[Nygmobblepot AU; Old God Kapelput]: In which Oswald Cobblepot is the earthbound form of the ancient god Kapelput, a being that caused discord among the immortals and was cast out by the war goddess Mooney. On earth however, he finds a mortal being who knows not only his name, but worships him. By transforming Edward Nashton into Nygma, god of thieves, truth, and trickery, Kapelput guarantees himself a worthy ally in the coming war to reclaim his domain.

Another AU I share with Jude ( @guiltyphandiot​ / @featheredfiend​ ), I think this is one of my favorites. Oswald is an Old God and Ed is his devout servant, later his fellow in immortality. Hope you like it, babe!


Robin Lord Taylor at Motor City Comic Con. Full Panel