lord tywin

Tywin Lannister having a crush on you would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo Tywin :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him not understanding as to why he doesn’t mind having you around him whether you are talking or not he just enjoys you being around

-Him requesting for you much more often and asking you simple questions just to get to know you more

-Him softening his gaze when he sees you smiling and laughing but quickly clearing his throat whenever someone catches him

-Him feeling slightly nervous whenever you’d touch him whether it be a soft pat to his shoulder or an accidental touch to his chest

-Him carefully listening to you and always finding a way to offer you exactly what you need

-Him being speechless whenever he sees you all dressed up especially when your gown would have hints of Lannister’s House colors

-Him getting his men to escort you wherever you need and even getting them to protect you and keep an eye on you from afar

-Him trying his best to keep his stern and firm voice and gaze when you’d talk to him but always forgetting himself for a moment

-Him not liking to see other men trying to court you and always finding a way to get them away from you

-Him proposing you an offer of marriage to him, saying it’ll be convenient for you and have a few advantages for him

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Happy Saturday guys!! Here is one of my lastest drawings of Tywin Lannister, the Great Lion.

Lord Tywin was one of my favorites and he’s such a legendary character. 

I miss him soooo bad, do you?


Yes, Arya thought. Yes, it’s you who ought to run, you and Lord Tywin and the Mountain and Ser Addam and Ser Amory and stupid Ser Lyonel whoever he is, all of you better run or my brother will kill you, he’s a Stark, he’s more wolf than man, and so am I. ― Arya VIII, A Clash of Kings.

Tyrion Lannister: When have you ever done something that wasn’t in your interest but solely for the benefit of the family? 

Tywin Lannister: The day that you were born! I wanted to carry you into the sea and let the waves wash you away. Instead, I let you live, and I brought you as my son–because you’re a Lannister.

-”Game of Thrones”


When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.


His uncle Gerion liked to set him on the table during feasts and make him recite them. I liked that well enough, didn’t I? Standing there amongst the trenchers with every eye upon me, proving what a clever little imp I was. For years afterward, he had cherished a dream that one day he would travel the world and see Longstrider’s wonders for himself.
Lord Tywin had put an end to that hope ten days before his dwarf son’s sixteenth nameday, when Tyrion asked to tour the Nine Free Cities, as his uncles had done at that same age. “My brothers could be relied upon to bring no shame upon House Lannister,” his father had replied. “Neither ever wed a whore.” And when Tyrion had reminded him that in ten days he would be a man grown, free to travel where he wished, Lord Tywin had said,No man is free. Only children and fools think elsewise. Go, by all means. Wear motley and stand upon your head to amuse the spice lords and the cheese kings. Just see that you pay your own way and put aside any thoughts of returning.”