Halo: Incursion (Fan-Made Game Cover)

A little project I spent the last 24 hours on. I’ve always wanted to see what it’d be like if Ben was the star of his own standalone Halo project. Set in 2553, a few months after Halo 3, it would follow Ben (as a surviving Spartan-III from the Human-Covenant war) on his mission to take down a threatening warlord who seeks to wage another conflict against humanity.

The campaign’s length would be similar to your average Halo, but would also feature Firefight with up to four players. Plus, like Halo 3: ODST did back in 2009, Incursion would also include a seperate disc that comes with the full online experience for Halo 5: Guardians.

Hope you guys like this neat project I made!

Edited together in Photoshop, featuring posters from @commandernova702, @cfowler7-sfm, LordHayabusa357 and yours truly!

I do NOT own Halo! Copyright belongs to 343 Industries and Microsoft Studios!

A sneak peek on something that I’m working on.

I’ve always had the idea of creating a video-game boxart based on my character, Benjamin. I originally wanted to make an ‘Alliance’ video game boxart based on my crossover fanfiction, but quickly realised that it woudl just result in company logos EVERYWHERE, based on the amount of franchises it includes. Then I thought to myself “Why not just limit it to Halo?”

And so I have, for the time being, made this W.I.P. boxart. I still need to come up with a subtitle (I’m thinking Halo: Incursion!), a summary of the story (which I’m thinking of setting it 2-3 months after Halo 3, which would explain the old Gen 1 armor) and some screenshots on the back showcasing ‘gameplay’.

I did not make the images present on this box. The front cover was made my DA user LordHayabusa357, while the back cover was done by @cfowler7-sfm. Hope you guys like what’s been done so far!

Put together in Adobe Photoshop.

I do NOT own Halo! Copyright belongs to Microsoft Studios and 343 Industries!