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Obi-Wan ends up in a world where he was died years ago, and Empress Amidala and Emperor Vader rule the galactic Empire - only, this world has soulmarks, and Obi-Wan is Padme and Anakin's soulmate - so the emperor and empress just discovered that their third, who died before they ever met him, is somehow alive again, and Obi-Wan has to deal with both Evil!Anakin and Padme, and also the soulmarks...

His mouth felt like it had been filled with duracrete and had the awful flavor of iron rich blood in it. Not to mention the throbbing headache and a low level burn that was located on the left side of his hip and over his heart on his chest.

Force, what had happened?

Obi-Wan slowly cracked his eyes open, blinking into the darkness of…a cave?

He was in a cave?


Huh, well that didn’t make much sense.

Carefully he pushed himself to his knees, cataloging the aches and throbbing in his body as he looked around with a small frown on his brows.

Okay, he was in a cave, a cave with dripping water, near the mouth of it so sunlight shone in and he could breath so the environment was at least habitable enough for that.

His last memory had been…

Force, he had followed Master Windu down into the vaults because he and Anakin were to examine some of the artifacts for clues or leads for the Sith master since Yoda was determined that Obi-Wan had slayed the apprentice.

Anakin had tripped and Obi-Wan had tried to catch him and…and he had fallen?

He’d touched something in a monitor, the glass had broken and his hand had brushed it when he tried to catch himself and Obi-Wan quickly checked his hand, finding it covered in tiny, still bleeding scratches from the glass.

‘I touched something in a monitor in the lower vault and now I wake up in a cave and not the vault…I was clearly transported but…where? This does not seem like Coruscant.’ He thought, carefully pushing to his feet and moving towards the mount of the cave while tucking his injured hand close.

He’d treat his hand once he had proper sunlight to see what he was doing and if there were any glass left in the skin.


Hurrying through the palace his cape flared up behind him, staff jumping out of his way as his face was a thundercloud of emotions and doors were slamming open before he even reached them.

He found his Empress in the throne room on her golden throne, her face a tight mask of concealed emotions though her eyes lit up when she saw him. “Anakin…”

“Padme.” He murmured in return, moving to her side and taking his wife right hand, kissing it softly, covering the letters of it gently. “You too?” The sith murmured.

“Yes.” She held up her left hand, showing the once crossed out name was now clear to view. “You?”

“Yes.” Anakin whispered, feeling the soft itching of his shoulder blade that had burned only an hour earlier. “How?” He murmured.

“I don’t know. He was dead long before we meet.” Padme stood, waving her handmaidens away as she took her husbands arm and followed him out towards the gardens. “That is after all why we destroyed the Jedi for not taking better care of him.”

Anakin nodded slowly, taking a deep breath.

Yes they had destroyed the Jedi Order together once they had learned that their third, their soul mate had died because the Jedi had not cared for him as they should.

Their poor Obi-Wan had died at the age of thirteen to pirates after being sent away from the Order and Anakin had to admit, he had taken pleasure out of hunting out the surviving crew and killing them slowly one by one.

“Then how is it possible…” Anakin rubbed his face with his free hand.

“I said I don’t know Anakin. He died, we know he died, his name was crossed out before you were even born.” Padme lifted her hand, staring at the back of it. “Yet here it is now.” She whispered. “He’s here now.”

“Would anyone know how this is possible?” Anakin frowned, relaxing only a bit when they stepped into the garden which provided them a little bit of privacy.

“Lord Yoda perhaps, if we could find him. You know he grew secluded the years after the Jedi’s fall.” Padme hummed.

“Would have thought that old frog would have celebrated Master Talzin’s death.” Anakin snorted a bit. “She did kill his former apprentice after all.”

“Don’t involve me in Force shenanigans Anakin, I have no idea how you sith and Jedi do it.” Padme huffed before staring at the back of her left hand. “We need to find him. Before he dies again.”

Anakin froze at that. “Wh-”

“The galaxy is a dangerous place Anakin, our third is out in it. I will not lose him again.” She hissed quietly.

“…I’ll find him.”


‘Why do I have their names on me?’ Obi-Wan frowned, feeding more wood into the fire he had started, the cold of nightfall closing in all around him. But the cold wasn’t disturbing him as much the fact that he had both Anakin and Padme’s names on his body.

The ache on his chest and hip had been their names.

Obi-Wan was starting to have…suspicions.

The Force felt so oddly…dark.

And he had names on his body.

He was starting to wonder that whatever artifact he had brushed against perhaps may have…

But no.

No that was purely a theoretical Force theory, it couldn’t be…yet…

There was always a grain of truth to everything.

So perhaps it wasn’t so much the artifact just moving Obi-Wan to a different planet but also… moving him to a different universe?

