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Regarding agni's death, do you think the killer was a shinigami deserter?

No, I don’t think “Knife Dude” is another shinigami deserter. I think he’s Lord Polaris, probably the butler for Lord Sirius.

However, what he IS is still up for major debate. The most-likely options:

1. Demon, but I really hope not, because that would be too much like Claude being a demon butler for Alois in season two. There should only be one “Black Butler” here (Mother3 only has one Dark Dragon.)

2. Angel, but I hope not, because I still hold out hope for John Brown being one, even though that would be like Angela/Ash from season two. (In Mother3 theory, this could be a parallel to the Ultimate Chimera.)

3. Some sort of highly advanced, highly specialized Bizarre Doll, and that’s my favorite idea for him. (In Mother3, this would be a strong parallel to the Ultimate Chimera.) I just thought of something very disturbing: what if you kill a shinigami and turn its body into a Bizarre Doll? Wouldn’t it have the behaviors of a Bizarre Doll but the abilities of a shinigami? (Ultimate Chimera INDEED!)

@shinigami-mistress This last idea could explain how Knife Dude seems to appear, move, and disappear like something supernatural/preternatural…. A “Bizarre Reaper”….

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The Soul Eater DVD 1 comes with a small booklet that has the storyboard for Opening 1. 

What I post here is not complete, but I scanned the pages that I found most interesting.

There are a few changes that have been made after the storyboard was written/drawn. The biggest change is that they scrapped the Medusa and Crona scene near the end.

Which is a bit of a shame, I think. Oh well, maybe it had something to do with the budget? The opening looks so nice it doesn’t really give the vibe they were short on money, though.

Other changes are that Lord Death/shinigami-sama wasn’t supposed to do the V signs at first, he was probably supposed to just stand there. But I’m glad they made that change.

Also Blair was on her own at the start of the opening. Later they added some cats. The more cats the better.

They made Tsubaki use her arms for some more movement (now I think about it, it would have looked silly if she was just spinning as if she were stuck in a tube xD)

The last is not really a change, but they made Liz smile. Haha I like that part.

Actually I like the whole part.

Hell yeah.

Soul Eater Analyses: 00.1


  • I do not own Soul Eater.
  • I’ve called this “analyses” for lack of a better word, but really I’m pulling out key lines and (mostly) commenting on them.
  • I’m analyzing from an unofficial translation and some of the lines I’m reading are a little awkward. I’ll try to reword them so that they’re less awkward, but still preserve the meaning. This does mean that I can’t read too deep into the wording, but that’s a price I’ll just have to pay.
  • Panels, when used, read right to left.
  • Beware of sarcasm.

Now, before we get into the analysis proper, I just wanted to admire the wonderful, wonderful exposition here:

(Maka) Soul Eater…
(Maka) He’s a human.
(Soul) Yup, Maka,
(Soul) and I’m a scythe.

Well done, children.

Let’s go, Soul Resonance!


As part of setting up this universe, we get Soul’s lovely exposition from above the cut. There’s a lot of terminology thrown around, also, so:

  • Technician (Meister): Demon Weapon wielders
  • Demon Weapon: humans which can turn into weapons.
  • Souls: Part of living humans, revealed upon death. Make weapons stronger when consumed.
  • Death Scythe: powered-up form of Demon Weapons. 99 human souls and 1 witch soul are required for Demon Weapons to become Death Scythes.


I. Soul Eater
II. Maka Albarn
III. Spirit Albarn
IV. Lord Death
V. Blair (Cat)

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