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Discworld Sketchdumps - “Interesting Times”

“And he probably had saved the world a few times, but it had generally happened accidentally, while he was trying to do something else.  So you almost certainly didn’t actually get any karmic points for that.  It probably only counted if you started out by thinking in a loud way ‘By criminy, it’s jolly well time to save the world, and no two ways about it!’ instead of ‘Oh shit, this time I’m really going to die.’ “

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I've been reading The Scottish Prisoner over the past few days and I really enjoyed the parts with Jamie and Willie. Men + babies will be the death of me and makes me kinda super mad that DG didn't have Jamie see Willie grow up. Do you think they will include some of it in S3?

I really hope they do. There are some better Jamie and Willie scenes in The Scottish Prisoner than there are in Voyager. And it is one of the bright spots in the 20 years when Jamie lives without Claire. One of my favorites is Jamie introducing Willie to the horses and remember his father doing the same with him. 

Relief washed through him, as the wide eyes stared into his face. His guilty conscience had convinced him that William was an exact small replica of himself, whose resemblance would be noted at once by anyone who saw them together. But William’s round face and snub nose bore not the slightest likeness to his own features. While the child’s eyes could be called blue, they were pale, an indeterminate shade between gray and blue, the color of a clouded sky. 

That was all he had time to take in, as he turned without hesitation to settle the little boy on the horse’s back. As he guided the chubby hands to grasp the saddle’s edge, though, talking in a conversational tone that soothed horse and child together, he saw that William’s hair was—thank God!—not at all red. A soft middling brown, cut in a pudding-bowl style like one of Cromwell’s Roundhead soldiers. True, there was a reddish cast to it in the sunlight, but, after all, Geneva’s hair had been a rich chestnut. 

He looks like his mother, he thought, and sent a heartfelt prayer of thanksgiving toward the Blessed Virgin. 

“Now, then, Willie,” said Lord Dunsany, patting the boy’s back. “Just you hold on tight. MacKenzie will take you round the paddock.” 

Willie looked very dubious at this proposal, and his chin drew back into the neck of his smock. “Mo!” he said, and, letting go the saddle, swung his fat little leg awkwardly to the rear, plainly intending to get off, though the ground was some feet below him. 

Jamie grabbed him before he could fall. 

“Mo!” Willie repeated, struggling to get down. “Momomomomo!” 

“He means ‘no,’ ” the nurse murmured, not displeased, and reached for the boy. “I said he was too young. Here, poppet, you come to Nanny Elspeth. We’ll go back to the nursery and have our nice tea.” 

“Mo!” Willie said shrilly, and capriciously flung himself round, burrowing into Jamie’s chest. 

“Now, now,” his grandfather soothed, reaching for him. “Come to me, lad, we’ll go and—” 


Jamie put a hand over the child’s mouth, stilling the racket momentarily. 

“We’ll go and speak to the horses, aye?” he said firmly, and hoisted the child up onto his shoulders before Willie could make up his mind to shriek some more. Diverted by this splendid new perch, Willie crowed and grabbed Jamie’s hair. Not waiting to hear any objections, Jamie took hold of the chubby knees wrapped round his ears and headed for the stable. 

“Now, this sweet auld lad is Deacon,” he said, squatting down to bring Willie to eye level with the old gelding, who lifted his nose, nostrils flaring with interest. “We call him Deke. Can ye say that? Deke?” 

Willie squealed and pulled on Jamie’s hair but didn’t jerk away, and after a moment, urged on by his grandfather, put out a hand and ventured a hasty pat. “Deke,” he said, and laughed, charmed. “Deke!” 

Jamie was careful to visit only those horses of age and temperament to deal well with a two-year-old child, but he was pleased—as was Lord Dunsany—to see that William wasn’t afraid of the enormous animals. Jamie kept as careful an eye on the old man as he did on the child; his lordship’s color was bad, his hands skeletal, and Jamie could hear the air whistle in his lungs when he breathed. In spite of everything, he rather liked Dunsany and hoped the baronet wasn’t about to die in the stable aisle. 

“Oh, there’s my lovely Phil,” said Dunsany, breaking into a smile as they came up to one of the loose boxes. At his voice, Philemon, a beautiful eight-year-old dark bay, lifted his head and gazed at them for a moment with a soft-lashed, open look before putting his head down again, nibbling up some spilled oats from the floor. 

Dunsany fumbled with the latch, and Jamie hastily reached to open the door. The horse didn’t object to their coming into the box, merely shifting his huge rump a bit to one side, tail swishing. 

