was on a quest to make a glossary of Lord Hater’s expressions , but the guy’s just too expressive with so many awesome faces, I had to give up after a few hours.

Edit 8/27/2015: added some more, think that should cover most of the more major ones

nothings really in order and I’m still missing a ton, but this should provide more than enough reference for a poster I’m drawing. hope my efforts help out fellow wander over yonder fans too

bonus in between frame

if you’d like to help and send  me more lord hater expressions to help make this a more complete reference, I’d appreciate it .

 I’d be happy to add more expressions to this reference if anyone wants to help me find more, there was a lot of episodes i didn’t have time to rewatch and pause through a lot. I’ll probably add more later on when I get the time to



In a surprise turn of events, I actually finished a piece of art and broke my summer drawing slum yay! Here’s some Steve/Bucky. And for the love of god enlarge it to see it in good quality.