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Hello!! First, happy new year!!! May 2017 bring lots of knitting and joy to you. Second, you mentioned in a post Tolkien inspired lace shawls. You were most likely joking when you said you could do a whole post about them, but could you? That sounds so cool!!

Hi Anon! Happy New Year to you, as well!!

As requested, here is your post (if anyone knows of any other Tolkien inspired lace shawls or other patterns, please add them when you reblog).

Ennyn Shawl ($6.00) by Abigail Phelps

Evenstar Shawl by Susan Pandorf ($8.00)

Lady of Rohan Shawl by Becky Herrick ($6.00)

An Unexpected Journey by Altarlace ($7.00)

Galadriel’s Mirror by Earthfaire ($8.00)

Arwen’s Shawl by Morben Designs (free)

This last one isn’t a shawl, but I couldn’t resist because it’s such a cool idea!

Mithril Vest by Susan Pandorf ($10.00)

Progress photo: there and back again story scarf

I’m officially half way done, yay!!!!

So my goal is to have this done by christmas. My dad pointed out today that with about 400 rows left I have to average about 7 rows a day, since there are 58 days until Christmas. Yikes!

Here’s hoping I finish on time.

Decided to start knitting again

Because I’m behind in three classes, moving this week / next week, and spent WAY too much time on Tumblr.

So this is my project. I’ve been working on it since last year. It’s a double-knit blanket with repeating Trees of Gondor patterns from Ravelry. Here’s what it looks like folded out so far:

So, yeah.

I’ve done one row so far with the lavender and changing color purple, and the colors look AMAZING. I cannot wait to see how it turns out.

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What’s on my needles: there and back again, the story scarf of DOOM

Ok, so to say of doom may be a little dramatic. Maybe the story scarf of eye strain would be more accurate, but hey, that doesn’t sound intense at all.

So this scarf is part of the “hobbitalong” knit along that the podcast knit 1 geek 2 is hosting as a countdown to the release of the third hobbit movie, which comes out later this year.

My plan is to have it done by mid-October, so I can give it as a birthday gift. I may need to turn up my speed a little to have it done in time….

The whole scarf is double knit on size one needles, using knitpicks gloss lace yarn. The yarn is mostly alpaca, which makes it amazingly soft.

While I may sometimes question my own sanity for getting into a project this intricate ( it’s a lot of work to carry two colors and follow a chart when working on something this small!), I do love the result so far. I think the end result will be worth all the work.


The journey has come to an end. Over he course of the eight last months this has felt like a project that I would never complete.

And now I can say: it is done!

Done before Christmas, so it can be gifted, and done in time for the knit 1 geek 2 hobbit along, right as the final hobbit movie is released, it is done.

Over the course of the last eight months I have put around 80 hours of work into this scarf, all without the intended recipient ever seeing his scarf, which is a feat as we spend a lot of time together.

I cannot wait to gift this, and to start a new sweater for myself.




i am so excited to show this new stuff to you guys! i’ve added new patterns to the lord of the rings and the hobbit sections of my shop, as well as new sections for random characters and the almighty johnsons!

patterns that you might want to check out are the purple, blue, and black SHERLOCK HOLMES, the rustic, warm BARD THE BOWMAN, and CECIL AND CARLOS from welcome to night vale, among the rest of the dwarves, more from the fellowship, and the johnson family!