The bang was like a cannon blast, and the golden flames that erupted between them, at the dead center of the circle they had been treading, marked the point where the spells collided.  Harry saw Voldemort’s green jet meet his own spell, saw the Elder Wand fly high, dark against the sunrise, spinning across the enchanted ceiling, spinning through the air toward the master it would not kill, who had come to take full possession of it at last.


Harry Potter Places → [2/∞] The Chamber of Secrets

The Chamber of Secrets was created under the dungeons of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry during Medieval times by Salazar Slytherin, who disagreed with the other Hogwarts founders on the merits of Blood purity. The Was home to an ancient Basilisk, which, according to legend, was intended to be used to purge the area of Muggle-born students. The Chamber was flanked with towering pillars entwined with carved wood, and a tall statue of Salazar Slytherin was at the far end. The Basilisk rested within the mouth of the statue, and possibly symbolized Salazar Slytherin’s ability to speak Parseltongue.

There are some really credible Harry Potter theories going around the Wizzarding world right now. Our favorite is the theory that Lord Voldemort has no hair on his body to prevent anyone from conjouring a polyjuice potion to steal his identity, if only for a few hours. Makes sense, right?!

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