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Tell Her I Said Goodbye 

Words: 1,362

AN: Here is the second part to You Don’t Know What It feels Like! Finally after all this time, Sam is finally getting his own story. After this, the story is going to become more about Sam and his road to happiness, and less about the readerxdean story in the first part. I guess you could say the first part was a prequel to this new series. I know that I traditionally write for Dean, and I normally focus on reader or casxdean pairings… but I’m trying something new. Please let me know what you think! I always appreciate feedback! Love you all, more to come! 

Sam was laying in bed later that night, with a bottle of Jack Daniels and Lord of the Rings on his TV. Since he had witnessed you and Dean kissing in the shooting range, he wasn’t exactly up for socializing, so he had shut himself in his room to avoid any unwanted conversation. He wasn’t in the mood. He didn’t know when it had happened, but he had somehow fallen head over heels in love with you. “I’m an idiot,” Sam said out loud to himself, and he was right. He was an idiot. He should have known better than to fall for a girl who was in love with his brother. “Who does that?” He sat up slightly and took a large swig of the brown liquid, hissing at the burning feeling it left in his throat. He returned the bottle to the nightstand and grabbed his phone. After several attempts of typing in his passcode he was rewarded with access. Pressing on the photo icon, Sam pulled up his photo library and began scrolling through its contents. Pictures of the three of you, and occasionally Cas, filled the screen, but he stopped when one of the two of you together caught his eye. He clicked on the photo, making it bigger and just stared at it. It was a selfie that you took one night on a hunt. Dean had gone out to get some food and you and Sam had stayed to look into some lore.  As always, Sam had been nose deep in a book, and you had stolen his phone in an attempt to get him to ‘lighten up’. He smiled at the expression on your faces, your lips pursed and your eyes crossed and him just smiling at your antics. As much pain as he had experienced in his life, he always seemed to let his guard down around you. When he was with you, he didn’t have to pretend to be this ‘big macho tough guy’. He could tell you anything and not be afraid of your judgment. ‘This is gonna suck’ he thought to himself. If it were any other guy, he would fight for you… but this was Dean, and the two of you were in love. How was he supposed to get over you? Just watching the two of you together was enough to crush him, and he knew that he couldn’t bare it if he stayed around it. Sam pushed himself off the bed, stumbling a bit when he attempted to stand. Walking over to his closet, he pulled a large duffel from the bottom and began pulling clothes from hangers. He hadn’t realized how drunk he was until he was trying to fold one of his flannels. He was on his second attempt when he heard a small knock on his door. A moment later his door opened and you poked you head in.

“Hey” you said, giving him a large smile. “Got a minute?” Sam nodded.

“Yeah, come on in.” He continued to pack his bag, a bit slower this time. He didn’t want you to know he was drunk.

“So…” you began, “Dean and I talked.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah..” you waited a moment. “We kissed.” You stated excitedly, waiting for his reaction.

“I know.” Sam said, throwing some socks in with the rest of his clothes. He looked over his shoulder to see you frowning.

“You know?”

“I kinda saw you guys…” he cleared his throat. “I didn’t want to intrude.”

“Well, don’t sound so excited for me or anything.” You chastised, clearly getting annoyed with his reaction. Sam sighed and turned to face you.

“I AM excited for you.” he said, sensing your annoyance. It was silent for a moment. “So you together now?” he asked, hoping his fake interest would get him back on your good side. You smiled, fidgeting with a strand of your hair.

“I don’t know. We still need to talk about it but… he said he loves me.” Sam smiled at the happiness in your voice.

“I’m happy for you guys.”

“Thanks Sam.” You let out a happy sigh and looked around the room, your eyes landing on his suitcase. “Did you find a case?” Sam followed your gaze and shifted slightly on his feet.

“Um… not yet.” He resumed packing, avoiding making eye contact.

“Yet?” Sam ran a hand through his hair and sighed.

“I um… think I’m going to South Dakota for awhile. Stay in one of Bobby’s cabins… visit Jodie and the girls… I’ll find something when I get there”. He zipped his now full duffle closed and walked to his bookshelf, pulling several books out and making a small pile.

“By yourself?”

“Yeah. I think I just need to go for awhile, clear my head.” Sam reached over and grabbed his bottle of whiskey, taking a swig before closing the lid and throwing it on top of the duffel.

“Are you drunk?” you asked, growing concerned. You walked across the room and gently grabbed his arm. “Sam. What is going on?”

“I’m fine, (Y/N). Just… I need to be by myself right now.” He responded, a bit harsh. You looked at him, your anger growing by the second.

“Well, you’re not going anywhere tonight. You’re in no condition to drive.” You countered, releasing his arm and grabbing the keys to his car laying on his dresser. “Sleep it off. We will talk tomorrow”. You left him then, leaving the scent of your perfume in the air. He threw himself down on his bed, not even bothering with blankets or pillows. He was tired, he was upset, and he just didn’t care enough anymore.


