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Baked Rice Pudding

Rice pudding is, without a doubt, one of my favorite desserts. So creamy and warm and spicy. I could eat it for breakfast. Wait…I could eat it for breakfast!! I TOTALLY COULD

Anyways, regarding the debate of the presence of rice in Middle Earth: I think it’s there. Probably native to the southern regions of Gondor. During certain parts of history I think there would be networks and trading enough for rice to be known up north as well. But for now, we’ll just call this Minas Tirith’s best culinary achievement. 

Baked Rice Pudding (printable)
serves 4-6


2/3 cup (125 g) long-grain rice
1/3 cup (60 g) brown sugar
4 cups (950 mL) whole milk
½ teaspoon salt
¼ teaspoon nutmeg
1 teaspoon vanilla
¼ cup (40 g) regular or golden raisins (optional)


Preheat oven on to 275° F (135° C). Lightly spray 8x8" (or 2 qt) glass baking dish with cooking spray. Put all the ingredients into baking dish and stir together.

Bake pudding for two hours. Serve warm or cold, with a sprinkle of cinnamon on top.

Recipe from ayearoffhe.net

Why Tyrion was actually worried

Tyrion: Your grace, we should ride first to Karlhold

Daenerys: My lord, you know the North, what do you suggest?

Jon: It would be better to ride first to Karlhold

Daenerys: Your assessments are always correct, we’ll ride first to Karlhold

Tyrion: …

Tyrion: Your Grace, I suggest you are introduced personally to all the Northern Lords, to win their sympathy

Daenerys: ah uhm sure… Where’s Jon?

Jon: Come with me, I’ll introduce you to the Northern Lords

Daenerys: It’ll be my pleasure

Tyrion: …

Tyrion: Your Grace, you should really try this pudding, it’s delicious

Daenerys: Uhm sorry I’m busy. What were you saying darl… I mean, my lord?

Jon: Try this pudding, it’s delicious

Daenerys: Of course!

Tyrion: (╯ಠ_ಠ)╯︵ ┳━┳

Separated from all I hold dear in this world, what is the use of living if indeed such an existence can be called so? I can neither eat or sleep for thinking of you, my dearest lovely Emma, I never touch even pudding. Last night, I did nothing but dream of you, although I woke 20 times in the night. In one of my dreams, I thought I was at a large table (you was not present), sitting between a Princess who I detest and another. They both tried to seduce me and first wanted to take those liberties with me which no woman in this world but yourself ever did. The consequence was I knocked her down and in the moment of bustle, you came in and taking me in your embrace, whispered ‘I love nothing but you, my Nelson.’ I kissed you fervently and we enjoyed the height of love…
—  A passionate letter from Lord Nelson to his mistress, Emma Hamilton circa. 1799-1800
inky lord AU part 2 of summary

but over time he has changed, growing to accept benzy because to him he was still the star or the show, it was named after him, even if Alice was slowly becoming equally as famous…an greedy. But the show wasn’t getting as much views as time went on…and the studio was changing as well…growing bigger , larger and lots more toons running about which no one really complained except they noticed there wasn’t much staff there to complain in the first place except for joey an Sammy who also seemed different too. A few others but they’re not very important. Even Alice an her former voice actress seemed to disappear the same day for a awhile there…but Alice showed back up seemed sort of…different them of them really didn’t think much of it especially joey… But when she showed back up Boris was…murdered. This lead to some chaos.

I just watched DragonBall Z Battle of the Gods last night.

Guess who two of my new fav DBZ characters are? BTW I love DBZ if you didn’t know.

I love how the God of Destruction is a dork who loves pudding and I love how Whis basically acts like his mother. It’s so great.

Also threw in Buu and Vegeta back there cause they’re also favorites and cause of the movie.

Ok so can we talk about Moas use of birds

So as you may or may not know I loooooove to look at symbolism in pieces of media and literature. And what better than to do it for the pigeon dating sim, where the the characters are literally symbols themselves (bird symbolism fuck yeah!) At first I thought Moa had just used certain birds because of how they acted and which ones she liked. But no she really looked into the symbolism of these things! Which makes you think that maybe this game had more thought put into than you’d initially think.

Just a warning this contains both BBL and Holiday Star spoilers so I wouldn’t suggest reading it unless you’ve completed both routes.

So without further ado here is a very long post analyzing the use of bird symbolism in the game Hatoful Boyfriend

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