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what's ur opinion on Jehan/grantaire's relationship (like as friends) and do you have headcanons for them

My opinion is 👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 good shit go౦ԁ sHit👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌shit right👌👌there👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯

I love artistic friends who support each other!

  • They both have a ridiculous collection of graphic hoodies. Grantaire has Magritte, Van Gogh, Dali hoodies, or printed jokes. Jehan is the proud owner of various abominations, such as this eye sore, the infamous ramen noodle hoodie, and this somewhat more tasteful space print hoodie.
  • (Grantaire steps up his game during the festive season with this thing)
  • One of Jehan’s favourite movies is the Dead Poets Society, and they often watch it with Grantaire, but Grantaire never watches until the end because it gets way too real
  • Jehan is a shy and soft-spoken kid but behind that meek exterior hides a rebellious and dauntless soul who won’t hesistate to speak up and call you out on your bullshit, who shattered society’s standards a long time ago and never looked back. To celebrate that, Grantaire painted a portrait of Jehan reading “Like Frida Khalo before me.” Jehan loves it to death
  • They joke about Lord Byron WAY TOO MUCH!
  • Jehan once gave Grantaire a couple of succulents to brighten up his room, and everytime Grantaire feels back about himself, Jehan reminds him that he didn’t fuck the succulents up, that he took great care of them and that they’re proud of him for it (”They barely take any maintenance, Jehan.” “So proud.”)
In-depth Profile, Subetei Noykin

Note: Stolen/taken from @miss-bullets-and-booze who made it for her character and it seemed like a fantastic way to get back into Subetei for me!


“Can’t you see I’m sorry? I’ll make it worth your while.

I’m made of dead mans money, you can see it in my smile.”

  • Full Name: Subetei of the Noykin
  • Pronunciation: Sue-be-tei
  • Pseudonym: X
  • Nicknames: Scales
  • Age: Thirty Cycles
  • Name Day: 32nd Sun of the 4th Astral Moon
  • Birthplace: Azim Steppes, Othard
  • Guardian: The Salt and Storm
  • Residence: Limsa Lominsa / Semi-Nomadic


"Thousand faces staring at me, thousand times I’ve fallen.

Thousand voices dead at my feet. Now I’m gone, now I’m gone, now I’m gone.”

  • Motto:  “Take only what you’re willing to have taken, give only what you’re willing to get.”
  • Theme Song: Fire - Barns Courtney
  • Face Claim: Jason Momoa (Sorry not Sorry)


"The deepest waters won’t take me, the highest fall won’t break me.

The blood and sweat is what made me, made me.”

  • Gender: Male
  • Race: Au Ra, Xaela Tribe (Noykin)
  • Height: Seven fulms, one ilm
  • Weight: Two-hundred sixty one ponze
  • Eyes: Narrow and hawkish, right eye crystalline blue with large pupil, left damaged and milky white with blood infiltration in the orb
  • Hair: Steel gray with straw blonde tips, swept back and spiked with four long braids in the front. Medium length at first glance, actually shoulder blade length.
  • Skin: Purple-Blue, rough and calloused with hard lines
  • Build: Muscular and toned but wide and sturdy, good bone structure
  • Auri Features: Dark Blue/Purple scales over majority of face and body including jaw line and nose bridge. Six visible horns, two pronounced which have metallic inserts on their tips and dagger-like shape while the remaining four rise from his hairline and scalp
  • Scars: Left eye, center chest, shoulder, innumerable others of varying seriousness
  • Tattoos/Marks: None

At First Glance (+5)

A Warrior: Spotting him in a crowd is rarely hard and he is typically armed, though rarely fully armored. It’s in the way he holds himself, the rhythm he moves and the gait which threatens to push those who step in his path over. Even without his rough appearance or scars, or even the callouses on his hands, it would be hard to mistake him for anything but what he is with his body language and the myriad of battle scars covering him. He may smile and laugh, be friendly and around his mate he can even be seen as a gentle man, but there is always a sharpness to his eye and readiness for violence that reads in him clearly enough to put others off.

Odd-Eye: While his eye-patches admirably hide it, Subetei’s left eye is utterly decimated and even the surrounding skin shows tell-tale burns, scar edges and fissures of skin that have healed and marred over. It is impossible to not notice in good lighting and seeing it is unsettling to say the least. Underneath it is even worse; The eye has been split and sealed, re-healed and fused to the skin in some places. The milky white orb is bloodshot in places and has flecks of blood mixed in, with no real pupil, and some parts of the bone stick out near the edges of the eye. It is a gruesome sight and it is why he rarely removes his eye patch.

