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1991. The Magus

is the debut album by band Sadistik Exekution, the album was recorede back in 1986 and released in 1991.

The band was formed after bass player Dave Slave met vocalist Rok outside an Iron Maiden concert in Sydney in 1985. In Melbourne, they connected with former Slaughter Lord guitarist Sandy Vahdanni and drummer Sloth Monkey, who was Dave Slave’s distant cousin. With this formation, Sadistik Exekution recorded a demo and completed the album The Magus.

Interview with singer ROK “If that whole thing hurt your brain watching, then it is a good place to start for Australia finest and most chaotic group of war misers, Sadistik Execution who is a band which borders on death, black, insanity, and according to the members, total shit. Do not even try to gauge your interest in this band based on this one album as the band says its shit in interviews and the prominent guitarwork is from a member who left after the completion of the record. Approaching this band is like getting closer to a crazy old persons house with the excitement of knowing he could come out that door with a shotgun at any moment.

Sadistik Execution is many things but focused they are not. If we were looking objectively at this record, The Magus embodies Australia’s extreme metal scene as an avatar of chaos. Similar to the fury and speed of Blasphemy’s Fallen Angel of Doom but given much more beer and sent shrieking with laughter in the studio.”

Autumn Equinox Prayer I

Father in Heaven I humbly pray, for mercy on my sins. Let my world not become dark, overshadowed by temptations.
Protect me Lord from Pride, let humility grow like crops of wheat, which so easily bow to the simple autumn breeze.
Protect me Lord from Envy, let me celebrate the success of my neighbor, and smile with him at the table.
Protect me Lord from Wrath, let wickedness not linger on my tongue, but compliments fall like fruit from the trees.
Protect me Lord from Sloth, let instead my hands be busy with work, and my heart and mind never cease in praise of You.
Protect me Lord from Greed, let me be released from my possessions, and share my fortunes to those most in need.
Protect me Lord from Gluttony, let temptations stop at the thought of You, and may nothing of myself be beyond control.
Protect me Lord from Lust, let wicked desires cease, as the earth grows frozen and cold, so shall my unwanted passions.
Father in Heaven, I humbly pray, for your mercy and intervention in the coming season. Let your truth, wisdom, and guidance shine bright and give me strength when I am in need.

Lenten Prayer of St. Ephrem

O Lord and Master of my life, take from me the spirit of sloth, despair, lust of power, and idle talk.

But give rather the spirit of chastity, humility, patience, and love to Thy servant.

Yea, O Lord and King, grant me to see my own transgressions, and not to judge my brother, for blessed art Thou, unto ages of ages. Amen.

I’m dissatisfied with those two photosets pairing Game of Thrones characters with the seven deadly sins and seven heavenly virtues.

Some of the selections are good – pairing Littlefinger with greed, Lord Tywin with pride, Jaime Lannister with sloth (a very interesting choice, I don’t know that I would’ve thought of that), Jon Snow with diligence, Catelyn with patience, Ned with humility and Shireen with kindness – but others seem really off to me.

For instance:

Pairing Cersei with lust. Like, yes, I can see how one might make the argument that lust is what brought about her undoing – she carried on having sexual relations with Jaime throughout her marriage to Robert, and if she had not done that, and if her children had been fathered by Robert instead, then maybe the whole thing with the succession might have gone smoothly. Jon Arryn wouldn’t have been poisoned, Bran wouldn’t have been thrown from the tower, and the whole Stark vs. Lannister feud could have been avoided. And after Robert’s death, had she not had affairs with her cousin Lancel and the Kettleblack brothers, she wouldn’t be in the predicament she’s in now, fallen from grace, awaiting trial by the Faith and then, should she be exonerated, banishment back to Casterly Rock.

But is it really lust that drives her to make the choices that doom her?

Or is it something else?

Envy might be a closer match, or perhaps wrath or pride.

It seems like the main reason her story keeps turning on sexual relationships is less that she is particularly driven by sexual passion than that she has so few other ways to exercise control over her own life, and power over others, both of which are things she desires.

ausaraptor-deactivated20151017  asked:

I don't know what to do today. Please help me sloth over lord!!

Please consider the following regiment:

1. Eat. We suggest pizza, but it must be something your heart desires.

2. Hang from a branch and contemplate life, space, and any strong issues in your life. Consider how awesome you are but also in ways you can be even more awesome

3. Stop hanging from the branch and take a nap. You’ve earned it.

Thank you for your question human. May the Sloth Overlords watch over you.

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The Lenten Prayer of St. Ephrem the Syrian

O Lord and Master of my life, take from me the spirit of sloth, faintheartedness, lust of power and idle talk. But give rather the spirit of chastity, humility, patience and love to Thy servant. Yea, O Lord and King, grant me to see my own errors and not to judge my brother, for Thou art blessed from all ages to all ages. Amen.