Who else would be down for a Harry Potter television series? I know, I know that no one can truly replace the iconic trio that Daniel, Emma, and Rupert brought to life for us (or any of the other incredible characters), but just imagine it. A revival of a beloved story, actually getting to see more of the school year at Hogwarts, as well as student life (quidditch, lessons, etc.). We’d get to see more of the houses and their common rooms, see more characters, and get a lighter side of the stories that the movies often left out for sake of time and plot movement (like that fact that Ron is a lot funnier in the books than he is in the movies and Ginny and Harry’s relationship was a hell of a lot less awkward).

I don’t know, maybe I’m alone in this? I just think it would be so cool to have HBO or someone make this a reality. (Or god, imagine if the show focused on the generation before, during Voldemort’s first rise to power? Now THAT I would love to see!)

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Julian has his faults, but I love him and I hope he doesn't die but this is making to much sense.

Okay so theory time:
“First the flame and then the flood, in the end it’s Blackthorn blood”
We know that Cassie said it would end with blackthorn blood in qoaad. And the books seem to follow the pattern of
First the flame: lady midnight-that wheel of fortune building burned down, in lord of shadows jemma burned down the church
Then the flood: lady midnight- Emma almost drowned in the ocean after, lord of shadows- there was that huge rainstorm after they burned down the church
In the end it’s Blackthorn blood: lady midnight- we didn’t get a Blackthorn death but Tavvy was almost sacrificed and my theory is that we get more intense and more literal the farther into the books we get, lord of shadows- Livvy’s death
Okay so now that’s established theory for qoaad-
First the flame: remember how ty talked about burning down the Blackthorn manor? Assuming they’re in Alicante it makes sense that they’d stay there and even more sense if they somehow burned down the Blackthorn manor (like someone did in TLH probably)
Then the flood: I don’t have too much for this but maybe something with lake lyn? It’s the only big body of water in idris (that we know of) and if the theory about kit’s mother being an angel (or someone related to angels) then it would make sense if they tried to summon an angel there? (This is very loose I know bear with me)
In the end it’s Blackthorn blood: And since we know that another Blackthorn is going to die it makes sense if it’s Julian. And if we’re going off the theory that it gets more intense as the books go on, maybe more than one Blackthorn? Tavvy or Annabel is my bet.
Credit for creating this theory with me goes to: @lovelaces-are-quiters @catarinalosss @tiberiusblacktorn