Self-Made: While he does wear some items professionally made or fitted, the vast majority of what Subetei wears is hand-stitched and crafted by him for his own purposes and as such it is rare to find him not wearing something made of hide, leather or decked in fur. While not ugly or poor quality there is a definite simplicity in his designs that shows. Hardly flashy or elegant, there is also an element of Xaelan tribalism that shows as well; Fang necklaces, hanging tassels and colored patterns, it would be hard to ignore such a thing and Subetei wears it proudly.

Heavy Metal: Contrasting to his own creations, Subetei is rarely far from well crafted and maintained arms to the point that even in his most casual moments he will have a hand or cutting axe available. In private this isn’t so much a problem, but in public he is usually dragging around a greataxe of proportional size to himself, and this can mean that one is suddenly faced with an over seven fulms tall Xaela with an axe larger than most hyurans. A startling sight to be sure.

Talk Like A Pirate: Despit having been born in Othard, Subetei has spent most of his life and living in Limsa Lominsa, to the extent that he learned the common speech of Eorzea -from- Limsan natives. He speaks with a thick accent of Limsan that on it’s own would be rough to discern but he also had the rich, deep and gravel-like voice of a Xaela with their unique speech patterns and inflections. This makes his natural speech difficult to pull apart and understand, though he can control it to some degrees. Speaking more slowly and clearly often allows him to at least be understood with minimal thought.


“Forged in a fire lit long ago, stand next to me and you’ll never stand alone.

I’m last to leave but the first to go, lord make me dead before you make me old.”

  • Occupation: Freelance Mercenary, Hunter, Tanner
  • Specialties: Close Combat, Hunting, Animal Taming & Pack Combat, Archery, Squad Tactics and Battlefield Strategy
  • Skills: Adept Blacksmith, Expert Tanner and Leatherworker


“Hey you there in the mirror, yeah that’s something to fear

Cla cla claw my way to the top, cause i don’t believe in luck.”

  • Education: Self-taught
  • Favored Weapon(s): Axes of all shapes and sizes
  • Secondary Weapon(s): Hunting Bows, Knives
  • Magic Abilities: Berserker Rage (Innate Aether, Uncontrolled
  • Magic Strengths: Untested, Unknown


“I said all this time I’m thinking my body don’t need me, all we can do is breathe

Said all this time I’m thinking your body can set me free, all we can do is breathe.”

  • Sexual Preference: Demisexual
  • Romantic Identification: Monogamous
  • Relationship Status: Mated
  • Sweet on: Neyuki
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Allies: Various Mercenary and Adventurer Friends
  • Enemies: The Elementals and Various Other Factions


“By the skin of my teeth, I’m comin’ home

By the sole of my feet, I’m comin'home

I’m comin’ home, but I ain’t comin’ home for you.”

  • Maternal: Urnai Noykin (Deceased)
  • Parental: Ergan Noykin (Unknown)
  • Mentor: Valdhur Granspar (Former Captain of The Wakehounds Privateers, deceased)
  • Associates: 

Neyuki Utaura (Mate, Companion, Medic)

Mathias Bedois (Friend)

Seemo Eulen (Friend?)

Faucertaux Carpentier (Former Boss, Friend)

Sigrid Der'ioslainn (Former Captain, Friend)

Ulan Qestir (Friend)

Roka (Friend)

Nerkhun Malaguld (Friend, Companion of Ulan)

Bexy and the Limsan Fight Club (Friends and Punch Partners)

Jun'to Nharuya and the Gin Mills (Friends and Maiming Muchacos)

Alred Briarthorne, Wind Moondark, Asajin & The Black Crown Mercenaries (Former Squadmates and Subordinates)

[List Continues for some time, he knows a lot of folks and I can’t name them all oh god]

  • Companion: Valdhur [Red Chocobo, Warbred]


“One day the shadows will surround me. Someday the days will come to end

Sometime I’ll have to face the real me. Somehow I’ll have to learn to bend”