“Now, ye must never go behind a horse,” Jamie told William. “If ye startle them, they might kick, aye?” The little boy’s soft chestnut hair whorled up in a cowlick at his crown. He nodded solemnly but then struggled to get down. 

Jamie glanced at Dunsany, who nodded, then he set William carefully on the floor, ready to snatch him up again if he shrieked or made a rumpus. But William stood stock still, mouth a little open, watching in fascination as the huge head came close to him, soft lips nibbling at the grain, and with the oddest sense of dislocation, Jamie suddenly felt himself on the floor of a stable, hearing the deep slobbering crunch of a horse’s chewing just beside him, seeing the huge, glassy hooves, smelling hay and oats and the wonderful pungent scent of the horse’s warm hide. There had been the feeling of someone behind him, he’d been aware of the man’s big legs in their woolen hose and he heard his father laugh and say something above him, but all he’d had eyes for was the horse, that massive, beautiful, gentle creature, so amazing that he’d wanted to embrace it. 

William did embrace it. Entranced, he toddled forward and hugged Philemon’s head in an access of pure love. The horse’s long-lashed eyes widened in surprise and he blew out air through his nose, ruffling the child’s clothes, but did no more than bob his head a bit, lifting Willie a few inches into the air, then setting him gently down as he resumed his eating. 

William laughed, a giggle of pure delight, and Jamie and Lord Dunsany looked at each other and smiled, then glanced aside, each embarrassed. 

Later, Jamie watched them go, William insisting upon walking, his grandfather limping behind the sturdy little form like an aged black crane, leaning heavily on his walking stick, the two of them washed in the pale gold of the soft spring sun.

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PJO/HOO!Supercorp Headcanons?

You wish, my command. (I’m mostly focusing on the PJO aspects since I know a little bit more about it than the Roman counterpart. If you want me to do a separate post on that, let me know!)

Godly Parents

Lena: Daughter of Nemesis. It’s a little hard (in my opinion) to place Lena. I think she could also easily fit into Athena (Artemis too if she wasn’t a virgin goddess, but alas!) But I kind of enjoy the idea that she is the daughter of a minor goddess. I also see Lena as someone who would, not necessarily want to tear someone down if they got too high up, but someone who takes their debts very seriously, has a strong sense of justice, would never forget an insult, and canon Nemisis in PJO reminds me a little bit of the Luthors. In a way. Cold and cruel, even to her own children. 

Kara: Daughter of Apollo. Hands down. Daughter of the Sun God is too perfect. Though I suppose she could also fit in with Hermes too, since he’s the god of Wanderers and Travelers. But Apollo’s children often excel in the arts which fits Kara really nicely. Also I think Kara with Sun God powers would be the best thing ever. 


Winn - Hephaestus
James - Zeus
Alex - Athena
Maggie - Nike
Mon-El - Ares

Combat Style

Lena: She prefers to use stealth, trickery and maybe a little luck manipulation to get things to go her way. Kara is the more physical of the two when it comes to fighting. She probably wields a dagger or a small sword to defend herself but isn’t fully kitted out. But that doesn’t make her any less, and in some circumstances, she’s more dangerous than Kara. People can’t see her coming and underestimate her power until it’s too late. 

Kara: As said, Kara is the more physical of the pair. As a daughter of Apollo she’s good with both a bow and a sword. I’d imagine Kara preferring a sword though because she likes to get up close and personal. I also don’t really imagine her using a shield because she tends to go charging in without thinking (a little bit of Ares in her too I suppose). Lena and Alex often have to get her to slow down and think. 


Lena: As stated above, Lena possesses luck manipulation. She can cause bad luck for someone who is having too much good luck, and vice versa. She also has limited prophetic powers, though often cryptic and requires a sacrifice of the person asking. 

Kara: Although rare, Kara possesses a form of photokinesis, the ability to control light itself. It’s not as powerful as Apollo, Hyperion or Helios of course, but she has some limited powers with it. Like creating light shields & force fields, healing energies, and creating light beams, similar to her heat vision in canon. She’s also naturally talented in the arts like painting, has a limited form of precognition, though she can’t control it and an expert archer, though she doesn’t actively practice. 

Social Circles

Lena: Mostly keeps to herself. A lot of the kids at Camp Half-Blood don’t want to hang around a child of Nemesis because of the bad luck that surrounds them. And the stigma. That Nemsis sided with the Titans during the war and one of her siblings helped Kronos rise to power. But Kara, who believes that Lena isn’t and shouldn’t be bound by who she’s related to, befriends her and brings her into her own social circle. 

