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Hcs about blind human s/o touches tfp Ratchet, Bumblebee, Bulkhead, Wheeljack, Ultra Magnus, Smokescreen, Predaking, & Optimus Prime helm? They like how different it is from human faces and to reassure themselves that they are here

That is incredibly sweet omg.


~When you ask him his immediate reaction is to tell you he’s too busy.
~He’s easily persuaded, however. and picks you up to hold you up to his faceplates.
~He may be smiling just a bit as your hands start at his chin guard and slowly head back up.
~He shutters his optics when your hands make there way up.
~Will lift you higher so that you can more easily reach the chevron like optical ridges and he’s careful not to drop his servo too much so you don’t hang off.
~He chuckles lightly every time you comment about how his faceplates feel or giggle about the strange dips in his face.
~When you have mapped out every inch of his faceplates and are satisfied he sets you on his shoulders.
~Will ask you what that was about.
~After you explain he goes silent, thinking.
~The smile is in his voice as he tells you, you can do that whenever you like.

~He’s confused at first, as you ask him to pick you up and hold you to his faceplates.
~The confusion is aggravated once you start running your hands over his faceplates.
~He beeps at you, asking you what you’re doing.
~After an explanation he finds it to be the sweetest thing anyone had ever done and might remove his guard so you can feel all of his face.
~He’ll start laughing, or beeping strangely, the more you touch his face, he’s actually pretty ticklish.
~Might have to make you stop a few times he’s so ticklish.
~He beeps happily whenever you make a comment about how his face feels and laughs when your surprised at the places his face plates dip in.
~When you finish he sets you on his shoulder and tells you that it was a bit strange having someone feel his face like that, but he also enjoyed it.
~Doesn’t realize how weird that sounds and it’s probably best you don’t mention it.
~He’ll nuzzle you before deciding it’s time to either lay down or play video games, depending on the time of day or how tired he is.

~He doesn’t think about it when you ask him to lift you up to his face, you do it pretty often, usually he gets a smooch.
~When your hands start wondering over his face he’s a bit surprised.
~”Whachya doin?” You explain to him and he laughs and nods, letting you continue.
~It’s a strange experience, having little hands touch all over his face, he almost forgets to shutter his optics when your hands start to get closer.
~He’s also amazingly still, this is probably the stillest anyone has ever seen him.
~When he doesn’t have to shutter his optics he’s looking right at you, watching your face with curiosity. 
~Any comment you make about his face has him flushed and laughing awkwardly, he thinks it’s cute but he’s not sure what to do.
~When you finish and move away he smiles at you and asks if you’re finished.
~Once confirmed he’ll set you back down on the ground and sits down himself.
~Says it’s time to rock out and plays your favorite radio station.
~It’s obvious that if you asked again he’d probably let you.

~He thinks you want to be placed on his shoulder at first, but when you stop him and say to hold him in front of his face he’s a little confused.
~When you reach your hand out to touch his face he moves away and leaves you confused with your hand reaching out for him.
~”Babe, you don’t wanna be touchin’ my face.”
~You glare at him and tell he’s wrong, you want to know what he looks like!
~He finally gives it and puts you in front of his face again.
~He winces a bit when your hands move over his mouth and subsequently, the scars that are there.
~You comment about how different they feel from human scars and that it’s interesting and unique and that you like how they feel under your hands.
~They makes him feel a bit better about you touching his face. 
~Laughs when you use the side of his helm to stand and better touch his forehelm, tells you, you could have just asked him to lift you up.
~When your finished you, yourself, climb over to his shoulder, causing him to laugh at you again.
~He probably won’t let you do that often, but he did enjoy the experience and is glad you liked his face.

Ultra Magnus
~Honestly he is just so against the idea of you touching his face.
~Mostly because you could hurt yourself and he doesn’t want you to get hurt but also because he finds it just a bit uncomfortable.
~But he finally allows it, he understands why you want to and what it means to you and he doesn’t want to impede on that.
~He has you up to his face with your hands roaming over the curve and dips of his faceplates and you can tell in the way he tenses and relaxes he’s uncomfortable.
~When you move away he shakes his head, “Don’t. It’s okay.”
~You almost tell him you don’t want to continue, but his voice tells you he wants you to and so you do.
~You don’t make many comments on his faceplates, deciding it would probably make him feel more uncomfortable.
~You do still take your time in mapping his face, but you’re far more careful and gentle and give him pleanty of time to tell you any spots he just flat doesn’t want you to be touching.
~When you’re finished he sits you back down on the floor and you thank him.
~He assures you he needs no thanks.
~You decide you probably won’t do that again.

