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screamedsooloud can choke, that hoe was throwing shade at us when that kaylor kissing lorde pic came out and wouldn't shup about how we would photoshoop kaylor kissing and guess what? we did you stupid and if that was a boy instead of karlie those binches would do too so pls she's so annoying i always make sure she's blocked

Omg this drag right now. I don’t follow her for reasons, but let’s be real; they probably photoshopped Taylor and Zayn kissing at least twice. Remember when they all *died* over Zaylor after one music video?

If you don’t like a ‘ship,’ that’s fine, but why go out of your way to shit on it, you know? Don’t you have other things to do? Like why is it such a big deal if people think Taylor and Karlie would be a cute couple? How does it affect you in any way? Oh..right….it doesn’t.
Just let people be and stop being so mean about everything.