lorde tywin lannister


asoiaf meme (minor characters): 3/10 characters ~ joanna lannister

Lord Tywin seldom spoke of his wife, but Tyrion had heard his uncles talk of the love between them. In those days, his father had been Aerys’s Hand, and many people said that Lord Tywin Lannister ruled the Seven Kingdoms, but Lady Joanna ruled Lord Tywin. “He was not the same man after she died, Imp,” his Uncle Gery told him once. “The best part of him died with her.“ // rebecca ferguson as joanna lannister.

Radio Westeros E17 Tywin - The Lion of the West

Lady Gwyn and Yolkboy examine Tywin Lannister, including analyses of his history and the A+J=T theory, and special sections on his roles as politician, military leader and father with special guest Ragnorak.  Music from Aziz al-Doory of History of Westeros, advert from the world of ASoIaF and specially arranged readings round out the episode.

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¿Y quién sois vos, dijo el altivo Lord,

Que tan bajo inclinarme debo?

Solo un gato de distinto pelo,

Es toda la verdad que entiendo

En pelo de oro o pelo de rojo,

Garras aún tiene un león.

Y las tengo largas y filosas, mi Lord

Como largas y filosas vos

Y así habló, y así habló

El Lord de Castamere

Pero ahora lluvias lloran en su salón

Con nadie que las escuche

Si ahora lluvias lloran en su salón.

Y ni un alma que las escuche. 

2016 American Presidential Elections

After long and careful consideration I have finally decided who I am endorsing for the 2016 American Elections. And that candidate is Lord Tywin Lannister.

Be the issue the health of the economy or the domestic tranquility and order of the country he is the only one that inspires any confidence in my.

I don’t care if the opposition is Clinton, Sanders or Trump I am fully confident that not only would Lord Tywin outperform them he would be able to reverse the damage done by the last two administration and see to it that they finally face justice (ie. spikes) for their crimes.

So remember, come 2016 let’s all vote Lannister. Remember if not I’m sure there’s a spot for you in the mines of Nunn’s Deep or the Dungeons of Casterly Rock.