lord of the wings meme

Rhys: [walks into the High Lord Meeting with his wings out]


Before the High Lords meeting
  • Cassian: ...so when Tamlin walks in, you duck and I sock him wit-
  • Rhys: No, Cassian.
  • Rhys: Feyre
  • Feyre: What
  • Rhys: Feyre
  • Feyre: what!
  • Rhys: Feyre
  • Feyre: WHAT
  • Rhys: Listen to this song
  • Feyre: WHY
  • Rhys: *plays Starboy by the Weeknd* cause being High Lord of the Night Court, I guess you could say I'm a motherfucking Starboy ;)
  • Feyre:
  • Rhys:
  • Feyre: why did I marry you

For the last couple of days I woke up and there was a bangtan bomb ready for me.. But not today, no sir.. THEY DROPED A MOTHERFUCKING TEASER what why?? Why u gotta do me like that bighit??? All I wanted was a bangtan bomb But this is fine

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