lord rings tarot


So, I somehow missed this, but US Games has The Hobbit Tarot and The Lord of the Rings Tarot (…and game, sigh) at half price as a promo for the movie.

That makes the Hobbit Tarot $8.96 right now. It’s a very pretty deck too, if I had the money, I’d grab one for myself. (I wishlisted it extra hard though)

So, instead, I’ll share the news with you guys, along with a couple of card images and two of the three spreads that come with the Hobbit deck. I think both of them are well suited to New Year’s readings, so the timing is perfect! 

My tarot and oracle deck collection:

  1. Lord of the Rings Oracle cards
  2. Mythic Tarot
  3. Herbal Tarot
  4. The Collective Tarot
  5. Buffy Tarot (fan made and printed off the internet)
  6. Science tarot
  7. Baseball Tarot
  8. Portable Fortitude
  9. The Wild Unknown
  10. another Baseball Tarot
  11. Wooden tarot
  12. Prisma Visions Tarot
  13. Golden Moth Illumination Deck
  14. World’s Tiniest Tarot Card Set
  15. Sweeney Tarot
  16. G*psy Fortune Telling cards
  17. Radiant RW Coleman deck
  18. RW Colemen deck
  19. Welcome to Night Vale
  20. Urban Oracle Deck (not pictured)

I also have the Tarot of Bones, Slow Holler, and New World decks that I backed with kickstarter and have no received yet.. Some of these I’ve had for over 15 years. There are only two that I had but lost or got rid of. One was a 90s Lord of the Rings Tarot that I think was stolen and a Scapini Tarot I gave away because it made my eyes hurt.

I’ve started a new project. I hope do make my own tarot deck (since my own cards look kind of dull) It also counts as my learning the cards so:

  1. The Fool (hope, new beginnings, beginning of the journey)- Thebeginning of Tuor’s jorney to Gondolin
  2. The Mgician(action, using your potential)- Mairon. it needs no explanation. You all know him.