requested by Anon 

Enjoy ~

‘It’s windy.’ Legolas thought as he viewed his surroundings. The wind sent a wave a chills throughout his body. The frosty tips on the grass and dried clumps of leaves on the ground indicated the growing coldness. Legolas gracefully walked upon the hardening ground, not bothered by the small drifts of frost etching the corners of his shoes, or the harsh wind blowing against his face. He even felt a small smile creep up upon his features, feeling content. It was nice to be away from the potent lifestyle being the Prince of Mirkwood ensued. It was nice to be surrounded by nature in all its glory.

From afar in the river nearby, a shiny, a glistening form moved beneath the depths of the waters. Legolas stared with curiosity and caution. He could not help but move closer from his stance, inspecting the thing as if it were an ancient book derived from the Valar. ‘A tail.’ He thought with realization, as he put the pieces together. It was also quite long for a tail. His hand instantly reached for his bow that was placed around his torso. Even the wonders of Middle Earth could also be very dangerous. But still, the mysteriousness of the tail kindled his growing curiosity. As a prince and a warrior, he should know better than to feel a deep sense of wonder for a mere encounter, but today, he was not a prince, nor that of a warrior. He was simply a nature loving ellon with a heavy interest in his current setting. Legolas inched closer, using as much of his elven eyesight as gifted to him to view the living thing.

A large splash caught him by surprise, leaving him instantly reaching for an arrow, sheathing and aiming it in the direction of the creature. His eyes scanned the water for a reappearance. Soon after, he spotted a torso attached to the tail.

This caught him extremely off guard.

His netted his eyebrows in doubt. Mermaid. He had been told stories of them as a young Ellon. Although he was skeptical, he enjoyed the old tales for entertainment purposes. Now that an actual Mermaid was displayed right in front of him, he did not know what to think; or to do. Mermaids were extremely reserved creatures, so for one to be lounging in a lake was odd. And the only reason Legolas knew this was from reading a Middle Earth mythical creature lore book he found in the library out of pure boredom. Mythical.

The newly identified Mermaid rose, emerging onto the surface of the water, revealing the face of a female human. Her eyes were (e/c) and she had (h/l), (h/c) hair. He couldn’t believe his own eyes, smiling at the floating form before him. The mermaid waved a hand through her hair, shaking her head lightly as she went through the minor tangles. She was too focused in her own thoughts to notice Legolas watching her so intently with wonder.

“Hello.” He greeted gently.

The mermaid looked up, widening her eyes at Legolas as if he had just broken into her home. “I am not going to hurt you.” He assured in a soft tone, not wanting to scare her away - or cause her to unleash an unknown wrath he somehow missed in the creature lore book.

Abruptly, she dove into the water, disappearing from his sight. Legolas, fazed and slightly embarrassed, looked down at his weapon. ‘Perhaps it was the bow..’ he thought.


None but a few days later, he returned with nothing but a slim dagger tucked into the safety of his boot. He had just escaped his duties of writing a report of a scout that had taken place the day before, by asking a guard that accompanied him to write it instead.

Walking back to the spot he spotted the mythical being, he glanced around the area. Sitting down to wait. He thought as he sat. Perhaps I had scared her off…

He questioned himself before, as to why he was so inclined in this mermaid. Was it his love for the stories he heard? Or the feeing of discovering something new? Something had definitely grasped onto him, a newfound curiosity that provoked his venture to this spot.

He unconsciously smiled as he saw a familiar shimmer in the water.

Poking out of the water, she realized Legolas was sitting on the grassy patch as he stood days before. “You were here before…” she said hesitantly.

“I was.” He responded casually.

“What do you want?” She asked defensively.

Legolas stared, dumbfounded. “I beg your pardon?”

“Communication with non aquatic beings is strictly forbidden…” she informed.

“Why is that? If I may ask.”

“Mermaids are not accepted into society by the humans. They think we are deadly and murderous, and even tried killing us with spears and arrows when spotted. So we stayed in the deepest regions of the oceans and rivers, living a confined and reserved life. Now all we are to them is a mere myth. A fable.” She said.

“I am not going to hurt you.” Legolas assured. “I am an elf, have you heard of my kind?”

“I have heard stories of tall, immortal and beautiful beings with pointed ears to grace the lands.” She said, smiling at the recollection.

Legolas smiled at the description. “I too have heard stories of your kind, although not ones of you being 'murderous’, just of creatures that roamed the waters with the upper half of a human.”

“I am Legolas. I do not think I have asked you of your name.” He said.


“How unique…” he smiled.

(Y/n) smiled in response. “Legolas. Your name is unique as well.”


Legolas sat comfortably on the grassy ground. Three months had passed, and on the day the ice that formed atop the rivers and lakes was gone, Legolas ran to him and (Y/n)’s unofficial meeting place at once. She was there, waiting for him, mythical form naturally submerged into the water. They caught up on what they both missed, listening intently and laughing with each other as though they had only seen each other the night before. Oh, how he had missed the sound of her quiet laugh and smiling face. And she had missed him, missed all his quirks from the way he stood to the way his mouth opened to talk.

