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Oh lord those pics just beyond beautiful!! Thank you for sharing it with us. I need explanation for WHY & HOW does he look so FREAKING HANDSOME at the age of 50!?

An explanation? Uhhh okay! First, you take this:

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Then you add a few more years, until you get this:

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Then you add a few extra years so you can get this:

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When you believe you’re done, you wait a couple of more years just for the heck of it. and TA-DA!!!  You now have this:

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Skype Fashion Week by Isaac Kariuki feat. Lorde Inc for Entitled Magazine

As part of my Meta Gallery exhibition on internet culture, I created this project as a response to London Fashion Week AW15 and it’s expected lack of diversity. Models from street casting agency Lorde Inc and various participants contributed selfies to replicate a live photoshoot. The project reflects the discourse and spaces created by people of colour to fill the void of representation and elitism in the industry.

Check out the entire series on Entitled Mag!!