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I saw Zootopia last night and as I drove home all I could think about was how the hell the police investigated crime that took place in habitats designed for smaller animals.

Like their smallest recruit literally towers over the citizens of the rodent habitat.  What the fuck is a polar bear going to do if a vole gets murdered?  Forget all of the fine tools needed to dust for prints, does the poor grieving widow vole now have to deal with being homeless because the only way the ZPD could photograph the crime scene was to literally rip her roof off? 

I bet you that’s why the mafia is a literal rat pack and a shrew is the most feared crime boss in town.  Who else is going to protect your gaggle of little adorable hamster children when your businesshamster husband gets caught cooking the books to try and pay off his hamster gambling debt and some guinea pig bookie comes to literally shake your family down for the cash?  

Here’s some Skeleton Dance tap dancing !  

Because La La Land’s Soundtrack is stuck in my head, I just saw it yesterday and I love it so much !   

bonus: (messy) sketch under the cut

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In a surprise turn of events, I actually finished a piece of art and broke my summer drawing slum yay! Here’s some Steve/Bucky. And for the love of god enlarge it to see it in good quality.


[gods of olympus set 1/12]
zeus: king of the gods, lord of the sky

Enjoy a fall playlist that takes you on a journey from the delight you feel when fall is just around the corner, to the light breeze that fills the air- requiring a cardigan, and finally to the bone chilling cold and sad, grey skies that appear just before fall gives way to winter. 

1. Sweater Weather- The Neighbourhood

2. Here- Alessia Cara

3. Autumn Sweater- Yo La Tengo

4. Late in the Night- From Indian Lakes

5. Lucie, Too- Now, Now

6. Solitaire- Marina and the Diamonds

7. Robbers- The 1975

8. Green & Gold- Lianne La Havas

9. Turning- Meg Mac

10. Bravado- Lorde

11. Talking in Code- Margot & the Nuclear So and Sos

12. Out Getting Ribs- King Krule

13. Long & Lost- Florence and the Machine

14. The Cliff Waltz- Sucre

15.  As You Are- Kimbra

16. Misguided Ghosts- Paramore

17. O’Sister- City and Colour

18. Candles- Daughter

19. Family- Noah Gundersen

20. Runner- From Indian Lakes

21. School Friends- Now, Now

22. Woman (In Mirror)- La Dispute

23. Son of a Widow- mewithoutYou

24. Me vs. Maradona vs. Elvis- Brand New

25. Every Stone- Manchester Orchestra

anonymous asked:

I can't with Alec literally being framed by a rainbow neon sign in the preview. Reminds me of Magnus bathed in the colors of the bi flag in the training room scene in 1x8. Someone in lighting is def doing the lord's work.

yo i fucking know

that was so beautiful even if it was unintentional