lorde is a werewolf

Context: We killed a werewolf, but it bit my dwarven ranger Waerjak Ironblood. After the fight he levelled up and multiclassed to cleric. Decided to head to Moradin’s temple to be cured but passed out after getting inside in the dead of night while the other partymembers headed back to our lodgings. The next morning I had the following conversation with the head priest after waking up in the temple’s back room:

Priest: Ah, Lord Ironblood. Glad to see you’re awake!

Me: Yes, thank you for curing my lycanthropy before it could spread further.

Priest: Your what? I thought you only had a fever!

Me: Oh yeah, it was [local ruling lord’s] doing, he was a werewolf.

Priest: He was what!?

Me: But don’t worry, we killed him.

Priest: You did WHAT!?!

Me: Yeah so anyway, my amulet of Moradin started to glow yesterday and…

What followed was a very confused and flabbergasted priest initiating me to Moradin’s priesthood after I nonchalantly confessed to regicide.

(what’s a wrat? dis a wrat.)

Akrona quietly walked through the halls of the ship with a smile and light spring in her step. She made her way to the galley and found Vette rummaging through the compartments.

Taking a few more steps toward Vette, Akrona tapped her on the shoulder. “What—”

“GAH!” Vette nearly jumped out of her skin, her lekku curled, and the bags she retrieved from the cabinets flew out of her hand. Spinning around as the bags fells around and behind her, Vette’s lekku unfurled themselves as she tried to collect her breathing. “Don’t scare me like that!”

“I’m sorry,” Akrona giggled, “I didn’t mean to frighten you.”

“You Sith and your quiet, sneaky ways…” Vette muttered under her breath, recollecting the bags, setting them aside, and went over to the conservator.

Akrona made her way to the water heater, starting it up before looking for the tins of loose tea leaves and two cups. “What are you doing so late anyway?”

“Huh?” Vette looked over the conservator door she had opened. “Oh!” She closed the door and bounced up to Akrona’s side. “Slumber party!”

“Slumber party?”

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Skyrim, Logic 101

Thief~ “Alright, hand over your valubales, or i’ll gut you like a fish!”

Me~ “Let me introduce myself, i am the Dragonborn, master of the way of the voice, killer of the great Alduin. Defeater of Mirakk, Lord Harkon, Ulfic Stormcloak. Assassinator of Titus Mede the Second.  I am the listener of the Dark Brotherhood, Grand Mage of Collage of Winterhold, Leader of the Companions and the Thief’s Guild. I am the mortal Champion of Azura, Boethiah, Clavicus Vile, Hermaeus Mora, Hircine, Malacath, Mephala, Meridiam Molag Bal, Namira, Peryite, Sanguine, Sheogorath, Vaerina and Mehrunes Dagon. I am a Nightingale of Nocturnal. I am the Thane of every hold in Skyrim. I’m a ex Vampire Lord and Werewolf……. And you want to rob me?”

Thief~ “Nice try, but you don’t scare me. I’m not going to ask again”


All because you didn’t level up your speech skill!!!!

this ache
(i thought it was for sex, but it’s to tear everything to fucking pieces)

(all girls are werewolves)

tracklist:ginger snaps theme remix / jake n . werewolf / cocorosie . biting down / lorde . bad moon rising / rasputina . red tide / neko case . wolf like me / lera lynn . the killing moon / nouvelle vague . howl / florence + the machine . scratch / elysian fields . feral love / chelsea wolfe . low red moon / belly . she wolf / beth lucy . wolf / first aid kit . howling at the moon / phantogram . l’il red riding hood / amanda seyfried . lavender moon / haroula rose . laurie’s first time / trick ‘r treat ost

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fidoruh  asked:

What happened after wards? (In reference to the dnd campaign)

Oh hell. Well, it was a long time ago so I don’t remember everything with a perfect clarity, but I think it proceeded with my character receiving a message from the ruler of his home country, summoning him home on urgent business. (As he is part of the most powerful noble house of his country right below the ruler’s.) Before we could leave anywhere though we were summoned by the other lords. (The city we were in was basically ruled by a council of lords, each ruling a different portion of the city’s policies, lord of trade, lord of arms, lord of church etc. The one we killed was the lord of lords, the leader of the council) Given that three of the seven lords were now dead (we only killed the one, the werewolf killed the other 2) the council decided to disband, instead naming one of the lords The Lord of [the city] and giving him all the power, at least until everything would settle down. Then we left for my character’s home country.

