name ten of your favorite characters and tag ten people

i was tagged by warsboynux a bit ago and forgot until i was going through my likes just now so apologies!! also my list fluctuates a lot depending on what i’ve watched recently but i’m going to try not to make this just 10 mad max characters 

  1. sansa stark (a song of ice and fire)
  2. lord asriel (his dark materials)
  3. imperator furiosa (mad max fury road)
  4. lydia lamont (the falling)
  5. amy pond (doctor who)
  6. max rockatansky (mad max fury road)
  7. halo llewelyn (diamond star halo)
  8. eleanor henstridge (the royals)
  9. harry potter (harry potter)
  10. enjolras (les misérables)

i’m going to tag maxr0ckatamsky night-catches-us withaburningviolin glorianas draconisms avecsans jakobhybholt ariannenymerosmartell ostaras and toothiest but don’t feel obliged to do it if you don’t want to!

with all her heart - for Marisa Coulter + Lord Asriel [listen]|[PC]

for ice-cold women and their fiery lovers as they become what they never believed they would; a clash of fate and consciousness

I. Drumming Song (Live at the Royal Albert Hall) - Florence + the Machine  | II. Bones - MSMR | III. Bedroom Hymns - Florence + the Machine | IV. Power & Control - Marina & the Diamonds | V. Lux Aeterna - Clint Mansell | VI. Money Power Glory - Lana Del Rey | VII. Seven Devils - Florence + the Machine  | VIII. Courtyard Apocalypse - Alexandre Desplat | IX. Dark Doo Wop - MSMR | X. Oblivion - Bastille


The Church teaches that some of the angels rebelled before the world was created, and got flung out of heaven and into hell. They failed, you see, that’s the point. They couldn’t do it. And they had the power of angels. Lord Asriel is just a man, with human power, no more than that. But his ambition is limitless. He dares to do what men and women don’t even dare to think. And look what he’s done already: he’s torn open the sky, he’s opened the way to another world. Who else has ever done that? Who else could think of it? 

fanmix challenge: for your otp/ship

Of Darkness and Dust: a mix for Marisa Coulter/Lord  Asriel (listen/dl)

For cold lovers who hate each other’s guts; for animals who tear each other in court and in the night, and for the forbidden love in between darkness and Dust.

I. Strangeness and Charm - Florence + the Machine | II. Animal Attraccion - She Wants Revenge | III. Power & Control - Marina and the Diamonds | IV. No Church in the Wild - Kanye West & Jay-z | V. Sacrilege - Yeah Yeah Yeahs | VI. Human - Daughter | VII. Conquest of Spaces - Woodkid | VIII. How - The Neighbourhood | IX. Over the Love - Florence + the Machine | X. Things We Lost In The Fire - Bastille

Inspired by okayohpelia

‘Marisa! Marisa!’

The cry was torn from Lord Asriel, and with the snow-leopard beside her, with a roaring in her ears, Lyra’s mother stood and found her footing and leapt with all her heart, to hurl herself against the angel and her daemon and her dying lover, and seize those beating wings, and bear them all down together into the abyss.

—  Phillip Pullman, The Amber Spyglass

take the universe to pieces
(a marisa coulter/lord asriel mix) (listen)

( 01 ) seduction ; javier navarrete ( 02 ) i’m not in love ; tori amos ( 03 ) dlz ; tv on the radio ( 04 ) like two strangers ; trentemøller ( 05 ) i see who you are (ridu mix) ; björk ( 06 ) cannibal love ; white sea ( 07 ) the killing moon ; nouvelle vague ( 08 )  architect of love ; new young pony club ( 09 ) phoenix ; martina topley-bird ( 10 ) a necessary end ; saltillo

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