lord toon


the first one is my only true favorite ill probably revise and colour it later

i want toon link to call him mr.angel before he learns his name and think hes just a pretty cis lady for a looooooong time and still think hes pretty af after he figures it out n realize he is small and gay for ANOTHER small (But sorta not) gay

Tiny Cartridge 3DS is an idea we can get behind

This isn’t real, I’m afraid to say. Lord Toon imagined the Tiny Cartridge limited-edition 3DS XL you see here.

But I’m down. Let’s make this happen. If you’re at Nintendo, hit us up about this exciting opportunity. 

If you’re not at Nintendo, you can still help. Would you be interested in a Tiny Cartridge skin for your 3DS/3DS XL? How much would you want to pay for something like that? Do you know any sites where we can just offer the top cover like this and not that all-over nonsense?