~If you can get him to sit still that long we all need your secrets.
~You decided it would be a good idea to have him sit, or else he might get too excited.
~You’ve already explained what you were doing and he’s already bouncing on his aft, you’re a little worried.
~He lifts you up his face, talking a mile a minute about how cool this is.
~You gently tell him to hush as you begin to run your hands across the cool metal.
~He’s so excited he can barely contain himself, watching your face as you touch his so gently.
~He laughs at most of the comments you make, it’s things he’s never noticed or never even thought of.
~You tell him his chin guard resembles a beard and he loses it, he has to set you down so he can laugh.
~You’re grinning as he laughs himself out, finally, and pulls you back up to his face.
~Once you’re finished he sets you on his shoulder and is silent a moment.
~You’re about to ask what’s wrong when, “Don’t hate me because I’m beardiful.”
~You both lose it.
~You’ll be doing this again.

~He’s use to having you close to his face as he usually sets you atop his head when in his beast mode. He finds it’s safer.
~It’s no problem when you ask to be held up to his face and he does so with no questions or curiosity.
~That is until you start touching him.
~He decides to save his questions for when your finished, allowing you to explore his faceplates with your soft hands.
~He’s used to you touching his faceplates in beast mode, but not like this.
~He hums when you tell him how different it is from his beast mode.
~Your hands remain gentle as the travel from chin over to the part of his helm that frames his face and then up towards his optics.
~You avoid his optics all together, you know how unnerving that can be and you decide not to go there just yet.
~He’s very calm as you take your time feeling every inch of his face.
~When you’re finished he allows you to climb atop his head, your usual spot behind his front horn and sitting on the second. 
~”What was that, my queen?” 
~You explain and he blinks as it clicks in his processor, of course that’s what you were doing.
~He chuckles and moves a digit to gently rub your cheek, you can tell he’d let you do it again.

Optimus Prime
~He has an idea of what you’re planning when you ask to be lifted to his face.
~He lifts you gently and when your hands move for his face he tells you, gently, to be careful. He just doesn’t want you catching your soft skin on his sharper edges.
~He’s silent as you run your hands along his faceplates and over his optical ridges, only humming a response when you say something.
~He’s actually far more concentrated on the way your face looks, he wishes he could touch yours the way you can touch his.
~He enjoys the way your eyebrows knit in your concentration and how sometimes you bite your lip or run your tongue along your bottom lip.
~He almost doesn’t notice your hand drifting up to his optics, but he catches himself in time and shutters them.
~Once you’ve made it to his optical ridges he lifts you up just a bit more, your hands ghosting over the kibble on his forehelm.
~He sets you on his shoulder when you tell him your finished and you move to lean against his neck gently.
~He’s content to start a casual conversation with you, moments like these are so rare he’ll take what he can get.
~If you were to ask again he would allow you to do it all over.

Two evil, space skeletons walk into a bar…

I just think these two have  A LOT in common. Like anger issues, or insecurities for example. And all of that galactic-domination thing too. I had to draw them together. :D

Muse Line-up:

My current list of muses. Be aware that they ALL have their own side blog to this account, links for them are below. Feel free to follow who you choose.

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Lord -Flint- Vorselon from Ratchet and Clank@terraklonxassassin

Brak from Space Ghost/The Brak Show@allhailbrak

Elora from Spyro the Dragon @avalarianfaun​  [CURRENTLY ON HIATUS]

Susie Skeebow from Ratchet and Clank - @galacticgirlscout

Vendra Prog from Ratchet and Clank - @netherbxtch

Sigmund from Ratchet and Clank - @jrcaretaker​ [CURRENTLY ON HIATUS]

Courtney Gears from Ratchet and Clank - @1desposableepopstar

Elaris from Ratchet and Clank - @rangertxchnician

Tali’Zorah from Mass Effect - @vasnxrmandy​  

Lania (oc) for Ratchet and Clank (w/ fandomless verses)  - @omnidimensionalqueen​

Masaru Zerisran (OC) for Ratchet and Clank (w/ fandomless verses) - @terraklonchef