Kara: A real ray of sunshine, Kara befriends everyone she can. Starting with Alex, Winn and James. They become an infamous group at the camp, eventually bringing in Lena, Mon-El, and Maggie as well. She even tries to be friends with people who don’t really like her like Maxwell Lord and Leslie Willis. Though to no avail. 


Lena: Lena actually really likes riding the Pegasus when she has the time. It’s very freeing to her. Lena also enjoys studying Ancient Greek, unlike most of the other campers. She enjoys learning a new language and since her brain is hardwired for it and she likes it, it comes easily to her. 

Kara: Kara is a little more physically focused, enjoying sword fighting and sparring with fellow campers. She also enjoys swimming in her free time (always trying to convince Lena to join her. Sometimes Lena caves). Though she really relishes in campfire sing-a-long every night. 

I wanted to do magical artifacts, but those are so personal and unique, that it’s really hard so I didn’t. Overally, Kara probably has a special sword and Lena probably has a special dagger or something. Anyways, just my headcanons. I’m sure there’s probably a lot of people who disagree with me, but hey. That’s why they’re headcanons. :) 

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The Bible also says it's ok to beat your kids with a rod.. please respect other religions. Obviously not all christians beat their kids with a rod. So don't assume all Muslim women will get acid thrown on them. Islam is a peaceful religion.

You are making the same two mistakes that all anti-Christian people make. First, any verse must be taken in context with the whole of scripture. If you are to apply a rod to any situation as a Biblical remedy, they you must apply the whole of the Bible to the situation. In general that means you can’t inflict punishment out of anger or to gain revenge, but as instruction to bring about Godly change. You can’t just use a rod to “beat your kids” because we are told specifically in Ephesians 6:4 “Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.” A willy-nilly beating would indeed exasperate. 

Secondly, the Bible is filled with colorful language to bring home a point. Proverbs especially uses this technique as it is a book of wisdom and old sayings of the Jewish people. Examples: 

Wisdom is a chain around the neck and a garland for the head.

Wisdom cries out in the street. 

We are to keep the commands in our heart. 

A gold ring in a pig”s snout is a beautiful woman who shows no discretion.

The lips of the adulterous woman drip honey.

As you can see and plainly understand the Bible in the book of Proverbs is not always a literal work but words of wisdom. Wisdom is not literally a chain, a garland or crying out in the street. Although some atheists would like it, we are not to literally cut our hearts open and place written copies of the bible in there. I doubt there was a literal problem with gold rings in pigs snouts and looking for a literal women with honey dripping off her lips would be a fruitless search. When analyzing the Bible it must be taken as a whole not as a clipped misunderstood phrase. 

I appreciate the question and would encourage more. I will always cast pearls. It is up to you whether it is to swine or not. 


The Twitterverse has been roaring over the past 24 hours after X Factor New Zealand judges; Natalia Kills and husband, Willy Moon flat out BULLIED contestant, Joe Irvine. Saturday night, contestant Joe Irvine took the stage to perform his rendition of, “Cry Me A River.” Natalia and Willy were not pleased with the performance referring to Irvine as a “doppelgänger” and “laughing stock.” The cruel words continued to spew from the mouth of Natalia Kills before her husband chipped in with a Norman Bates reference. In a world where hopeful musicians from all walks of life, put everything they’ve got on the line for a chance to show the world their talent, this type of behaviour and commentary is definitely unexpected and uncalled for from the judging panel. In less than 24 hours after the show was aired, fans banded together online with a petition which garnered over 70,000 signatures urging TV3 to fire the two judges. MediaWorks chief executive, Mark Weldon, made a statement Monday saying, “Contestants put their all into this competition and they should expect to receive feedback and criticism that is professional and constructive. We no longer have confidence that Kills and Moon are the right people to perform the role of X Factor judges and they will leave the show, effective immediately.“ Two new judges are set to replace Kills and Moon next week.

Judge Melanie Blatt was clearly unhappy with the comments made from her fellow judging panel, and you could see the look of disgust written all over her face. She soon jumped to Irvine’s defense, telling him, “Do you know what, Joe? I don’t think many people have believed in you in your life. I’ll tell you right now: I believe in you. You have got what it takes. You have got a beautiful tone. Please don’t listen.”

Melanie Blatt was not the only one to offer words of kindness and support for the contestant however, New Zealand native, Lorde, also got wind of what had happened and sent her support to Joe in the form of cupcakes and a sweet, handwritten note.

“Hi Joe, Just wanted to say: Your individuality, positive energy, and spirit are infectious, I think you’re doing an awesome job on the show so far.” She continued, “I’m a performer too, and I wanted to say that no matter how many people make fun of me for how I dress, move, and act, I’m being me — and that’s what’s important,” she added. “Good luck and lots of love, Lorde.

