@klanced you called?

also don’t look at it too hard cos the more you do the more you realize how much I screwed this up

Mairon - Look me in the eye

Finally a more than successful sketch, a publishable one no less! I am very happy with it, as I’ve been wanting to draw this kind of drawing for a long time, but have not had the ability, so here it is, and here he is. Mairon, known under the name of Sauron, and I am absolutely in love with him!

Veronica's a Navy fangirl from way back...

Would someone please gif the flashback scenes in “Lord of the Bling” of Veronica’s super adorable reaction faces regarding going to see sailors in San Diego for Fleet Week with Lilly?

I love that Veronica used to go to ogle hot Navy guys annually back in the day and now she has one in her bed. (Made exponentially more awesome cause it’s Logan, obvs.)

More full circle! :)

LILLY: Oh, but we’re still going to that fleet week thing in San Diego, right?
VERONICA: Uh-huh. (grinning broadly)
LILLY: It’s the best. All these weird, angry bands play and hundreds of cute sailors get totally wasted and fight on the sidewalk.

VERONICA: (nodding and smiling enthusiastically)


Night Court fashion. 

I’m just picturing the Night Court to dress in all black, and just wear really expensive clothes with lots of jewellery.  

Yeah, i’d love to be at one of the Night Courts party. Because with Rhys as High Lord they’re sure to have a lot of parties. 

I can’t quite picture Feyre in the Night Court yet. She’d be there in this cute little skater dress that fits in Spring Court, with all these tall model like High Faes around her with super tight and fancy dresses. 

Feyre in Night Court is going to be awesome. I can’t wait for the next book.