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Just got my copy of ‘A Brief History of Time Lords’! Above is part of the preview from Amazon, but below the read more I’ve also typed up some (well, a lot - I might have gotten a bit carried away) of my favourite quotes from the book, which I felt some of the Classic/EU fans in particular on here may want to see:

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The Brain of Morbius Doctors obviously come before Hartnell’s incarnation, but the Doctor runs out of his regeneration cycle after Matt Smith’s incarnation, which seems to add up with Hartnell being first. The obvious explanation is that the NuWho Doctors are the Morbius faces. The “Last Great Time War” is one of the time wars from early in Gallifrey’s history, as mentioned in The Infinity Doctors and Mister Saldaamir.

The obvious critique is that we see Paul McGann regenerate into John Hurt. But we already know from The Infinity Doctors that Paul McGann is the Other, so this is really evidence for the theory!

More evidence: this also explains why Rassilon is still alive in The End of Time and Hell Bent. After Hell Bent, the Donald Sumpter Rassilon, thrown off of Gallifrey at the end of time, starts meditating on the past (since there’s no future) and becomes a monk, eventually growing a bear, repenting, dying, and joining the Matrix as the Matrix Lord Rassilon we see in the Classic DWM comics. This is more evidence proves that Classic Who is post-NuWho.

Now, the other critique is that the NuWho Doctors make references and know things the Doctor experienced in the Classic era. However, this is explained by another thing we learn in the Classic era: the Doctor is Merlin, who is also famous for aging backwards. As a result, the Doctor is aging backwards as well. This explains how Gallifrey got from the end of the universe in Hell Bent to the beginning in time for Classic Who, since The Day of the Doctor is actually the start of the Time War.

If you have any questions about this irrefutable and completely serious theory, let me know.

*whispers* Imagine what the Master did when they figured out what the Time Lords (a.k.a Rassilon strikes again) did to the Doctor in the Confession Dial. 

Imagine it

Imagine a hurricane of immense anger and destruction and the moment the Master confronts the Doctor over the bodies of the murdered High Council, after killing them over and over again through all remaining regenerations like: They won’t try again…I promise you that, Theet. 
And then just walks out with still blood on their hands. 


A Guide to Time Lords (Updated)

This is an revised version of a post I made a year ago that now includes all the Time Lord characters that were introduced in 2013 as well as a few I missed the first time around. 

The Doctor (An Unearthly Child - The Snowmen)

A mad man with a box. You may have heard of him.

Susan (An Unearthly Child - The Five Doctors)

The Doctor’s granddaughter. The unearthly child. Big fan of John Smith and the Common Men.

The Meddling Monk (The Time Meddler, The Dalek’s Masterplan)

The first in a long line of villainous rogue Time Lords, although he is more mischievous than out and out evil. 

The War Chief (The War Games)

A prototype Master with some Seneca Crane-style sideburns. 

Time Lord Judges (The War Games)

Lacking anything even remotely resembling a sense of humour, this trio oversaw the Doctor’s trial and exiled him to Earth.  

The Master (Terror of the Autons - The End of Time)

The Doctor’s nemesis, the top dog amongst evil rogue Time Lords, and owner of one of the most magnificent beards in the universe.

Banker Time Lord (Terror of the Autons)

Warned the Doctor about the Master being of Earth. The Doctor thought his outfit looked ridiculous. Ha, he’s one to talk. 

Bad 70s Hair Time Lords (Colony in Space)

They don’t do much except tell us that the Master is up to something and take part in a small ‘Who Has the Worst Haircut’ contest.  

Omega (The Three Doctors, Arc of Infinity)

A great intergalactic engineer and one of the co-founders of Time Lord society. Got himself trapped in an anti-matter universe and lost his head. Literally. Despite being defeated by the Doctor(s), he showed up years later hiding out in Amsterdam. Purely for evil purposes, though. Nothing at all to do with the legal drugs. Honest. 

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eighthdoctor  asked:

Hey - I'm working on Time Lord cosplays with a couple of friends and we're badly lacking in good reference photos from the Classic Who era (Deadly Assassin/Invasion of Time/Arc of Infinity especially). Charamei said you had photos from the Doctor Who Experience; would you mind sharing?

