Day 1

So, I have decided to begin a blog similar to that of John Watson in the BBC series, Sherlock.

Yes, just like him I will be talking about Sherlock. My Sherlock. (lordenglishmuffins)

I suppose I should start by talking about how I met Sherlock. It was in November of this past year, at this delightful little gathering called Nebraskon. Sherlock was dressed in the most odd sort of outfit…she claimed it was something from some sort of thing called “Homestuck”. God knows what that is. However, I found out that she was a master of many disguises, as the next time we crossed paths she was wearing a completely different outfit. She was now dressed up as “England” or some other nonsense like that.

Anyway, I began to notice a strange pattern of her following…almost as if she was stalking me. A few days later, after the con was over, we became friends on Facebook and exchanged phone numbers. A part of me told me I should stay away at all costs from this Sherlock character, but I couldn’t help but be a bit curious.

After a few months of a very strange friendship, I have come to know Sherlock better. Although sometimes she says things that really do elude me…

At the current moment she is talking to me about being sick on food and her apparent over-emotional emotions.

I am also currently waiting to recieve a mysterious package from Sherlock. This should be entertaining.

Until Later,