lord pyral harrowmont

I honestly cried when I heard of the death of Robin Sachs (VA of Zaeed Massani), who made me fall in love with the character. My friends and I actually held a tiny memorial for him and all he’s done. If Bioware does ever continue Shepard’s story, it’ll hard to replace the brilliant voice of Sachs; truly he’ll be missed and his legacy through his works, especially Zaeed, will never be forgotten to me.

Timeline of dwarven history in Thedas (until 9:31 Dragon)

-4600 Ancient The elves are believed to first make contact with the dwarves

-1200 Ancient Tevinter allies itself with the dwarves

-1170 Ancient King Endrin Stonehammer moves the dwarven capital from Kal-Sharok to Orzammar, where he oversees the contruction of the legendary Stonehammer Hall. The Orzammar Proving Grounds are expanded to encompass Grand Provings, previously held in Kal-Sharok. The best warriors of these Provings become the first of Orzammar’s Paragons. Stonehammer builds a hall to house huge statues in their honor

-1160 Ancient Taxes drained by Orzammar from Kal-Sharok’s trade profits begin to grow burdonsome

-1131 Ancient Endrin Stonehammer is made a Paragon

-195 Ancient As the Deep Roads close, communication lines falter between the surviving dwarven kingdoms. Each thaig elects its own king while maintaining allegiance to a high king in Orzammar

-15 Ancient The dwarves of Orzammar seal off the last of the Deep Roads, cutting off Kal-Sharok, which is believed lost

1:95 Divine Astyth the Grey is made Paragon after sacrificing her life for the king. The Silent Sisters are formed in her memory

8:96 Blessed Endrin Aeducan takes the throne in Orzammar

8:98 Blessed House Tethras is exiled to the surface for denying the Voice of the Ancestors and willfully manipulating the sacred Provings

9:10 Dragon A young smith named Branka is made Paragon for her invention of smokeless coal

9:12 Dragon Kal-Sharok is rediscovered in the Hunterhorn Mountains

9:13 Dragon Bownammar, the fortress of the Legion of the Dead, falls to the darkspawn

9:28 Dragon Paragon Branka ventures into the Deep Roads in search of Caridin’s Anvil of the Void

9:30 Dragon Endrin Aeducan dies of grief over the loss of his oldest son and youngest children, leaving only middle child Bhelen to inherit the throne. A conflict breaks out in Orzammar over succession when Lord Pyral Harrowmont accuses Bhelen of fratricide. The leader of the criminal Carta, Beraht, is killed by a dwarven commoner known as Brosca. The disgraced warrior Oghren ventures into the Deep Roads with a group of Grey Wardens, to find Paragon Branka.

9:31 Dragon The dwarves of Orzammar reclaim Kal’Hirol thaig. Amgarrak is overrun by twisted creatures known as Harvesters after failed attempts to re-create Caridin’s golem research