That was a chilling idea.

But it would explain the marks on his skin now.

What did they mean though?

Carrying Anakin’s and Padme’s name?

Did they, the versions that existed in this place, have his name on their skin?
Obi-Wan lifted a bandaged hand to his chest and rubbed the still tender skin on his chest, shifting his hips a bit.

What did it mean though…

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I'm intrigued by the #crossedoutname #AniObiDala verse, do they think he was reborn or how does Anakin plan to go about finding Obi-Wan?

“As much as it pains me to say this, why should I help you find Lord Yoda?” The holo of Windu stared blankly at the Lord Emperor though there was a wicked curve to the corner of the mans lips that had Anakin’s hackles raising high.

“Well how about I don’t inform the Empress of your reluctance and we don’t burn all of Dagobah trying to find him?” He sneered.

“…I see. I will try to find him then. He has retired for the most part.” Windu shifted, running his hand over his chin before crossing his arms over his chest. “What are you should I tell him you’re here to speak to him about?”

Debating a bit, Anakin narrowed his eyes in displeasure even as Windu raised his brow steadily. “… The Lady Empress and myself have a third name, its been crossed out since before I was born and while she was still a child… its now uncrossed, the name is open to read on both her hand and on my shoulder. Our third is alive.”

The sith was treated to the Korun arms dropping and his jaw falling faintly open before he snapped back to attention. “I…see.”

“You have never heard of such a thing have you.” Anakin noted.

“…No. I can see why you’d seek out Yoda…Emperor Vader, if I were you, I’d keep the identity of your third a secret to your inner circle until you can find him. An Emperor and Empress soulmate is a valuable target for any Rebels…or surviving Jedi.”

Anakin’s eyes narrowed, flashing yellow. “We purged them. Their temple is ours and my Empress sits on a throne in their grand hall.” He sneered.

“And yet some survived.” Windu cautioned.

“Why are you warning me, what is the game this time Windu?” Anakin sneered.

The man in the holo shook his head. “No game. You weren’t even born when your third died yet you and Empress Amidala took out the Jedi for failing to care for him as they should. You both reached out into the galaxy and wrapped your hands around them, rooted out the Sith, were taught the ways of the Force and the power and freedom it could give you and used that power and that freedom to purge Coruscant for Jedi and took the galaxy as your own. And now your third lives again, I shudder to think what what you two would do if he died now or was injured.”

Anakin narrowed his eyes.

“I have no wish to see the entire galaxy burn down.” Windu shrugged.

The Emperor might have answered if at that moment they hadn’t felt someone reach out into the Force, a cautious hand seeking, searching…and then recoiling, quickly hiding where they had come from.

But to late, by now everyone tuned to the Force must have felt the seeking.

‘Obi-Wan.’ Who else could it be, trying to reach out to Anakin?

Because it was someone light sided reaching out carefully towards him.

Windu stared at him, eyes dark and knowing even in the holo. “It seems your third is rather…light.” He smirked before bowing and shutting the holo off.


‘Well, I guess that answers it. He’s dark…Force this entire universe is…’ Obi-Wan slowly continued with his watered out brandy, grateful that he always kept credits on him just for such occasions. Well, not such occasions but the times he was away from the temple…

Oh this was giving him a headache.

And this entire name thing.

Soul mates…

Force blessed…

He frowned at the table, his hood up high. He honestly couldn’t understand it but apparently the name of whoever filled you out best appeared on your skin. Some had one and others had two and some had none because they didn’t need one.

‘And its Anakin and Padme?’ He brushed his hand over his hip where Anakin’s name rested, frowning a bit before brushing it over his chest where Padme’s was.

And not enough with that but when Obi-Wan had reached out for Anakin…

So burning rage, hot like molten magma yet softening when this Anakin realized WHO was reaching for him.

What was he suppose to do?

People seemed…happy?

Kind of?

They didn’t seem oppressed at least but…

Obi-Wan dropped his head in his hands, glass between his elbows on the table. ‘For karks sake, why can’t my life ever be easy?’

Which Star Wars character would win The Hunger Games?

Yoda or Darth Vader could possibly win tho idk if Yoda would count as human. Here I am talking about the Vader we saw in the end of Episode 3 (not the part where he's cut in half) but when he finally becomes Vader. I mean strong with the force? Yes, knows how to use weapons? Yes, he would have many sponsors since the Capitol is the metaphorical dark side while Lord Vader is literally on the dark side. This way many people would support him +He could trick people into lining alliances with him and then kill them. Darth Vader would have a high percentage of survival against the other tributes in the Hunger Games cause I definitely think he can murder anyone with that voice LOL

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