“What is it like?” (Y/n) asked, breaking the pleasant silence that befell upon them.

“What is what like?” Legolas retorted.

“Living out there..” (Y/n) said.

Legolas met eyes with (Y/n), trying to find ways to respond to her question. 'Lonely, without you.’ He yearned to say. He couldn’t help but notice the small hint of sadness dipped into her inquiry. If he had any idea how many nights she spent gazing up to to sky wondering if he was blinking back. She wanted to know, know what it felt like to feel the ground beneath her. If it wasn’t for the lower half of her body, she would be able to easily do so…

“It can be incredibly breathtaking. The trees often speak to me when I spend my time in forests, although it is mainly the sound of their roots groaning deeply…” Legolas began.

(Y/n) chuckled softly, nodding in amusement. She was enjoying this much more than the stories she had been told as a child.

“Parts of the lands are filled with flowers that have unique scents and all sorts of colours you can imagine, and some parts filled with snow and smooth pebbles. There are vast fields that go as far as you can see, and forests filled with trees and the smell of foliage.”

She could not help but imagine herself in those fields, leaning down to smell the fresh scent of a flower, or walking upon the cold snow. She smiled sadly and said, “That sounds…amazing.”

“For all these years I have lived…walking upon these lands and venturing the dangers and finding beauty, I have come across a very special sight. It is my most favourite place to be, that whenever I go to stay I feel not only immense fondness…but an everlasting love that I have come to find through each time I spend in that spot.” Legolas confessed.

Was he revealing his undying love for a mermaid that he met months before? Legolas couldn’t help but imagine life with (Y/n). Spending his days and nights with her, casually talking and lying in a comfortable quiet. He smiled at the thought. Maybe what he was about to say wouldn’t be so bad…

Of course Legolas had thought this through time and time before. He always recalled one of their conversations that took place a few weeks after they met.

“Would you ever..be able to walk upon the land?” Legolas asked.

“Perhaps. The ruler of our race, a godly being, is able to gift us with the ability to walk as long as we have an acceptable reason. So far, no one has ever had an issue so dire, so no mermaid has ever roamed the land.”

Was love a good enough reason? She spoke of how she wished to walk, to discover new things and escape the confined life she lived. Legolas wanted nothing more than to give that to her.

“Describe it to me.” She said, smiling.

“It is a patch of grass, overlooking a rather large lake,” He said casually, viewing his surroundings.

“That is all?” She giggled.

“I am not finished.”

“Go on then.” (Y/n) urged.

Legolas smiled. “There is a mythical being, who fascinates me beyond words, and holds a profound beauty that leaves me gazing at her every feature when she looks away. One who I have come to know, and have fallen deeply in love with…”

“What made you fall in love with her?..” (Y/n)  asked, almost whispered.

“Everything. Her smile, her compassion for living things, her fascination with the world. I find the fact that she manages to find beauty in everything immensely admiring. Valar, I could listen to her laugh forever…” He could. He wished to.

“She must be very lucky to have you.” (Y/n) said, sounding indistinguishably hurt. Giving one of her smiles, she looked away.

“Really?” Legolas asked, chancing how far this little game would go.

“Of course. You truly are the most wonderful being i have ever had the immense pleasure of meeting…” she blushed ever so slightly, “meeting you has been one of the best moments of my life.” (Y/n) confessed, truthfully in all its glory.

Legolas was in a trance. Her voice, her profound confessions, her admiration. Her.

“It is you.” Legolas admitted. Their eyes found each others immediately, (Y/n)’s holding a rather shocked glaze.

“You love me?”

Gently, he said, “I love you.”

(Y/n) smiled brightly, feeling a tremendous euphoria wave over her.

Not for the first time, Legolas felt an urge. He wanted to kiss (Y/n), to feel her lips against his. Receiving the bright idea to do so, he stood up and began ridding himself of his moss green tunic and brown boots.

(Y/n) laughed gleefully, “What are you doing?”

Before Legolas had the chance to answer, he jumped into the deep waters. Rising from the water, he grabbed the sides of her face gently. “This.” He said, leaning in to taste her lips. Valar, everything about the moment felt so extraordinarily divine. How was it possible to be so overcome with joy? Pulling back, he said, “I love you so much.”

“I love you too.” (Y/n) claimed joyfully. She had never endured a moment quite like this, and sincerely hoped to experience more. She would leave, for him. She could leave.

“Join me.” Legolas whispered between kisses.

“It is what I want most.” said (Y/n).


It had been a year later since Legolas and (Y/n) held each other in the lake, a year since they admitted their strong feelings toward one another. It took a while, for (Y/n) to get used to walking, and she was embarrassed at the fact that Legolas practically had to carry her everywhere. Not that he minded, finding it incredibly adorable when (Y/n) would blush whenever he picked her up. It was a work in progress, after all.

