Nygmobblepot Week Day 2- Crossover\AU. 

I’m not a person who loves crossovers, but I’m reading a fic called 4am on AO3, and it is amazing. It is a CollageAU, which I didin’t think I would like, but I love it. So here is some art based on chapter 5, which is super angsty, and I need them to be together, because I’m dying. 

Credit to writteninblood on AO3.

“I can’t.” 


me talking to people who don’t watch gotham about nygmobblepot

She came over to my house. We hung out and wrote the song. I believe that, whether Taylor, Lorde, Bleachers records, anything I do, I believe very deeply in not being in an environment that is foreign to people. Studios can be so weird, and I want to make records in spaces that feel like a home or a bedroom. Anywhere where people can hang out. My studio doesn’t look like a crazy studio, it looks like a room in my apartment, and all the records come from there, for better or for worse.
—  Jack Antonoff on writing Look What You Made Me Do with Taylor. (x)