lord kass

Happy Birthday to my sister @poffercake, who turns 23 this year. Wish I could be there in Canada to celebrate with you, but until then here’s Lord Kass climbing the walls of Darigan Citadel to steal back his crown. Why climb with wings?

Because it looks badass.

Will be submitting this for Eyrie day later this year … assuming it gets in.


Neopets Comic Con After-Party!
I forgot to save the world map and the deformed Scorchio from my Snapchat. The lighting for Lord Kass was bad but without Flash is better than with.
The tables had plushies and there was a yellow lupe fursuit head on one of the tables too. Free drinks, but the bartender for the area didn’t have a much of a section and mixed my drink wayyy too strong. Lol
Was fun all around. Neopets future is looking up.
The Kass Fursuit is old and like 6 feet tall.

Gasp, I know. Paying to see my art? How dare I.

Hi guys, I finally made a Patreon! There you can find various sketches, WIPs, and (hopefully soon) livestreams and I aim to include more original characters in due time. Of course I will continue to upload finished pieces here as well as my other art profiles, but for now those so inclined can support my art for however much they want, and get to see some cool stuff (I hope!) in the process.

The ultimate dream is to make a living off my own art, and to earn enough to focus 100% on personal projects. In the meantime I appreciate any and all support in that direction, and thank you all for encouraging my art thus far.

You can find my Patreon HERE: www.patreon.com/user?u=3345815