Don’t know if this is all that you hoped for, but that’s what happened, as I remember it. No daring escapes from jail or execution. The other lords had actually hired us to investigate the strange murders around the city, including that of the first lord to be killed. When all the evidence pointed to the lord of lords and we presented it to the other lords during their meeting, he attacked. He’d solidified his guilt to the other lords so we didn’t face any charges for killing him, instead we were rewarded. Again, sorry if this isn’t what you were hoping for.

Still, thanks for this ask and for taking an interest in our game, I appreciate it! :D

The werewolf pain drain could so easily be used as a drug though. A way to get high/forget your pain and your problems.

Werewolf crime-lords getting people addicted to the pain drain so they’ll do whatever the wolf wants for their next hit.

Werewolves being enslaved and and forced to work in opium den-like establishments so that rich humans can come in and get a quick high off that endorphin rush of your pain getting literally sucked away.

Has this ever been done?

anonymous asked:

The Animal Inside: Fuck Your Shitty Fake Werewolf Instincts is NOT what I was looking for when I googled 'scottish lord werewolf tumblr', but I'm so glad its what I found. I love werewolves and werewolf books and you put my vague discontent feelings into words, and then opened my eyes in a bunch a new ways.

Haha amazing! I think there are a lot of us who feel that way, and hot damn there is an entire thesis of bullshit in the werewolf genre. That’s actually part of a series of rants. And, to counterbalance that, I have a rec post full of werewolf books I liked, if you are interested:


Imagine #92 Lydia [Requested by goof78]

“You’re not mad, are you?” The childish pout on that supple mouth made it near impossible for Lydia to answer the question in an honest fashion. There was a tinge of bitterness poisoning her heart, not a sole trace of happiness at the thought of you accompanying Aiden on a date. Of the countless women on campus, the egotistical werewolf had to choose you. She understood the appeal; lord have mercy upon her soul if she didn’t empathize with the werewolf on the tenacious allure that glowed from your celestial self like a compelling invisible aura. Lydia had been your best friend since Kindergarten; years of sleepovers, lavish birthday extravaganzas, shopping trips and heartbreaks under your metaphorical belts. The connection had an electrical element, she’d been holding onto the hope that you’d felt the magnetism but as you gushed about how attractive Aiden was and the expectations for the date night, she could feel the hope slipping through her fingers.

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“Lorde is a werewolf” - at least according to my boyfriend she is and her music is a message to werewolves everywhere. I went and looked for evidence on her debut album, Pure Heroine. Here’s what I found, if I don’t show up again on this blog you’ll know Lorde found me.

Tennis Court - “Everything’s cool when we’re all in line for the throne.”

This is an obvious message about the line of succession in the pack.

Royals - “And baby I’ll rule, I’ll rule, I’ll rule, I’ll rule.”

She is clearly howling right now.

Ribs - “We’re reeling through the midnight streets.”

The pack is going on a midnight feeding run.

Buzzcut Season - “There’ll never be enough of us.”

This is a message about the dying out of the werewolf species and I’m guessing something about mating.

Team - “The moon we love like a brother, while he glows through the room.”

I mean how clear is this message Ella Maria Lani Yelich-O'Connor?

Glory and Gore - “And we’re coming for blood.”

This is pointing toward some kind of werewolf war. I just know it.

Still Sane - “Today is my birthday, and I’m riding high Hair is dripping, hiding that I’m terrified.”

Again another tale of the transformation that happens as you get older like Jacob in Twilight. 

White Teeth Teens - “We wouldn’t be seen dead here in the day I guess you’re lucky that it’s dark now.”

Something about how werewolves are basically nocturnal creatures.

A World Alone - “One day the blood won’t flow so gladly.”

This is probably a message to other werewolves about the end of werewolves because the lack of easy victims.