the ultimate shipper challenge: current OTPs [1/6] » Greer of Kinross & Lord Castleroy (Reign)

I’m too rich to care what people say.  What I care about is you.

Greer, I love you, but if you ask me to give up what I believe, I don’t think I can marry you. Now to be fair to you, if you, if you chose to end this now, know that I will still take care of your sisters and fund their dowries…I want to. But if you do choose to be my wife, I promise you, you will be my full partner. In raising our family, in managing my holdings, in making all the decisions that touch us….we won’t always agree, but I will always listen to you, as you’ve listened to me. I hope that I will see you at the altar tomorrow.
—  Lord Castleroy being too good to be true

Between Bash acknowledging Kenna as a survivor of sexual abuse and violence, understanding that she may not be ready to be in a sexual situation again, that – husband or not – he isn’t entitled to her body, but still respecting her yes when she gave it, and Lord Castleroy empowering Greer to protect the women in her family and assuring her that the only people whose consent to their marriage matters are the two of them, this was a pretty good episode for dudes respecting their ladies’ agency. 

Certainly a far cry from self-involved-prince-of-pepper!Castleroy and let-me-stare-at-you-while-you-change-after-you-just-asked-me-not-to-because-my-desires-obviously-trump-your-right-to-determine-who-has-access-to-your-body!Bash. 

Well done, writers. I’m invested.