So what happened was LordKat talked about MovieBob at the very end of one of his recent livestreams because he got rightfully pissed off at Bob for using the victims of the church shooting to talk shit about Deus Ex.

You can watch the video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZhRT7LKQmiI

Anyway Bob of course in usual fashion decided to talk shit about LordKat on Twitter even though Bob has said shit like this in the past about GamerGate

Again you can’t have it both ways Blobby boy! You can’t talk shit about people on Twitter and then get upset when someone does the same to you on YouTube.

And let’s not forget Blob picking a fight with TB on Twitter.

So apparently Blob has no problem with talking shit about people but if you dare say anything bad about him he’ll throw a goddamn fit and cry about it Twitter.

Seriously fuck Movie Blob and his hypocritical logic.