lord ursus

This was my initial, much more baroque, treatment for the cover of the complete collection. I opted for a more streamlined image but I still wanted to share ‘what could have been’ with you fine people because I know that many among your number enjoy a good pterosaur. 

The hardcover comes out tomorrow. I will be signing copies at ECCC and, if you’re in the Seattle area, I’d be delighted to see you there.


Hi!! My names Viktoriya I’m 17 and live in Chicago. I’m single and embarrassingly desperate to find someone, I want to loveeeee. I’m really into Star Wars and video games (the elder scrolls, overwatch, dragon age) and lots of dumb things. I’d love to make some friends and hopefully find a girlfriend?? Let me buy a plane ticket into ur heart bruh

Tumblr: zzarya Snapchat: lord-ursus


Hi! I’m Viktoriya, I’m 17, very gay, and live in Chicago !
I’m definitely looking for a girlfriend tbh! Friends are good too.

I play a lot of video games, and I’m 100% the biggest Star Wars fan you know.

I’m in college doing my nursing school prerequisites right now and working at chipotle

My snapchat is lord-ursus feel free to message me or ask for my number ! url is leiiiia