  • Social Level: Easily coaxed into social behavior. Open and brash. Jovial and quick to friendship. Hard to anger or offend. Comfortable in small groups or large crowds equally.
  • Optimistic View(s): There is no shame in the work of living, no sin in the act of surviving.
  • Pessimistic View(s): No one gets out alive. Life will take all it gives in time.
  • One  Positive Personality Trait:  Subetei is the sort of person who attracts others with a boisterous personality and a hearty laugh, no matter the circumstances. Even in the midst of a fight he can usually find time to crack a smile or a joke and in social settings it is rare he lets someone be a ‘wallflower’ around him, opening his table and tab to others with little reservation.
  • One Negative Personality Trait: Subetei is incredibly physical and has no consideration for his own monstrous strength around others. From a simple hand-shake to sparring, he does not hold back in any interaction with others and while this is normally not an issue, it makes it hard to be around him if one is frail or excitable.
  • ·One Personality Warning: Abuse of his trust is tantamount to asking to die when it comes to Subetei. If he considers you a close friend, which takes some work, breaking that bond is traumatic to him in a very personal way and if you’re lucky, you’ll simply find yourself on the bad end of an ass whooping. If what you'e done is severe enough, he has no qualms about seeking his own revenge and retribution no matter what laws or barriers would stand between him and you.
  • Random Quirk: Digs his claws into furniture when excited.
  • Hobbies: Wandering and Riding, Sparring and Training, Physical Labors, Brewing Mead and Alcohol
  • Addictions: Work, Neyuki, Fighting and Violence
  • Habits: Glib, Violence Prone, Outgoing and Upbeat, Accidental Intimidation, Intentional Intimidation, Swearing Every Other Word
  • Pleasures: Good Drink, Hunting, The Outdoors, Working with Animals, Seafaring, Combat and Fighting, Sex, Control

Appreciates (List 5+)

Knowing Ones Self

Dislikes (List 5+)

Unearned Authority
False Promises

Strengths (List 5+)

Good Teacher
Honest and Loyal
Committed and Dedicated
Physical Dynamo
Thrifty and Coinwise
Good Business Sense
Open and Tolerant
(Tries to be) Thoughtful
Extroverted and Inviting
Able to Listen or Chat equally
Forgets grudges easily
Expert Mercenary
Tactical Mindset

Weaknesses (List 5+)

Easy to break Trust
Difficulty developing relationships
Addicted to combat and violence
Mercenary attitude
Grey Morality
Coin Driven
No Self-Preservation
No Family Values
Craves Work and Physical Exertion
Cannot Cook
Carries Weight, Even if he doesn’t have to

Fears (List 5+)

Losing Neyuki
Losing his remaining eye
The loss of freedom
Inability To Work or Fight
Returning To Othard


“I spent those days huntin’ hard and fast, With no place to lay my head

And the sound of the rain against the roof, Was loud enough to wake the dead”

  • Favorite Food(s): Jerky, Aldgoat Steak, Breadfruit, Stews, Anything La Noscean
  • Favorite Drink(s): Teas, Ale Mead or Rum, Water, Coffee
  • Favorite Scent(s): Heat, Dry earth, rain on the breeze, herbs and sweets, metal sparking and copper in the mud
  • Favorite Colors: Black, Brown, Green and Blue or subcolors


We seek tomorrow’s sun, It’s all for the taking here 

Only the valiant survive, Live for better years

Subetei’s mixed upbringing has given him a tenuous faith in the Twelve, or the Xaelan deities, and instead he has developed a slightly paganistic viewpoint of the world in the form of natural phenomena. The Salt and Storm, as he calls this viewpoint, is a simple belief that while life is harsh and can be demanding, it’s pains and undertakings are rewarding in experience if nothing else. It also holds a certain karmic edge to it as well. He does not really call this a 'religion’ or believe others should live like this.

His wounded eye is extraordinarily light sensitive despite being functionally blind and when exposed to sunlight or other equally bright sources it’s akin to having the wound reopened with blades of salt and fire. It causes him incredible pain and exposure for a long period can lead to blacking out or migraines so intense they last days. His eyepatch is as much a safety measure as it is a decoration for him and as such he wears extremely well-made patches. Metal wires are used to reinforce the straps and the leather is studded if not inset with metal sheets. He also uses metal ringlets on his horns to hold the patches in place. If he expects particularly pitched or harsh conditions he will often use salves or pastes to hold the patch in place.

With his inherent reliance on instincts and natural tendency to disassociate from morality or consciousness during battle, Subetei has developed a dangerous habit of going into berserker trances during battle that put his already high reflexes into overdrive and his natural senses become sharp enough that he has, for instance, picked up the sound of an arrow approaching and smashed it aside before it can connect with him. While useful and extremely dangerous to others, it presents a unique danger to himself as well, as his already uncomfortably high pain tolerance is also increased and he has been known to inflict damage on himself to continue to fight, even at the risk of health or death.