Sam woke up early the next morning with a pounding in his head. He rubbed his eyes with the palms of his hands and sighed. It was 5 in the morning, and he knew that you and Dean were probably sleeping, and that he should wait to talk to you before he left, but he didn’t think he could wait that long. He rolled out of bed and got took a quick shower before getting dressed. He did quick scan of the room, making sure he had everything he needed. After grabbing a few extra lore books and his duffel he left his room, making sure not to make a lot of noise. He loaded his truck with his belongings and got in before he remembered you taking his keys. “Dammit” he mumbled to himself, getting out and heading back into the bunker. He was passing through the library when he spotted Dean sitting at one of the tables; feet propped up, a drink in his hand. He gave Sam a look before reaching into his robe pocket and pulling out Sam’s keys.

“You might need these.” He said, tossing them onto the table. Sam stepped forward, and grabbed the keys.

“Thanks”. Sam nodded to his older brother before turning and making his way back to the garage.

“That’s it?” Sam stopped and turned to see Dean walking toward him. “No explanation… just gonna take off without saying goodbye?” Dean was standing in front of him now, arms crossed and looking pissed. Sam took a deep breath.

“Look. I just need to get out of here. What do you care anyway? I’ve gone out on my own before!”

“I care because (Y/N) came into my room last night tore up because you were a drunk asshole!” He shouted, pointing a finger at Sam. “What the hell was that about anyway?”

“I was drunk, Dean… you gonna pretend that you don’t turn into an asshole when you drink sometimes?” Dean stared at him.

“Well, you got me there…” Dean shook his head, and sighed. “You check in, got it?” Sam rolled his eyes, but smiled at his older brother’s concern.

“Got it.”

“I mean it, Sam. If I don’t hear from you every four days, I’ll track you down and beat the shit out of you myself.”

 “Okay, Dean. Every four…” Sam clapped his brother on the shoulder, before walking away. He stopped for a moment, one foot out the door and whispered. “Tell her I said goodbye.” 

Sleepy Marathon

Can you write an imagine that is reader x adam where they are alone at Bobby’s house or the bunker ( whichever you think is easier/better ) and they watch Lord of the Rings on the couch together ( hanging out or cuddling your choice ) and the reader falls asleep in Adams arms or with their head rested on his lap or something? Thank you!!!!!

(Hope to like it!! I’m on my phone so please ignore the errors you may find)

Characters: Reader X Adam, Sam, Dean

Warnings: None :)

I walked into Bobby’s house with a bag of food for me and Adam. Then I realised how quiet the house was. Feeling concerned, I padded towards the kitchen of Bobby’s house. Everything was in place so nothing bad happened. Instead there was a note on the fridge. I pulled it off and read the note:

“On a hunt with Bobby. Stay at home. S+D.” I read.

With a sigh, I crumpled the note and tossed it into the bin. There were footsteps above. 

“(Y/N)?” Adam called. 

“I’m in the kitchen.” I told him. There were footsteps as Adam walked to the kitchen in jeans and a hoodie like me.

“Hey,” He pressed a kiss to my cheek and looked around.

“Where is everyone?” I asked.

“The guys are on a hunt. It’s just us.” Adam told me pushing some hair out of my face. “You wanna do anything today?”

“Nah, maybe watch some films?” I suggested. “It’s my turn to choose!” I told him following him into the living room. The bag of food lay on the table.
Sitting by the TV was the DVD player that Bobby never used along with a pile of DVDs that weren’t watched. Adam picked up some and flicked through his pile. I stood on my toes and peered over his shoulder. 

“Ooh, is that Lord of the Rings?” I asked wrapping my arms around his shoulders.

“Really?” Adam asked looking at me. His eyes met mine and he pouted. 

“Yeah. It’s my turn to choose! You chose last time.”

Adam sighed and I grinned knowing I won.

“Batman’s awesome, but Lord of the Rings is better.” I told him. 

“I’ve never seen them properly.” Adam said falling onto the sofa next to me. I shifted my position to face him. 

“This is why I’m here! I’m going to make you watch all of them. But first, I bought some food.” I quickly jumped to my feet and ran to grab the bag of food. Inside were two burgers and fries as well as some milkshakes. 

I came back to see Adam leaning forwards with his elbows on his knees watching the film. I sat next to him and passed him a burger while I began eating mine. 

After eating our dinner and getting through the first two films, I found myself sitting next to Adam. His arms were wrapped around me and I had my head rested against his chest. Adam had his eyes glued to the TV and a smile grew on my face. 

“Someone likes the film.” I noted playing with Adam’s fingers. I looked up at him and saw that he was looking at me. He pressed a kiss to my lips and carried on watching the film. 

