lord of the lizards


Went for a hike in Lord Hill Park in Snohomish, WA with @ihkura who is GREAT with animal identification. While she was looking for isopods she picked up a piece of bark on the ground and found the CUTEST LITTLE BAT!!! It flew up on my back, flew off, returned to my back and then flew away.

-Northern Red-legged Frog

-Puget Sound Garter Snake (photo doesn’t do justice to the beautiful BLUE of this noodle)

-Northern Alligator Lizard

-Western Long-eared Myotis (my guess after googling)

So all of the blogs I’m following have turned into overwatch blogs and as much as I love it, i need to spice up my dash again! So reblog if u post the following and I’ll check out ur blog

-Dragon Age
-Mass Effect
-The Elder Scrolls
-One Punch Man
-Red vs Blue
-The Hobbit/LOTR
-No proper tagging system necessary either