lord of the rings confessions

Confession Time

I have a nerdy way of checking to see if I am too tired, too sick, too panicky, etc. to continue working.

If I cannot recite the members of Company of Thorin Oakenshield, I should not be driving.

If I cannot recite the members of the Fellowship of the Ring, I need to go to bed because I am not going to be useful to anyone.

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Reasons I love Megan Denise Fox.

“You are a self confessed Lord of the Rings geek, I know that.. And.. Uhm, when you see something like that, and as a fan, and you’re watching it- you know.. Are you satisfied?” “With Lord of the Rings?” “Yeah!”

“You’ve got to believe in magic,

Something stronger than the moon above

‘Cause it’s magic when two people fall in love.“

Notes: Because I was inspired to draw Legolas ;) And since flossskull is the sweetest and is probably a walking-talking Legolas encyclopedia, I had her in mind when I was drawing Legolas’ love. <3 I also purposely did not draw the lover’s ear so viewers can decide whether they want her as an elf or a human. This drawing is based on this imagine from imaginexhobbit. :D

Songspiration: Got To Believe In Magic by David Pomeranz

I feel a very strong emotional connection to Eowyn. She serves as a role model for me. Strong, smart, beautiful, but all those things could be said about Arwen. I STRONGLY dislike Arwen for the one thing that separates her from Eowyn. When Arwen is presented with a crisis, she saves Frodo’s ass ONCE, then doesn’t do anything. Eowyn constantly pushes to do what she feels she must. She doesn’t give up trying to be a part of it. She actually feels a sense of responsibility to her people and Middle Earth. And that, my friends, is why I hate Arwen and love Eowyn. On a similar note, neither should get Aragorn because he belongs with Legolas. EVERYONE can see it.