“Dead shopping malls rise like mountains beyond mountains”

White Flint Mall, Bethesda, Md.

Built in 1977 it originally featured 125 stores. Now all but 3 are vacant. Part of the mall is actually demolished. Dave & Busters closed about 5 days before we got here. Walking through the place you get the feeling like you aren’t supposed to be here. Can’t be too great for the remaining 3 businesses.


i’ve always found this Lord & Taylor logotype and its minor variants too beautiful for words. f legibility, f letterform conventions, because we care about style above all. well, enjoy it while you still can, new yorkers, because next time you walk down 5th ave, they’ll probably all be peeled off and replaced by the soulless, messy, felt tip marker misfire they’ve just adopted.


Walking through the crowds - Oct. 6, 2014

Many New Yorkers don’t like the way tourists stop in the middle of sidewalks to take pictures of the city’s great landmarks. But, on the other hand, people commute each day to Manhattan and don’t see the beauty around them as they march to their cubicles.

On his way to the office today, Yahoo News photographer Gordon Donovan stopped to photograph some of these locations on his way into work today.

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