Joe shared with his Twitter fans a photo of the cupcakes along with a message back to Lorde, “Hey you are awsome, I love ur music and wanna meet you thank u so much for the cupcakes xo… I love them.”

As for Natalia Kills and Willy Mood, they have apparently fled the country after a storm of backlash from media outlets alike. In a world where there is so much destruction and intolerance towards one another, it is a shame that two very popular performers who have the ability to be a voice and platform for those who have been silenced by these flaws of society, would use their power to tear down and belittle another person in such a revolting and unsettling manner. Intolerance has become second nature for a lot of us, bullying is a way of life for those who feel that there is no other way to feel good about themselves unless they are putting others down. This is not okay and this is no way to live your life for any party involved. It is refreshing to see so many people reach out to Joe Irvine and turn a negative experience to an extremely positive one for him. The world is rooting for you Joe, good luck with the competition and I want everyone to remember to keep being original, to quote one of my favourite characters of all times, David Gordon from Lizzie McGuire, “YOU ROCK! DON’T EVER CHANGE!” remember that. 

Arte inspirado en comidas del cine y la TV
Joshua Budich es un artista estadounidense que se dedica a crear pinturas inspiradas en comidas famosas de la cultura pop. Desde las hamburguesas de 'The Simpsons' pasando por los productos Dharma de la serie de TV 'Lost', no hay platillo suculento que se le escape a su inventiva. - Página 1

Joshua Budich es un artista estadounidense que se dedica a crear pinturas inspiradas en comidas famosas de la cultura pop. Desde las hamburguesas de The Simpsons pasando por los productos Dharma de la serie de TV Lost, no hay platillo suculento que se le escape a su inventiva.

Together we are one.

A mini-epilogue for ‘There are Four of Us Now’ for those who wanted to see more of Jamie and Claire’s interaction in the aftermath of Willie’s arrival. Thank you for all your support :)