Subetei has an unstable aether that has never been trained, developed or explored in any respect. He cannot use aetheryte, cast spells or channel it in any meaningful way willingly or consciously and those who try and scry his aetheric strength are faced with a soupy, chaotic mess that does not spell much out. Yet he has been known to perform feats that can only be described as 'inhuman’ when he fights unconsciously and in his trances, leading some to conclude that Subetei’s aether actively permeates him at all times and empowers him, allowing him to fight at above-optimal strength and focus even when he should be gravely wounded. This is not formally confirmed, but it would explain why he also tends to be quick to recover from wounds and injuries as well as his distaste for sitting still and being idle.

While he and Neyuki share an amazing chemistry that cannot be called anything but 'love’, Subetei has historically been awkward and uncomfortable around women and intimacy in the past. During his time before Neyuki he had next to no partners and no long-term relationships due to his emotional issues at his younger age and later on his insistence on isolation. He also has certain physical irregularities that make him wary of sex. When approached sexually or flirtatiously he often comes off as cold and aloof, if not outright dismissive, as he has frankly no fucking idea how to react to it in most circumstances.

While Subetei does a good job of containing it, there is a part of him that thrives in the loosening of his reins and control. This primarily comes to the front during battle when he looses himself, but it also tends to show in other moments where restraint is pressed; This includes his time with Neyuki and they are infamous in certain taverns and inns for the destruction of property that has occurred when Subetei truly lets go of himself, and more than once it has been suggested that Subetei’s habit of carrying Neyuki everywhere is a symptom of this.

Subetei can pilot a boat and maintain a ship well enough that he is often comfortable going out by himself on sailboats over moderate distances and he loves the ocean, but a certain thrill-seeking part of him loves the sky and airships. During his time in a mercenary company with such vessels he frequently took out the ship he was assigned and used it for all sorts of activities, both on and off the job.

It cannot be understated the kind of outdoorsman Subetei is, to the extent that he can and has survived over a month in the wilderness with only basic supplies to begin with. During his time as a hunter and mercenary he has learned many survival and wilderness methods that he has also become a scarily accurate tracker and wayfinder, though he often does not use those skills in anything but his actual work. He has discovered some secreted places in his times in the wilderness and though he has recorded them quietly, he does not intend to explore or give away their location. Some things are intriguing to simply know.

Subetei’s eye was lost during an extremely controversial moment in Gridanian history, where the Wood Wailers and Twin Adders as well as mercenaries hired by an unconfirmed source, descended on a Keeper of the Moon encampment accused of poaching and harboring criminals to the Shroud. Subetei balked when the order was given to drive the children and non-combatants out of the encampment with fire, an act that would have cost lives, and turned on his employers. Though he survived he harbors a lasting grudge against the Elementals, for allowing such an act to be considered free of sin yet hunting to survive be an act worthy of reprisal, and he further disdains Gridania for their involvement in the action and subsequent attempts to play the act off as the work of factions impersonating Wailers and Adders.

One might be forgiven for assuming Subetei does not speak the Auri dialect anymore after his time in the rest of the world but this is extremely untrue. While he has difficulty reading Auri script nowadays he can still speak fluent and distinct Auri with an old Xaelan syntax and inflection that marks his time away from the Steppe. He chooses not to converse in it often, even among other Xaela, to preserve the air of distance he has from the Xaelan culture and to keep an ear on those around him if they do speak it. He is also fluent in sign and non-verbal gestures as Neyuki is mute, allowing him to communicate with Qester rather comfortably at times.

Subetei is a Noykin by blood and nothing else. He does not use his name as a surname and instead as a title, as if it is only a formal thing, and he does not recognize any other Noykin as his brothers or sisters in any way. Though he still retains many of their skills and love of animals he is long removed form his family and their culture. To introduce oneself to him as a fellow Noykin is to receive the same greeting as anyone else, but he has no patience or acceptance for those who would use the name to garner clout with him.


Server: Balmung

Timezone: PST

Mun: Male / 27yrs

Experience: Roleplay Experience of 14+ years. Writes in any format, matches length and complexity where possible. Will scene In-Game, Discord and other mediums as requested.

Type of RP: Any/All, Mature and R-Rated themes included. Long-term Storylines or One-shot scenes. Enjoys interacting with Canon and OC alike.

Looking for: Friends, Partners, Punchvictims, Employers, Brothers or Sisters in Arms, Privateers and Pirates, Gridanians and Ishgardians to grouse at, Rivals or Antagonists. Pretty much anyone!