I felt my eyes droops and soon I gave into sleep. When I opened them, I saw Sam and Dean with grins on their faces. 

“What are you guys doing?” I yawned trying to sit up but failing when I realised that Adam’s arms were around me. 

“Taking a picture to keep this memory.” Dean said taking a picture on his phone. I groaned and Adam stirred. 

“Go away.” Adam mumbled looking at Sam and Dean when he saw them.

“You heard him.” I told them closing my eyes and falling asleep on Adam’s chest again. He sighed contentedly before kissing my forehead.

nestinghawk  asked:

Hello dearest. I have come with a request. 41 “You did all of this for me?” from the number prompts. Thank you.

Good evening sweetie! I actually skipped ahead in the prompt queue to write this because seeing this made my muse do a happy dance and I was inspired. I’m sorry that this sort of starts off slightly angsty though. It ends on a really (and I mean ridiculously) fluffy note though so I hope that’s okay (I may have made up the date for Magnus’ birth too, I hope that’s not too upsetting)!

Also: Can I just say how completely overwhelmed and ecstatic I am over both the amount of prompts but also the amount of love these little fics has gotten? Really, thank you so much! It warms my heart!


41. You did all of this for me?

Magnus Bane had had countless of birthdays over the course of his life. His birthday had not been a special occasion to anybody for centuries though. When you were immortal, things like age just stopped mattering after a while.

As a child, Magnus would look forward to his birthday. He’d heard so many good things about them being celebrated in the mundane world and he couldn’t wait for someone to actually celebrate his birth rather than be horrified by it, as his mother had been since the day she’d found out what he was.

The year he moved in with the silent brothers, he’d laid awake in his bed the night before his birthday was to take place and he’d imagined what was going to happen.

He had heard it was customary to bake the celebrated a cake, and hoped that maybe he would be able to get one with strawberries. Magnus loved strawberries. They were sweet and all in all just the best thing he’d ever tasted.

He’d heard about mundane children getting gifts for their birthdays, and wondered about what he might be getting? Magnus wasn’t really in want of anything in particular at the moment, but he had always loved glittery and colorful things so he hoped it was something including that. Maybe he’d get a glittery journal to write down what he learned from the silent brothers? That sounded like something the brothers would give him, they were always so practical after all.

Satisfied with this conclusion, the young warlock had finally let his eyes slip closed and sleep swept him away.

The next day, he’d woken early and with a huge smile on his face. Today was the day. His birthday. He’d rushed to get ready for the day, worn his best outfit and walked down to where they would be having breakfast, excitement making his skin tingle.

When he’d gotten there though, everything had been just as it always were. There were no gifts, no cake as far as his eye could see. Instead, there’d just been the ordinary bowl of porridge waiting on him at the table. He’d looked under the table, hoping against hope that maybe the silent brothers had hidden his gifts and his cake. But there had been nothing.

“What are you searching for, young warlock?” a voice had spoken behind him and Magnus had realized then and there that there would be no gifts for him, no cake to celebrate his birth. The day wasn’t even recognized as special. With a small, disappointed, sigh, the small warlock child had sat down on the chair to eat his breakfast, shaking his head slightly in response to the question.

“Nothing special”, he’d said.


5th of December, for anyone else born on that day, anyone not immortal, the fact that that particular date was showing on their calendar would have filled them with excitement. Magnus Bane, however, had learned long ago that his birthday was never to be celebrated. That it wasn’t anything special.

So, in a try to cheer himself up, Magnus walked into his closet and picked out the most glamorous outfit he had. He then proceeded to spend more time than usual doing his hair and makeup before finally moving out towards his living room.

Where he stopped in his tracks, unable to do anything but stare at the view in front of him.

There, in the middle of the room where his living room-table usually resided, was a nest of pillows and blankets. The table had been moved to the side to work as a serving-table for all the different kinds of foods that flooded it. There were pancakes (chocolate chip, his favorite), bacon, fried eggs, a huge bowl filled with grapes and strawberries plus two big cups of tea and in the middle of the table was the thing that almost made Magnus squeal in delight. A strawberry and whip cream cake.

The TV, stacked with the “Lord of the rings” and “The Hobbit”-series (extended version, Magnus had developed a love for the film-series when he’d been in great need of some movies where the good guys won and the bad guys went back to the hole they crawled out of), had been moved to stand in perfect view from the nest of pillows and blankets on the floor. The nest in which the person responsible for this lay and was looking up at the warlock, a small beautifully wrapped box in his hands.

“Happy Birthday, Magnus”, Alec smiled brightly.

Magnus felt tears building in his eyes as a huge, happy, smile bloomed on his face.

“What… You… You did all of this… for me?” he asked, not quite sure this wasn’t just a dream and that he’d wake up alone in his bed for yet another lonely and unnoticed birthday.

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