irishtard replied to your posti have so many hatemails rn from “juan…

you’re gonna give me one i’m sure of it yes ok hm good

yes hm i’ll try

lordjpayne replied to your postwhat the frick you directionator harry was always brunet he was never blonde!

i think it’s like how some kids are born blondish and then their hair becomes darker when they grow up..

yeah it happens a lot mostly to people from europe, especially if they’re like half something

blisteringasshole asked:

13, 26,34, 41, 50! :)


someone actually did it! :D xoxoxoxoxox


13. I would get a Tiger, because I have always fucking loved Tigers. 

26. I loved Disney.. obviously.. but Tv show wise probably that show called Arthur. What actually was he..? like a wombat or something..? 

34. Don’t really know, a decent way I suppose, I have a bit of upper body strength. :)

41. uh.. that is such a random question… 

50. okay

1) I have green eyes which I like quite a lot

2) I can flip my tongue upside down

3) I was born olive skinned because of a liver or kidney disfunction or something.. ? I was completely over it by three days.

4) I legit almost poked one eye out with a stake when I was eight

5) I have been asked by dentists whether I’ve had braces….. I haven’t.