lord of the rings thigh tattoo

Recap - Chris Demarais x Reader

Name: Recap

Pairing: Chris Demarais x Reader

Summary: The reader is a new intern at Rooster Teeth, and Chris needs help with the recap.

Rating: E for Everyone, because Chris.

Word Count: 885

Notes: I’m super happy to be receiving requests, keep sending them in, guys! This is a bit rushed because I’m sleep deprived, but I do love Chris.

“Have you seen the new intern, Kerry?” Chris asked, turning around to look at his friend. Kerry rolled his eyes and continued editing the script Monty had sent to him. This was not the first time Chris had gone insane over a girl, and Kerry had more important things to do.

“No, but you’ve told me plenty.”

“Kerry, she’s wearing this short skirt today and she has the One Ring’s inscription tattooed around her upper thigh. She’s amazing.” Chris emphasized, leaning towards Kerry in an attempt to make him understand.

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