lord trickster

TRICKSTER WEEK; day seven: south asian

Hanuman is a Hindu god and an ardent devotee of Rama. He is a central character in the Indian epic Ramayana and its various versions. Hanuman was mischievous in his childhood, and sometimes teased the meditating sages in the forests by snatching their personal belongings and by disturbing their well-arranged articles of worship. Hanuman when he was young once looked at the Sun and thought it was a ripe mango and flew towards it to eat it. Finding his antics unbearable, but realizing that Hanuman was but a child, (albeit invincible), the sages placed a mild curse on him by which he became unable to remember his own ability unless reminded by another person. In the Ramayana Hanuman changes shape several times. For example, while he searches for the kidnapped Sita in Ravana’s palaces on Lanka, he contracts himself to the size of a cat, so that he will not be detected by the enemy. Later on, he takes on the size of a mountain, blazing with radiance, to show his true power to Sita. Also he enlarges & immediately afterwards contracts his body to out-wit Surasa, the she-demon, who blocked his path while crossing the sea to reach Lanka. Again, he turns his body microscopically small to enter Lanka before killing Lankini, the she-demon guarding the gates of Lanka. He achieved this shape-shifting by the powers of two siddhis; Anima and Garima bestowed upon him in his childhood by Sun-God, Surya.

(From Hindu mythology)

Tis fair that public transport is ruled
by that traveling trickster god.

Lord Hermes, we know you
in the exhaust of the bus missed (just)

We know you, traveling god,
in the screech of trains leaving

Busy one, we praise you,
on arrival, departure, and delay

—  Capitol Gateway, thecrampedwitch

Fen’Harel is known as the lord of tricksters and bringer of
nightmares. In even the oldest tales Fen’Harel is regarded as
a dangerous figure, a god beholden to both the Creators and
the Forgotten Ones, part of both camps and neither. He is said
to have never been particularly fond of the elves, interacting
with them for sport and imparting dark wisdom as the whim
took him. The Dalish do not worship Fen’Harel so much as
attempt to appease him.

Dalish legend has it that not  long before the fall of Arlathan,
Fen’Harel carried out his greatest intrigue. The Creator gods
had long been at war with the Forgotten Ones. Fen’Harel
swore to the Creators that he could negotiate a truce if they
withdrew to the heavens for a time, even as he vowed to
the Forgotten Ones that he could defeat the Creators if they
kept to the abyss for a while. Having convinced both sides,
Fen’Harel sealed the ways shut behind them all and was left
alone with the world all to himself. The Dalish refer to this scheme as the Betrayal, and it serves as the only explanation
they have for their abandonment by their gods.

—  Dragon Age RPG Core Rulebook