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OMG LOrd Tubington LOL.

Fondue For Two |

Thats one hot Dish.

Hey Everyone! I’m Brittany S Pierce and this is My internet talk show, fondue for two!

Today we were going to be talking to Lord Tubbington…But he is mad at me, and recently barfed Tuna all over my favourite shoes.. So I’m just going to read you Tubbs’ answers from our rehearsel last night. *Ahem ahem ahem*

The first question my dear cat was asked when interveiwed last night was If he missed one food the most, what would it be. His answer, of course, was Bacon wrapped poptarts…Or cheese-itz. He loved those, especailly when I dipped them in icing. Now all he’s allowed to eat are Gold fishes from the orange bag, but only the broken ons, otherwise they move too fast for him to catch. The next question was, What kind of excersizes have you been doing since your diet? He answered, I’ve walked to the Lopez house three times, and fought off a very angry Santana once. She also likes Cheese-itz, was quite touchy about them, and refused to cook me bacon.

Santana said she went all lima Heights on his butt! Shes his second favourite human though. Alright guys, final question before Cat comes in and kicks my butt for stealing her camera after she turned it on for her media project. I asked Lord Tubbington what his final thoughts on this diet were….and He told me to Tell Finny that I knows where he lives now…

Well Everyone! Thats enough for this week! I’m pretty sure I’m going to a cheer office! My mom said something about a food pyramid, I’m hopping its a pyramid of dots and icecream. She kept talking about my health, so I bet it’ll only be green dots…those are the brocoliest ones.

Next Week on Fondue for two, were going to have a questionaire episode. Make sure to send in all of your questions for Me and Lord Tubbington -if he ever stops sulking- Right….HERE! Anonymoose or not, I’ll answer them ALL, truthfully!
Can’t wait to see what you ask! See you all next week.