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“It’s been around a month and a half since he arrived, and his life has drasticaly changed. A mundane world that got caught in another.”

Phew, I did it! This is some fanart for the lovely pumpkin @strawberry-soo with their “Awakening” fanfiction! Didn’t want to spoil anything from the actual story, so I did some drawings from random scenes that don’t really tell anything.

I could have done more, because this fic is amazing, but I spent way too much time in these so I’m gonna leave it at that. They’re all transparent btw! So… Enjoy!

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Hey-o, I see your prompts are open xD How about Stiles just loving the musk of Derek's furry ass. He especially loves it when Derek's just back from his morning run, sometimes half tackling him so he doesn't shower yet, grinding his face into that sweat-matted hair, soaking up the musk. He loves to just bury his face in it, tongue-fucking Derek's hole whenever and wherever he can, can barely refrain himself in public on hot days.

Lord do I love this prompt. I could answer it a million times in a row, and then a million other ways with each of the other men. I love musky ass so much! 
(Sorry it took me a bit to get to this, hope you enjoy ;P)

Stiles has always loved Derek’s ass. It’s fucking enormous, the perfect mix between muscle and fat-jiggling hypnotically, but perking up nice and tense too. He’d slip his hand into Derek’s back pocket and squeeze his ass while they were out, slap at it whenever the other man passed him, and get him so loose and wet with his tongue before sex Derek often pissed himself while getting fucked, having become so sensitive after the two orgasms Stiles pulled from him while eating him out. 
He knew he liked the funk of Derek’s feet- loved smelling the mans boots while getting his cock sucked by him- stink getting him high while Derek’s scruff tickled the fuzz on his nuts. It was an experience. Hell, he even liked letting Derek’s foreskin get full of pre, and drops of piss-cleaning it out and sniffing along the rank of his cock after a long day. But something about a musky or dirty ass had never really crossed into their play, maybe because in the back of their minds they had to ideas of what went on back there…*cough*
And they were so fucking kinky already, it took a long time into their dating for it to start coming up. Two or so years I’d say.
They’d been working hard rebuilding the Hale House- having cleared and replanted trees to grow as they themselves did, so the clearing was hot as fuck. The California heat beating on their backs for hours, and when they finally headed back to their apartment- Stiles snuffling at Derek’s pits while he leaned against Stiles- grumbling about being tired-that’s when Stiles caught the first whiff that started the downward spiral. It followed them in the air, and filled the car up as they drove home. Derek flushed as he watched Stiles sniff this way and that, trying to figure out what it was. There was the tang of sweat, and the musk of a hairy crevice, but something else vaguely familiar, but overall he was so confused. 
And turned on once they got home, and he watched Derek strip down- his once light grey briefs so drenched in sweat, mostly from his ass, coal colored. Like he’d jumped in a pool. He’d whined until Derek had given in to skip a shower long enough for them to have some fun- the wolf shifting almost uncomfortably as Stiles cleaned his cock and balls, licking down over his taint, and fluttering his eyes till he couldn’t keep them open as the scent of Derek’s unwashed sweaty ass got closer and closer. He was hard, and wet, and so close to cumming as his boyfriend sniffed against his taint, but he was also embarrassed. The scent of his ass having been strong since high school, and he’d made such a conscious ever since then, and even more so since getting together with Stiles to keep at least that part of himself squeaky clean. It wasn’t until Stiles slid his nose down into the forest of hair that was his crack, and right over his hole, did he tense up and cum- thighs quaking as his cock spit, and his foreskin drooled over with cum all over his hairy belly- bouncing up off his belly halfway through when Stiles plunged his tongue as deep into his hole as he could get in one go. Tasting the funk of Derek’s ass, and stabbing into his taint with his nose to breath him in while getting his first taste. It would’ve been uncomfortable if Derek wasn’t so wildly turned on.
He’d ridden Derek after getting his fill of his ass- huffing on his dirty briefs while taking his cock like a pro, pressing them into Derek’s face as he finally spilled another load on Stiles’ ass- roaring into the fabric of his underwear, and sucking them into his mouth to taste his ass as he furiously fucked the last few drops of his cum into Stiles. 

Derek’s ass was constantly musky after that- especially when Stiles would fuck him, then send him to the gym to work out, and then eat his loud back out of that hairy ass when Derek got home- some of it having dribbled out and crusted, stinking his crack even more.