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Hello!! First, happy new year!!! May 2017 bring lots of knitting and joy to you. Second, you mentioned in a post Tolkien inspired lace shawls. You were most likely joking when you said you could do a whole post about them, but could you? That sounds so cool!!

Hi Anon! Happy New Year to you, as well!!

As requested, here is your post (if anyone knows of any other Tolkien inspired lace shawls or other patterns, please add them when you reblog).

Ennyn Shawl ($6.00) by Abigail Phelps

Evenstar Shawl by Susan Pandorf ($8.00)

Lady of Rohan Shawl by Becky Herrick ($6.00)

An Unexpected Journey by Altarlace ($7.00)

Galadriel’s Mirror by Earthfaire ($8.00)

Arwen’s Shawl by Morben Designs (free)

This last one isn’t a shawl, but I couldn’t resist because it’s such a cool idea!

Mithril Vest by Susan Pandorf ($10.00)

hiii here’s a snippet of something i’ve been working on. it’s been making me happy this last week, so hopefully it makes you happy too~

they leave eva by madam puddifoot’s window, still watching the gingerbread reindeer frolic through frosted coconut snow in sickly sweet pairs with a look of bemused horror on her face.

“what did you two talk about?” even asks.

“you,” isak says, unashamed.

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