title: Pull The Trigger
pairing: Spideypool
rating: M
word count: 4+k
warnings: Identity Reveal, Self-Hatred, Suicidal Ideation, Gun Violence, Major Character Death, Not A Happy Ending, more warnings applied on AO3

Wade cleared his throat, to fight back the growl threatening to erupt, “So, if it’s alright with you, could I, uhm, walk ya home?”

“I think we’re at that step,” the smile grew larger. “In fact-.”

Spidey reached for the still rolled mask.

Deadpool stopped breathing.

Petey stood taller, with shining teeth and dimples deep. The sun’s setting rays made the boy’s skin glow, and his eyes were warm.

Warm and brown, and then Wade noticed the equally brown, but sweaty hair, curling endearingly around big ears, which swept over the nape of a long neck.

The most beautiful thing about Petey though, was absolutely the unguarded look of pure trust. “Wade Wilson, it’s nice to officially meet you.”

He held out a gloveless hand (when did that happen), “My name is Peter Parker.”

Deadpool’s resolve strengthened.

Wade wanted to cry.

He stretched his lips in, hopefully, a sincere smile to match, and ripped off his mask before even really thinking about it, and took the proffered hand.

Petey’s expression never faltered; in fact, the new face may have even brightened.

Yeaaaah,” Wade breathed out, in almost reverence. “I knew you were worth it.”


Which can be read here, if you’re so inclined to have your heart crushed, as surely our main duo’s will be by the end of my Big Bang fic (for @spideypoolfanfic). This was a wild ride of writing, lemma tell ya, so I hope you all enjoy to suffer! I sure know @queensanna, my beautiful beta, certainly did!