The house felt unusually quiet, even for so late at night. Each crack of wood as the fire ate it’s fill seemed to echo through the lairds chamber and the sparks appeared brighter than ever. Jamie pressed a kiss to the bare swell of Claire’s shoulder and nuzzled his face into the hollow of her neck.
“Can’t sleep?”
She murmured and felt his breath, hot and sudden on her skin as he laughed
“I feel as though I could sleep for a hundred years Sassenach, yet when I close my eyes my mind wanders in a thousand directions and none of them lead to slumber.”
“It has been an incredibly long day.”
“Aye, and ye have been wonderful throughout.”
Jamie ran his hand down her flank and gently edged up the hem of the loose nightshirt she wore, his fingers slipping up her thighs toward her centre, drawn to her heat like a moth to flame.
Claire stilled his hand and rolled to face him, her eyes so close as to form one single amber orb in his vision.
“I need to ask you something, and I need you to answer me honestly.”
“I always do, mo nighean donn.”
“Are you going to ask Lord John to give Willie back to you?”
Jamie pushed himself back onto his elbows and stared at Claire as if she had suddenly grown another head.
“Are you going to …”
“I heard what ye said well enough Sassenach, but I dinna ken why ye would ask it!”
Claire sat up and wrapped her arms lightly around her knees, drawing them to her chest.
“Because he is your son, Jamie. He is so very clearly your son.”
“Aye, he is.”
Jamie said flatly, then raking a hand across his face, suddenly impatient
“But he was never mine, no’ in that sense. I couldna ask John such a thing…”
“But you want to?”
Claire’s voice was studiously neutral and her face almost serene in the firelight but Jamie could see her knuckles standing out white against the skin of her hands, gripped tightly on her knees.
“No, I dinna want to.”
“Jamie …”
“Ye asked me and I’ve told ye.”
He licked his lower lip and shook his head
“Must I quarrel wi’ ye too, Sassenach? It seems I canna escape such things today.”
“Well it’s not everyday your illegitimate first born son arrives.”
Claire quipped, the acidity in her voice sudden and all the more stinging because of it.
“Ye knew about William from the start Claire, dinna act as though his existence has shocked ye.”
Jamie stood up and crossed to the window, bracing himself against the sill, letting the cool night air lift a little of the heat from his skin.
“He has bloody shocked me! He’s … He’s bloody you!”
“Och! Away! He’s no more like me than Brianna!”
Jamie snapped, he knew he had no right to be angry with Claire, she had dealt with William and John’s presence with more grace and kindness than he had any right to expect, but he was tired and had enough guilt on his shoulders from the day without more being added.
“But he’s more like you than Robbie.”
The words were soft and had the house chosen that moment to creak, Jamie would have missed them, but the old rafters remained stoically silent and he looked round at his wife with wide disbelieving eyes.
“Ye are jealous on Robert’s behalf?”
“Not jealous but … you always wanted a son.”
“And now I have two!”
Jamie closed his eyes and slowly sank to the floor in a defeated crouch.
“Claire, I canna stand this. Ye ha’ never been a jealous woman …”
“I bloody well have!”
She stood in a cloud of white cotton and glared at her husband
“I’ve been jealous of every man and woman who has looked at you since the moment you first kissed me.”
“No’ the moment we met?”
His lip lifted in a peace offering smile and Claire allowed her own smile to blossom very slightly
“No, but then you have always been quicker on the uptake than me.”
Jamie snorted and spread his legs out, straight ahead of him, long and glowing beside the fire, red-gold hairs throwing hazy shadows across his calves. He held one arm open and Claire grudgingly drew herself to him, curling on the drafty floor and settling into the crook of his arm.
“Do ye really think me so incapable o’ love that I must favour one son over another for his looks?”
“No. I don’t. But I also know how … possessive you are. You can’t possibly be happy for another man to raise him?”
“I wouldna say I’m possessive.”
Jamie mused and Claire gently pinched the soft skin beside his nipple
“You are, trust me.”
“Aye, weel, maybe a wee bit o'er the things that mean most to me…”
Jamie settled his hand on the slope of Claire’s bottom and she smiled despite herself.
“Don’t try to distract me.”
“I’m tryin’ to distract mysel’ Sassenach, and it’s workin’ too…”
He grinned, lowering his head to kiss her mouth, pulling lightly with his teeth at the fullness of her lower lip until he felt her smile against him.
“Another man was always going to raise him Claire. I am just glad it is one I ken and trust.”
Jamie rested his cheek lightly on Claire’s head, brushing away strands of hair that tickled his nose. He felt her arms encircle his chest but made no move to draw her closer, not yet
“You don’t want to even suggest it?”
“In my heart, I long for it and I’ll do ye the honour of no’ pretending otherwise, for ye ken me well Sassenach and I wouldna try to lie to ye.”
Jamie smiled
“But the laddie has a path that is set and a home that is happy. He doesna need me, nor the confusion that such a revelation would bring to his life. It’s bad enough that …”
He bit the words off and Claire looked up at him questioningly
“Go on.”
She urged and this time Jamie’s arms did tighten around her
“It’s bad enough that I have done such a thing to one of my bairns, Brianna. I wouldna see it happen to another.”
“That was my doing Jamie, not yours.”
“We’ve discussed it before Claire and ye ken the truth of it as much as I do: Ye had no more choice in the matter than the clouds do to bring rain. Ye found me and ye had to come.”
“But …”
“But nothing. Had I died on Culloden moor as I meant to, none of this …”
Jamie sighed
“Yet I canna regret it for I lie here, guilty and broken but wi’ ye in my arms and three children asleep in bed and what is left o’ my tattered soul strains against my body, burstin’ for the joy of it all. Oh Claire! I dinna understand it but I wouldna change it for the world.”
They lay silent for a time and Jamie thought she had fallen asleep when her voice drifted up to him again
“He calls you Mac, just like Fergus calls you Milord. I heard it at dinner, it has the same meaning Jamie.”
“Aye, I ken it does mo chridhe.”
Claire sat up slightly to look him in the eyes, her own glowing with the intent of her words.
“If you change your mind Jamie, I will stand by you. Willie would have a home here, always.”
“Ye would do that?”
Jamie peered down at her, silent awe written across his face.
“I would. Frank … you know he couldn’t father a child?”
Jamie nodded and Claire shrugged
“If he had been able to, I could have had another baby. Would you have turned me away? If I had come back with Brianna and another? One that could have had Randall’s face?”
Jamie’s breath caught somewhere just below his throat as he considered for a moment and when he answered, his voice was heavy and low
“I would ha’ welcomed ye back did ye come bearin’ satan himself on ye shoulder. It wouldna ha’ made a difference to me.”
“Then what makes you think I love you any the less that I would not do the same?”
Jamie answered her with another kiss, slower and less teasing, conveying all that he could not say.
“A thousand kisses”
Claire murmured and Jamie nodded, butting his forehead gently against hers, his eyes closed.
“then a hundred.”
“I love you.”
The fire roamed across their bodies then, illuminating each curve of muscle and dip of flesh. All words vanished and the need for speaking them fled as shadows flee from light. They came together, joined as one until their coupling wrenched gasps from open mouths, and together fell slowly asleep, safe in each other’s embrace.