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were you happy when you found out that david tenant( the 10th doctor) was voicing scourge mcduck in the new duck tales?

A little, yeah. Though I probably wasn’t as excited as others since I don’t watch Doctor Who.I think he does a pretty good job at playing Scrooge, though. ^^

That moment when three incarnations of the Doctor are in one single shot on Broadchurch! Broadchurch is also written and created by new showrunner Chris Chibnall! Small world! :)

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Fancy a Trip? - Tenth Doctor

You slipped your house key out of your hand and shut and locked your apartment door behind you.
Looking up at the sky, you saw the clouds gathering to blot out the sun. You smiled, you had your jacket on. You might as well walk to the coffee shop.
Not that you had a choice anyway; you didn’t have a car.
Your hands in your jacket pockets and your hair flapping gently in the wind, you set off down the street.
The people around you walked quickly past you, anxiously looking at the sky or the time, but you weren’t in a hurry.
The first drop of rain fell on your hair, pleasantly cooling your scalp. You smiled. So it had begun.
A few people on the street started to put up their umbrellas, their faces not as happy as yours.
You soon reached your favourite coffee shop and went to the counter to get what you wanted. After receiving it, you went to look for a place to sit. The cafe was rather crowded due to the rain and there were no free tables. There was one man who sat alone in the middle of the room but there was also another sitting alone by the window, and that appealed to you more. 

You went over to him, gently placing a hand on the free chair opposite him.
“Is it okay if I please sit here?” You ask, offering a smile. He quickly looks away from the window as if you’d surprised him. He grins at you with one of the friendliest smiles you’d ever seen. 

“Of course! Go ahead!” He nods at the chair and you sit down, smiling gratefully. 

“I’m the Doctor.” He said, offering you a hand attached to a sleeve attached to a blue pinstripe suit. You smiled, slightly amused and confused why he introduced himself as that. 

“I’m (y/n). Not a doctor unfortunately or I’m sure I’d have a much more flash flat.” You took his hand and he shook it enthusiastically before releasing. 

“Who needs flash?” He shot that grin at you again and you decided to take a better look at his features. He was slim and from the way he was sitting he looked quite tall. His hair was brown and gravity defying. You smiled. He looked interesting.

He looked at your drink, “Your favourite?" 

You nodded, "Nah. Just trying something new. I’ll never know if I like something until I try it.”

That seemed to please him and he nodded, “Brilliant." 

You finished your drink and looked out the window at the gradually stopping rain.
"Would you mind if I showed you something?” He asked, leaning across the table slightly.
You quirked an eyebrow, “Depends, mister mysterious. I don’t even know your name.”
“It’s the Doctor.”
“Is it now?”
“Doctor who?”
He grinned, “Just the Doctor.”
You nodded thoughtfully, not completely convinced. “What is it you exactly want to show me?”
“It’s just over there.” He pointed past the window behind you and you turned to look. The only thing remotely unusual seemed to be a blue police box.

“You didn’t need my permission to show me that.”
He chuckled, “You haven’t seen it yet.”
“Oh really?”
He nodded and stood, offering his hand and wiggling his fingers. “Coming?”
You hesitantly take his hand and he practically pulls you from the shop and across the street to the box.

He let go of your hand, opening the box and opening the door to the inside and standing back. “Take a look.”
Skeptically you poke your head in. Your breath leaves you and you look back at him. “Oh my god. It’s bigger on the inside.”
He grins, “Fancy a trip?”
“Oh god yes!”

(That gif is not mine but is basically my favourite gif ever.)

“Blue Velvet” - Digital Oil Painting

I wanted to do a painting to commemorate the recent premiere of David Tennant’s latest film, Mad To Be Normal, featuring one of his favorite fashion statements: the velvet suit. I know he took home at least one of the suits he filmed in, LOL.

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