Indeed I do, I got them and then didn’t really do anything with them, except yeah, give them to people. But your ask has SPURRED ME ON to finally finish this post I started ages ago.

(I also have lots of pics of other costumes but that’s like Doctors costumes and NuWho/TW/SJA stuff that there are plenty of references for.)

Also, you can download all of these pictures in one file here, to get them in full quality.

Okay well these ones are pretty simple. The Rani (Time and the Rani), Damon and others (Arc of InfinityDeadly Assassin, probably more?) and Omega (Arc of Infinity), which even has a sign.

And then we have…

President Borusa’s fabulous getup from Arc of Infinity.

Which of course is next to…

The Valeyard and the Keeper Of The Matrix from the Trial of a Time Lord story arc.

Next up is…

On the left we have Rassilon’s burial robe, on the right is Borusa’s presidential robes, and in the back is evil!Borusa’s robes, all from The Five Doctors.

And then the last ones…

And then various costumes from The Deadly Assassin, which I’m too lazy to figure out who’s who.

And there you have it, WOO TIME LORDS


Villainous time Lords

  • The Meddling Monk (The Time Meddler)
  • The War Chief (The War Games)
  • The Master (Terror of the Autons - The End of Time)
  • Omega (The Three Doctors - Arc of Infinity
  • Morbius (The Brain of Morbius
  • Goth (The Deadly Assassin)
  • Hedin (Arc of Infinity
  • Borusa (The Five Doctors)
  • The Rani (The Mark of the Rani - Time and the Rani)
  • Rassilon (The End of Time)
A Place For Us To Dream || The End of Time

Title: A Journey Through Time (8/8)
Rating: K+
Summary: —Sequel to A Place For Us To Dream— Reunited after years apart, the Doctor and Rose must struggle to re-find their footing with one another – and decide where they want to go next. ***Second in the Lost in the Stars series***
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Rose Tyler, Mickey Smith, Martha Jones, Donna Noble, Wilf Mott
Notes: And here we are starting over again. Welcome to the sequel for A Place For Us To Dream. This one will be much shorter – it’s just an in-between to get us into series 5 (like the series 4 specials). So, enjoy, and don’t forget that I really, really, really love reviews. They motivate me to keep updating.

NOTE: Okay, so. This is it. The very last chapter of the A Place For Us To Dream saga. Did you guys know it’s been a year sine that concept was first conceived? Probably not, but yeah. It’s been a whole year since this idea was first planted in my head. And now here we are.

Thank you, as always, to everyone who has taken the time to review/reblog my story and help spread it around. And a special thank you to @badwolfrun, easily the most eager reviewer in existence <3 You’re the best, MK, seriously. You’re the one whose kept this alive for so long, honestly. Love you :)

And for those of you have been reading and not reviewing – this is the last multi-chapter story I’ll ever publish. I know you’re anxious, and I know you don’t know what to say, but please, if you enjoyed this series at all, just try? I don’t require a multi-page thesis for a review or anything. If you can come up with just five words, it’ll make my day. I have anon on if you don’t want your name attached to it – anonymous reviews mean just as much to me as reviews with names attached. I don’t care. But it would mean a lot to me if you could try. Please?

And now, on with the show.


Rose’s eyes went wide as she watched the Doctor’s face morph through a myriad of emotions — and felt the corresponding emotions in her head.

Wilf was oblivious. “Well, I mean, that’s good, isn’t it? I mean, that’s your people.”

No. No, it wasn’t good. That much was obvious. Doctor, what

No answer. He grabbed Wilf’s revolver, taking off. Rose hurried after him, with Wilf right on her tail.

They ran onto the flight deck, where a signal was coming through in a very familiar rhythm. Rose tapped along to it without thinking.

“What’s that?” Addams asked, confused.

“Coming from Earth,” Rossiter reported. “It’s on every single wave length.”

Doctor, talk to me? Rose begged. What’s going on?

The Doctor flew into a frenzy, running around the flight deck. They can’t be allowed to come back. They can’t.

Yeah, I’m gathering that.

