lord of the goats

His Royal Highness Intergalactic Prince Kwon Ji Yong, Grand Master and Principal Knight of the Most Honourable Order of YG, Member of His Majesty Lord Seungri’s Most Honourable Privy Council of Instagram, Astral Goat of the Realm by most incredible Franz Xaver Winterhalter.


“Humans can be so fragile.” -Gowther


this goat is actually possesed


One reason to not have kids. #goatpun


(( whilst i’m working on a world building post for Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjóstr, because yes, i’m considering smol thor, getting these smol goats as a gift. probably from the parental units. because it’s a thing to gift live stock for name days and such. and at first he’s sort of disappointed they’re not horses, but after Tanngnjóstr  literally rips a piece of Odinn’s robes to chew on he’s like: … you’re destructive as hell, I LIKE YOU.  Tanngrisnir made a noise that some folks who were present at the time still will SWEAR was much like a cackle, while others are convinced he was grinning like some evil creature ( why he got his name, which means   “teeth-barer, snarler” ). overall Thor warmed up them like no other, and cared for them, and I actually have a thought over how eating them came to be in the first place but i’m gonna save that for the post. suffice to say he loves his goats so v v much.

In the year of our lord 1996 The Mountain Goats wrote this song about Cicero’s prosecution of Verres and I just honestly cannot believe that one of my favorite bands wrote a song about one of my favorite of Cicero’s court cases and I’m getting emotional that 2000 years later we’re still writing songs about Cicero’s legal victories, 

It’s Internet Friends Day and I don’t think I could say how grateful I am to have met those close to me on here. I made thIS page after my high school graduation last year when I lost all my irl friends and after transitioning from my marvel page to what I have now, I have met too many amazing people.

@ambrose-asylum-ft-mitch​, BUMBLEBEE!! Babe, I freaking love you!! You’re the number one person in my life. I know if I have a big problem, I’ll always come to you and you’d be straight forward with me and help me. Idk where I’d be with you.

@baleesi​, Mrs. Bálor, Mrs. Devitt, Mrs. Skinny Tits, girl what do I have to say to you? My god. You are the true certified G, you are the ultimate MVP, the real GOAT of the universe. Lord knows how many times you’ve made me laugh so hard I have tears running down my face! Bless you for the amount of times you tag me in Sami stuff! Your tags are my aesthetic. You’re my girl and you get your own gif:

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I have too many friends that I can’t write a letter for each and every single one of you, but I love you all. Thanks for making me smile, making me laugh, tagging me in stuff and just being a plan amazing person. Y’all are amazing balls. It doesn’t matter if y’all are the next state over, across the country, or across the world. Y’all are my friends and I love every single one of you. xoxo

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