“It’s been a year.” (Y/n) said, holding onto Legolas’s waist while they stood on the balcony to their bedroom.

Legolas looked into her (e/c) eyes, smiling. “Has it?”

“A year since we first kissed.” she bit her lip.

“Shall we relive the moment for old times sake?” Legolas said, slowly leaning in.

(Y/n) smiled, and Legolas thought of how all the smiles he had witnessed, he found hers his favourite.


A/N - I still cannot get over how sweet the lil epilogue is. I hope you enjoyed this and I am sooooo sorryyyyy for the delay!


-Anon request

“Thranduil,” you greeted, bowing deeply before continuing towards the great Elf. “I am here about the deal you put forward for our lands.”

“Ah, yes,” he nodded, returning the pleasantries. “You’re here in representation of the land of Men. Lady Y/N, isn’t it?”

“It is,” you told him, producing the previously designed charter put forward by your council.

You had been directed to the throne room where you had found the -tall- blond Elven King already signing another charter you guessed was between the Woodland Realm and another Elven Kingdom. Despite meeting frequently with various elves, you always admired their graceful yet deadly beauty- Thranduil was no different: he was taller than average for an elf but no less effortlessly graceful and magnificent.

The Elven King accepted the scroll and scanned through it quickly; while you waited, you glanced around the room absently. Elven manufacture was really something to behold and you couldn’t take your eyes off the ornately carved arches leading through to a large stone balcony overlooking an incredible waterfall.

“Father-” You heard a voice call from behind you, making you look over your shoulder to see another elf, almost identical to Thranduil but younger and wearing considerably less expensive finery.

“Legolas,” Thranduil acknowledged, without looking up from the scroll he still read. “This is the Lady Y/N of the Land of Men. She is here concerning a deal about merging our iron resources.”

Smiling at Legolas, Thranduil’s son, you took a step towards him and greeted him, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Legolas. I’ve heard a significant amount about you: you’re fighting skills are apparently something to truly behold.”

At the unexpected praised, the elf flushed a violent shade of red -which made you smile amusedly- and stumbled over his words, “Oh, umm, thank you.”

A fond grin spread across your lips and you found yourself falling into a deep conversation with the attractive elf before you knew what you were doing. By the time Thranduil was finished with the charter and had handed it back to you with the promise of his acceptance, you felt as though you knew Legolas like an old friend.

Just as you were leaving, he caught your arm and whispered, “Meet me, Y/N, somewhere. I wish desperately to see you again.”

You smiled giddily and nodded. “Well, if your father keeps his word, I shall indeed be returning often from now on anyway. Perhaps we will see each other again, after all.”

And with that, you left. With the smitten elf watching helplessly after you.


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🌳 Gondor has no king – Gondor needs no king! Do you agree? It is indeed a difficult question, but in hindsight, Aragorn was a better king than Denethor a steward. 🍅🎶 At least we got a beautiful song in the movies!


-Anon request


“I’ll get it, Uncle!” you called to your uncle, Bilbo Baggins, trotting over to the round oak door. Swinging it open you raised an eyebrow at the two -attractive- dwarves stood on the front step. “Yes? Can I help you?”

The one with the long dark hair looked you up and down slowly with a wicked smile on his face and a mischievous glint in his eye, before saying, “Yes, I think you can.”

The one next to him with blond long hair and beard elbowed him in the ribs and smiling pleasantly at you. “We were looking for Bilbo, does he still live here?”

“Of course,” you told him with a friendly smile, stepping aside to make room for the two of them to come in. “Please, he’s in the kitchen.”

Directing the two dwarves into the kitchen, you called to Bilbo, “Uncle, umm, you have visitors?”

The middle-aged hobbit turned around, a plate still clutched in one hand. “Who is i-?” he stopped midsentence. “Ah,” was all he followed with. Then a smile broke across his face and he opened his arms wide and the two dwarves bounded up and clapped him on the back. “It’s good to see you again, Fili, Kili,” he laughed. “After all this time, as well.”

Interrupting the odd greetings, you cleared your throat loudly and raised an eyebrow when they turned to you. “Umm, we haven’t been introduced?” you encouraged.

“Of course, of course,” Bilbo smiled, jovially, “Y/N, these are my friends from my time with Gandalf: Fili and Kili.”

With a warm smile, you grasped each one of their firm, calloused hands in turn and gave them a, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Uncle seldom discusses his time with Gandalf.” You shot your uncle a look then, that said ’but you will be’.

“Fili, Kili,” you addressed them, “Do you want to come through to the living room while my Uncle makes tea?”

“Sounds good,” Kili smiled, striding through doors at random.

After you’d shown them into the living room, you retracted back to the kitchen where you eyed your uncle and said, “Are they going to be staying?”

Bilbo look shocked. “Of course not, why should they?”

You rolled your eyes and set him to work on making tea for four. “Because, they’ve come all this way and it’s polite to offer,” you told him sternly.

He just grumbled something about untidy dwarves.