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on the End of Time/Day of the Doctor thing

sit down and buckle up, people, cause I’m about to lay down some serious shit

I’m seeing things about how DotD goes completely against what TEoT said about the Time Lords at the end of the Time War, but there’s some stuff that needs to be examined. It all basically boils down to two big things:

  1. why was saving the Time Lords “suddenly ok cos maypole children”, because aren’t they meant to be evil by the end of the Time War??
  2. the retcon/rewriting of memory and previous plot
  3. BONUS: why finding Gallifrey isn’t even going to be a big emotional reunion or anything as sentimental as the last couple of minutes of the TDoT would lead you to believe and why that’s good

Let’s start with the “but the Time Lords turned super corrupt/evil and their surviving should be disastrous” thing because that’s a big part of the issue here.

Something people might not realise is significant, but is actually REALLY REALLY important, is Rassilon being Lord President when this whole Final Sanction bullshit is going down. Now, a lot of people haven’t seen the Classic series, which is why this detail has gone over a lot of heads. 

But, for those who don’t know, Rassilon is one of the founding fathers of Time Lord society (and literally everything is named after him, Game of Rassilon, Sash of Rassilon, even, I kid you not, the Rod of Rassilon). Centuries before the Time War this guy had been dead for MILLENNIA. That means the Time Lords literally got so desperate that they found some way to resurrect this guy. Because he’s basically their fucking deity or as close as such a scientific race could get. 

Which means that when (zombie!) Rassilon, in his obvious insanity, suggests this fucked up Final Sanction, NO ONE was going to argue with this guy (except that chick later on, four for you, unnamed Time Lady, you go) because it would be grade A terrible idea number one.  

Now, the Time Lords are arseholes. Have been since forever, that’s why the Doctor left, because they’re stagnant aristocrats more concerned with study and self-importance than anything else and have zero sense of adventure. But they’re very proud and fond of this position in the universe they hold, because as fair as they’re concerned, they’re pretty high up on the food chain.

Therefore: THEY WOULD NEVER ACTUALLY AGREE WITH THIS WEIRD AS FUCK “CREATURES OF CONSCIOUSNESS ALONE” THING. They just didn’t have the balls to tell Rassilon that, because it’s Rassilon. Their founder, their everything, and at this point they resurrected him and kind of brought it on themselves (the deposed ex-Lady President and ex-companion of the Doctor, Romanadvoratrelundar, was definitely fuming from her jail cell or wherever she ended up going “I TOLD you guys bringing him back was a terrible idea”).

But arguing meant getting vaporised by zombie!Rassilon, so they decided to sit tight. Meanwhile, the high commanders in the War Rooms are like “okayyyy Rassilon, well, the medallion says that’s dumb so we’re not gonna do that”. Actual dialogue: “The High Council’s plans have already failed”. No one ever had their hopes hung up on that plan. They’re still trying to find a way to win the war and avoid being slaughtered by Daleks. And then they find out the Doctor wants to use the Moment and understandably freak. 

In summary of this long first section: the Time Lords are dicks, but they are not insane or evil, they’re just dicks. And yes there were children who had not yet grown into arseholes and might have been lucky enough to be some of the lucky few who would grow to be interesting, so OF COURSE the Doctor was going to feel bad about not saving them. He’s been saving the Time Lords from various alien threats for ages (even if he usually didn’t get much gratitude for it), not because he liked them but because they were his people and they’re not inherently bad as such. Just, you know, boring to hang out with for more than ten minutes. 

Now let’s move onto the other part of this ongoing dispute, which is the thing about the rewrite of the Doctor’s personal history.

The Doctor’s killed before. He’s even committed genocide before. And he wasn’t close with his people. He had some close friends/family when the Time War was going on but they were few and far between. 

He made the impossible choice. He ended the devastating conflict the only way he could - he killed them all, and lived to tell the tale and regret having no other option. That’s the point. He felt TERRIBLE about doing it, but he knew he had no other choice. How could he regret his only option? How could he wish he had done it differently? He didn’t. Because he couldn’t have, but fucking hell he still WISHED with everything he’s got that there could have been another way. 

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